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New to AZ need some help from AZ residents

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by jonjon1885, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. jonjon1885

    jonjon1885 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I just moved from new haven CT (thank god in heaven) to Tempe Arizona, and I need some pointers on the following. Please keep in mind that I totally new to this state and have not lived any where except new england since carry age.

    1. In Tempe Scottsdale area open carry, will i get harassed or is it generally accepted, 3 days and i still have not seen anyone else open carry.

    2. Desert shooting legal, if some where is best, is it pistol only or rifle too.

    3. Good shooting ranges near Tempe (that do not require huge yearly memberships) pistol shotgun rifle. (general range fees too)

    4. Does AZ REALLY honor out of state CCW permit, i really do not want to got to jail for carrying concealed with my CT CCW.

    5. Is it just me or are the driving laws really as strict as they seem/are made out to be. I've been so freaked out about getting a speeding ticket that I've been unconsciously driving at lest 10mh UNDER the speed limit.

    I've been an avid THR, TFL, and TBOT reader for about a year now and this is the first thread I've made and I know that the knowledge contained with the masters here will be able to help me. BTW i have used the internet's finest gift to mankind "Google" on these questions and all have been vague at best so i wanted to go to the source, concerning #4 I did look up packing.org but I'm not to sure how much I am willing to trust a site that itself says not to trust the info so thanks in advance guys
  2. Big Az Al

    Big Az Al Well-Known Member

    So AZ here

    Open carry is fine in AZ, Some people freak here Tucson, but the law is in your favor.

    Rio Salidod(?) to the east in Usery (Pass) County Park, is a county range, I have been there good place, when I was there, there was a gunsmith on site.

    Ben Avery range, to the north off of i-17 and Carefree Highway, go west can't miss it, is a huge stae operation.

    There is A range down in Casa Grande area also, can't think of the name, but get directions to CASA Grande Trap club, add a quarter to half a mile to directions.

    CCW we have reciprical carry arrangements, where reguirements are same, Haven't gone far enough away to have had to worry about them though.

    See if you can take the refreasher course. and get an AZ CCW

    Go to Red Mountain Trap Club, off B Line Highway 87/ Country Club RD, Between Mesa and Fountain HillS, break some clays shoot some bull, ask firearms questions, nice place good people!

    Go on TrapShooters.com message board, address WPT and any other AZ shooter the same question. He/they might add a range I haven't been to in Phx area.

  3. whitestone

    whitestone Member

    Without trying to make this an open vs. concealed thread, I would say in Tempe and metro Phoenix it's best to keep it covered. I've lived in the metro Phoenix area over 35 years and have seen perhaps half a dozen people carry openly. With all the people moving in from other parts of the country in the last twenty years and making this the fifth largest city in the country, metro Phoenix has become more urban and does not have an open carry mentality. Outside of the city open carry is much more accepted.

    Definitely get an Arizona CCW. You'll learn Arizona law and won't be hassled as to why you don't have one if you are ever asked to present it by the police. But again, if you follow the traffic laws, you shouldn't need to worry about that!
  4. 2400

    2400 Well-Known Member

    The above is poor advice, reciprocity has nothing to do with being an AZ resident carrying on an out of state permit.

    From the AZ DPS web site...


    Reciprocal and Recognition Agreements

    Arizona recognizes all other states valid permits:

    This state and any political subdivision of this state shall recognize a concealed weapon, firearm or handgun permit or license that is issued by another state or a political subdivision of another state if both:

    1. The permit or license is recognized as valid in the issuing state.

    2. The permit or license holder is all of the following:

    (a) Not a resident of this state.

    (b) Legally present in this state.

    (c) Not legally prohibited from possessing a firearm in this state.

    link http://www.azdps.gov/ccw/default.asp
  5. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    I've lived in Arizona long enough to be considered a native, and like whitestone I don't want to get into a debate on " my right " " second amendment" or what ever. But you will see very few open carry in the large metro areas in Arizona. It may be legal but it's not cowboy country. You will be stopped by every police officer that sees you, they will then treat you as if you're a nut case, run your name, and if you start sprouting " my right" they will then take you in and run your name through the computer at the station , it is a hassle. Before you go shooting in the desert, make sure you know your location. If you stray onto any of the unmarked reservations the Indian Police will confiscate your firearms, no, you will not get them back. They can arrest you and if you give them a hard time , they will. Most of the time they just chastise you and take your firearm. I can't remember the last time I witness a open carry. But other wise have a great time. If you have a clean record and become a resident, then there's really no need to open carry. Remember , just because it's the wild west, it's not really the wild west.
  6. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Good grief, I was born and raised here, and have never been hassled by LE for open carry. Never. I was hassled by businesses, but oddly enough, every singlebusiness that threw me out 15 years ago is either OUT of business, or sold to new management.
    Now, since we went to CCW, there are fewer people open carrying, but it's still legal as church on Sunday. Posted signs are "reasonable requests" under colorof law to prevent you from carrying, open or concealed, in private businesses, but many of those came down after we passed the shall-issue law. BTW, last open carry I saw was three days ago, guy on a motorcycle at Fastrip. before that was about two weeks, guy with a small 1911 in a shoulder rig at WalMart. BTW, WalMart tends to be firearms friendly here.
    Get the book Arizona Gun Owners' Guide. Get your CCW permit, $65 for 5 years, classes can run from $50-$200, depending on location and instructor. Then enjoy living in Free AZ. No regstration, no licensing, no FOID, no waiting period, no magazine limit, no purchase frequency limits, no ammo ban, shall issue CCW that is NOT weapon specific, state run free and pay ranges, Class 3 NFA friendly, (get a registered legal MAC, carry it on your CCW, legally.), state pre-emption law...this is good stuff, here!
  7. jonjon1885

