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New S&W BG380

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gutterman, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. gutterman

    gutterman Well-Known Member

    Has anyone out there had a chance to try the new S&W Bodygaurd 380 semi auto? Read about it in the NRA Rifleman, and had'nt heard about before that. Looks like a good deal for the $500 pricetag, especially with the built-in laser sights. Currently don't own a 380, but am a S&W owner(have several), so I have confidence that they are a well built weapon.
  2. a s&w rep brought one by the range i shoot at. it's by far the most accurate pocket 380 i've seen.

    there is a 380 bodyguard forum, check it out. there seems to be a few complaints.
  3. G27RR

    G27RR Well-Known Member

    I have one. It's my second most accurate .380 behind the Sig P238. Mine has been 100% reliable through 200 rounds. (Unfortunately the Sig hasn't) I like it so far but need to put more rounds through to be comfortable that it will stay reliable. The trigger pull is also second best after the Sig. I like it better than my LCP or Diamondback.

    It conceals easily and fits my hand well for a small pistol. The laser works well and it and the sights were pretty much right on out of the box.

    If you get one, two things to look for would be whether both laser buttons are working easily and whether the laser unit is secured tightly. I've read of some issues with both areas and with the takedown lever sliding out if it isn't assembled correctly.

    I picked mine up at Academy for <$500. The first pic is after the first 200 rounds went through it. Second is a DeSantis holster I got off the S&W website.


  4. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    The big concern I have with it is the buttons for the laser. If you holster the little guy (especially a pocket holster like a Desantis Nemisis) and stuff it into your pocket does it turn on your laser and run your batteries down?
  5. G27RR

    G27RR Well-Known Member

    I haven't had a problem with a pocket holster, but you could if you keep other things in that pocket or have tight pockets.

    I did try it in a Crossbreed minituck made for an LCP with laser and it fit great but the laser would turn on about 50% of the time. The aren't too many holsters specifically for this gun yet. The holster above doesn't cause problems but if you look closely you can see the relief for the button since it was designed for this gun.
  6. wyocarp

    wyocarp Well-Known Member

    This little gun shoots better than any other similar gun. I don't know if I would put it in the same group as the Sig 238, but if I did, the BG380 would be more reliable, smaller, and shoot just as well.

    If one is buying the gun for the laser, that is the weakest aspect of the Smith. Mine died shortly after carrying it for a month. I suspect that it was being turned on but I never noticed that it was on when I would remove it from my rear pocket.

    That being said, I really don't see the purpose for needing a laser on a pocket 380 minus the intimidation factor when there would be the time available to deploy it. The gun is made for shots where pointing the gun is all that is needed.

    I don't shot this gun as much now that it is old news, but it has functioned absolutely flawlessly.

    Are there other things I would change if I was making it for myself? Yes. I would lighten the trigger some. I would remove the laser. I would make the safety lever protrude from the frame just a little more. And I would like to see it come with night sights instead of a laser.
  7. lobo9er

    lobo9er Well-Known Member

    any new updates with these guns?
  8. Just One Shot

    Just One Shot Well-Known Member

    Yea, S&W lowered the price and you can get a new one for $349.99 if you shop around.

    I would go with a new unit as some of the early ones had some issues that have since been worked out.
  9. cskny

    cskny Well-Known Member

    Yes, it’s much cheaper now AND the laser is still built in (use it or don’t, it’s still only about $350 now).

    I’ve had an early run one for about 9 months now and I did have the take down pin issue that you’ll read about. Essentially, after about 100 rounds at the range the take down pin would work itself out on mine. S&W has fixed that issue and now uses a redesigned frame (which they changed us early adopters having the problem to).

    From what I’ve heard (and experienced on my new frame replacement), the latest version has been very reliable and solid.

    In terms of subjective opinion, I think it’s probably a huge overlooked value in the .380 category. There’s not much talk about it for some reason, but it fits my hands perfectly and it feels and operates like a larger gun, not a pocket sized. The trigger is decent and the recoil is very manageable. It has real and functional sights. I could shoot it for a whole range session and not care, it’s not as snappy or painful like some other .380’s. AND, it has an external safely. Use it or don’t, I don’t care, but it’s there as a choice if you like safeties on guns in your pocket.