    jonjon1885 Well-Known Member

    thank you guys so much for all the help and advice.

    However is shooting out in the desert legal, if so how far outside of city limits do you need to be or is it best to just <bite the bullet> and pay the range fees

    edit: thank you RON
    <quote>If you stray onto any of the unmarked reservations the Indian Police will confiscate your firearms, no, you will not get them back.</quote>

    I did not refresh before posting, I think I will stick to the offical ranges. I like my guns, and paid too much good money for them to be taken away.
  8. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Indian reservations are pretty easy to find, and marked on all roads in/out. As for legality, you must be 1 mile away from any occupied structure. Used to be 1/4 mile, but just went to a mile. National Forests are OK for carry, National Parks/Monuments are no-no. BLM land is marked on most state maps, those, if not posted no hunting/shooting by the current lessee, are Ok for shooting. Please pack out what you pack in, slob shooters have closed down many a wildcat range.

    The two best in the state, IMHO, are Ben Avery in Phoenix area, and Tucson Rifle Club in Three Points, with a pretty neat 1000 yard range.

    Have fun!
  9. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula Well-Known Member

    I just got back from Tempe, AZ and man.... how can you guys tolerate the 115ยบ weather?

    Great pro gun state though.
  10. JesseL

    JesseL Well-Known Member

    Can you come up with any example of someone in Arizona (who isn't doing something else to draw the attention of police) being hassled for open carry? I was born and raised here, I've seen open carry all my life, and I've never heard of someone catching flak from the police for legal open carry.:scrutiny:

    BTW, I don't consider anyone who wasn't born here to be a native, though I might let it slide if they moved here before they started walking.:neener:
  11. Bwana John

    Bwana John Well-Known Member

    Actually we have new National Monuments in AZ and UT (Grand Staircase, Vermilian Cliffs, Escalante) that are administered by the BLM and allow activitys that were previously allowed before Monument status (hunting/mining/logging).
  12. BigSoundRacing

    BigSoundRacing Well-Known Member

    National Park = letter of the law says "firearms must be disabled", consideration for Grand Canyon.

    Indian Land / Reservation Land = the highway going across the "rez" is state land, never venture off the highway or shoulder while transporting firearms across - if you are on indian land with firearms, you will never see them again.

    AZ = open carry, businesses can ask you to not bring your firearm into their business, you must respect their request.

    No open or CCW in establishments that serves alcohol. (thanks for the correction)

    Get an AZ ID Card, get an AZ CCW - so easy.

    be safe, BSR
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2007
  13. AZ Jeff

    AZ Jeff Well-Known Member

    I live near Tempe, so I am familiar with all the places to shoot in the proximity of the "east valley".

    For outdoor ranges, the BEST in this side of the metro area is Rio Salado Sportsmans' Club, up on Ellesworth/Usery Pass Rd. There is another range over at South Mountain.

    For indoor (pistol) ranges, the nearest for you is Caswell's, just off Rt. 60, at Mesa Dr.

    I discourage people from going "to the desert" to shoot mainly because it's hard to find a safe, legal location nowadays that's close enough. The best places in the east valley area will be out on US 60 towards Superior and Queen Valley. If you decide to use that approach, be forewarned that some of those areas are closed seasonally due to fire hazards. And PLEASE clean up after yourself if you shoot in the desert. I also ride by ATV out there, and it never ceases to amaze me how much JUNK people drag out to the desert, shoot up, and then just LEAVE behind as trash.
  14. Outlaws

    Outlaws Well-Known Member

    1. The whole state sans the reservations are open carry and ccw. The rez is very different even between different rez's. But any interstates that run through them should be okay, but I would check on that. I personally don't care. I mind my own business and don't open carry anyways. I haven't seen anyone open carry in a very long time. Even then its very rare. You see it outside the ranges, but thats about it. CCW is so much nicer anyways.