    At the new $350 price tag with the built in laser, it’s tough to beat IMO.
  10. lobo9er

    lobo9er Well-Known Member

    sounds like they worked out the bugs on these guys, they sure are cool looking.
  11. Giterboosted

    Giterboosted Well-Known Member

    I have one of the later models and carry it as a bug every day, it's fantastic, once your used to the trigger pull like any other pocket gun, it's one of the most accurate guns in my collection, it's fantastic and I haven't had a single issue out of it
  12. PandaBearBG

    PandaBearBG Well-Known Member

    Just made my decision on a pocket pistol and after messing around with several S&W bodyguard 380 was the winner. I am pretty excited and at first had reservations about the longer trigger pull, but seeing how this is a pocket pistol along with it's manual safety switch I am really excited about it. Appreciate your views and reviews on the gun guys, thanks!
  13. Mb01541

    Mb01541 New Member

    Glad I found this thread. I got a polite reply from Ruger telling me that they weren't sure if or when the LCP would be submitted for approval here in Mass and I've been wondering about the BG as it is approved. Thanks to everyone for the input.
  14. NickCOFL

    NickCOFL Member

    I picked up my S&W BodyGuard 380 a few weeks ago and love it (EAHxxxx)! Ive put 500+ through it and really enjoy shooting it. I like the "real feel" of the gun and the "real sights". I've had a few chances to fire both the LCP and BG380 and in my personal experience, the Bodyguard is far superior in grip, feel, ergonomics, and features. Anyone who has ever sighted down an LCP or a P3aT will immediately notice the superior sights. XS BigDot sights are available now too. I also like the lock back on empty and the safety, plus the integrated laser sight has all my friends grinning when they shoot it at the range. My brother did have an issue with releasing the mag when shooting quickly, but after a few grip adjustments, he has no problems and is looking to pick one up. Did have an issue with the right side laser button. I removed the button and rolled it around, then reinserted it and rotated it around. It made a marked improvement in the activation, but still wasn't what i wanted. I called smith Customer service and within 10 seconds the rep was sending me "new" buttons free of charge, which showed up 3 days later. The laser activation is now much easier. I have yet to activate it in my Desantis Nemesis pocket holster, and carry it every day. I highly recommend it. The gun show last weekend at the county fair grounds had lots of em. Lowest price i saw was for $359, the highest for $625!!!
  15. memphisjim

    memphisjim Well-Known Member

    No experience with one but remember the 380 sigma. Just cause it says s&w doesn't make it a winner
  16. giggitygiggity

    giggitygiggity Well-Known Member

    How does the Bodyguard compare in size and functionality to the Ruger LCP? I'm debating either the Bodyguard or LCP with Crimson Trace. I want a pistol that is both reliable and can be easily concealed in a tee shirt and shorts. Thanks.
  17. Ballistics

    Ballistics Member

    The Ruger LCP w/ CT laser and Bodyguard 380 are very close in all aspects... size, function, etc.

    The CT laser is better (pressure activated) but the S&W gets the nod in most other areas, including price. Now that these can be found for $350, they are hard to find in stock. The original MSRP just one year ago was $599.

    After tons of research and handling comparable pocket autoloaders, I would confidently say that the Bodyguard 380 offers the most value at $350. My wife and I both bought one for daily pocket/purse carry.
  18. Bush Pilot

    Bush Pilot Well-Known Member

    I've got both the LCP and the .380 Bodyguard (BG just purchased last week)
    Without a doubt the Bodyguard is more pleasant to shoot (not that either one is that much fun) Neither guns are tack drivers, they aren't made for that purpose.
  19. giggitygiggity

    giggitygiggity Well-Known Member

    Is the consensus that S&W worked out all the original kinks and now the Bodyguard is reliable and reasonably priced? I know I read about a lot of troubles with Bodyguards about 6-7 months ago.

    Also, does anyone have pictures comparing the LCP to the Bodyguard? Thanks.
  20. Ballistics

    Ballistics Member

    Most of the complaints came from early models in the serial number EAAxxxx range... common complaints were difficult-to-press laser buttons, too-tight safeties, and clumsy take down levers.

    I believe all newer models have addressed these issues and the warranty is taking care of the older models.

    Here is a picture showing that it is nearly identical in size to an LCP with a CT laser.


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