    2. The BLM and the National Forests are almost all legal. If its not they will post a sign. But keep in mind, about 2 weeks ago the BLM Phoenix section (which is huge and not limited to just around Phoenix) had a stupid no shooting thing because they didn't want anyone to start a wild fire. I haven't checked if it is still on, but its worth calling to find out. But then again, as long as you don't look like a trouble maker, the sheriffs and forest ranges usually give you a verbal warning if you are doing something illegal that isn't obvious. Shooting because of a forest fire IMO would fall under that. The guy who answered the phone and told me about that even said its the dumbest thing he has heard in a while.

    3. Rio Salado Sportsmans Club. Everything you asked. For pistol, Caswells is good. Scottsdale Gun Club I wish would burn to the ground (you can do a search if you really want to know why).

    4. Someone answered this already. Get an AZ ccw.

    5. Driving laws are strict? I guess. Thats what everyone from out of state says. I don't know, I just go with the flow of traffic...in the left lane....HOV if its not morning or afternoon rush hours. The flow is usually 10mph over the limit. Just don't get a DUI.
  15. Ron James

    Ron James Well-Known Member

    JesseL, One thing about this forum, if you say something that someone doesn't like you will get " show me" " that's not true" "no way" . Whatever, Some one very close to me was a member of the Scottsdale Police Dept. Their policy was to observe, then at a convenient and safe place stop the individual and ask for ID. after all , they may be breaking the law. If the individual was on the up and up then they were on their way in a matter of minutes. He said about one in five either had a open warrant of had a felony which prohibited even owning a gun. If someone started sprouting about rights they would finish the computer check downtown. Reference the Indian Reservations, if you're out driving the dry country, I've yet to see a sign in the middle of the desert stating " This is so and so reservation. You simply don't know when you've crossed over on to forbidden land. A very good friend of mine is a Lt. on one of the reservations and he states they get about 2 to 3 trespassers a month. Most are just unaware of where they are, a few times they were drug smugglers. If they display an firearm, then it belongs to the reservation, if the officer is in a good mood and you seem like a nice guy they may tell you to put it away out of sight. Now this is just my opinion , why would you want to open carry in an metro area and give the antis even more ammo. We had a hell if a time getting a CCW law here in Arizona. A light shirt covers a lot of sins. :)
  16. Outlaws

    Outlaws Well-Known Member

    If the alcohol is served for on site consumption, you cannot carry. Selling at a grocery store is different so carry is not illegal.
  17. JesseL

    JesseL Well-Known Member

    Carrying a gun in plain sight in AZ is not not only protected by the the 2a to the COTUS, it is protected by the state constitution as well. Having a sidearm is no more an indicator of breaking the law than sitting on a bench near a school (after all they may be a convicted child molester!).

    I'll believe what you say about your friend in the Scottsdale PD, but I'm certainly not going to alter my behavior for fear of unethical and possibly illegal police behavior.

    Open carry is no sin and behaving like it is plays right into the anti's hands.

    Someone open carrying in public, not committing any crime, being polite, seems to me like a much more effective way of swaying public opinion to our side than hiding who we are and hoping no one notices us.
  18. jonjon1885

    jonjon1885 Well-Known Member

    well the AZ CCW is the route to go however after calling 5 different places that the DPS has listed only one has classes, and at that the next one is not until September.

    any ideas on where to get a good quality and inexpensive(not cheap) reloading bench
  19. teombe

    teombe Well-Known Member

    My co-workers will open carry on the way to/from matches at Rio Salado. No one in Chandler or east Mesa has ever given them crap about it.

    Me - I'm too paranoid to do it, but if you walk around with a gun on your hip, most people assume it should be there anyway and go about their business. I like Arizona.

    As far as ranges go - Ben Avery is too far from Tempe. Most of us East Valleyites will shoot at Caswells or Rio Salado. Both offer memberships, but it is not required. $6 gets you in all day at Rio, and $15 gets you into Caswell's for as long as you want.

    The ROs at Rio are a little cooky, but still nice guys if you don't make an ass of yourself.

    If you ever feel like shooting in the desert, just drive to the Casa Grande public range. It is unmonitored, but has berms and the proper shooting benches and whatnot. You can shoot whatever you want as long as you take it back home with you. It's the next best thing to shooting in the bare desert, and you can be sure of your backstop.

    The poster who pasted the AZ CCW rules was spot on. If you live here, the ONLY CCW that will be accepted is one from Arizona. They may let you off with a warning the first time, but don't count on it.

    *Caswell's offers a CCW permit class EVERY Saturday*
  20. teombe

    teombe Well-Known Member

    Yeah - do it yourself. The legs are available at Sportsman's Guide for $75

    The Plywood was $60.

    It took about 3 hours to get it finished.

    Last edited: Aug 6, 2007

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