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new to concealed carry

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by trigga, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. trigga

    trigga New Member

    Hi, I'm from wi and perhaps you all have heard the news by now. well, I am a criminal justice student and plan to carry concealed in the near future. My school is offering a ccw class in which I plan to take sometime soon. Anyways, I currently own a glock 22 along with two other .22lr handguns. I experiment with the full size glock 22 and it stands out too much. I was planning on buying another gun specifically for concealed carry and perhaps a bigger caliber like the .45acp. (9mm is the smallest I would go, 7+ rounds) I've come to favor the kimber ultra carry but the price tag is huge, I guess price is not a question when your life depends on it. Perhaps it can serve as a back up duty weapon too. (preferred duty weapon is a glock 20) I was also looking at springfield's micro compact but it doesn't catch my eyes like the loaded kimber, it almost seems basic. With all this and the shortage of money, it leads me back to a glock 19/23 or perhaps even a glock 30. The glock 23 would be the wisest choice since i have the big brother already... I'm still open to suggestions and perhaps make the purchase when I get my taxes in january.

    I did have a few questions about the kimber:
    -how well does it conceal with ankle holsters?
    -is it just a short barrel 1911 or is the grip shortened too?
    -will the standard 8 round mags fit?
    -is the kimber worth it or overpriced?
    -any other quality .45acp options? (ccw only)
    *ccw = concealed carry weapon in case some of you didn't know
  2. wyocarp

    wyocarp New Member

    A 1911 is going to be a lot of gun for an ankle holster. Personally, I like the 3" Colts and both the barrel and grips are shorter.
  3. Psa1m144

    Psa1m144 New Member

    No need for a different gun, I conceal carry a glock 22 every day. Get yourself a Crossbreed Holster and you are set. But I cant blame you if you are looking for an excuse to get a new gun :D
  4. 2wheels

    2wheels New Member

    Like wyocarp said, even a 3inch 1911 isn't the best ankle gun. The grip is shorter, 1911s like the Ultra Carry are often referred to as "Officer" style 1911s. Standard 1911 mags will work, they work best with magazine sleeves.

    I love my Colt New Agent, for a similar gun with sights check out the Colt Defender. When I bought mine they were around $800 or so. Nothing wrong with the Kimber though if you're looking at CCW 1911s. There's also the Springfield EMP, but it's pricey and only comes in .40S&W or 9mm.

    There are lots of compact .45s out there, are you determined to get a 1911? They're what I love, but they can be expensive compared to other options. Honestly just getting a smaller Glock in the same caliber as the one you already have makes the most sense in terms of budget and training.
  5. rogerjames

    rogerjames member

    When it comes to carrying concealed, the width of the gun and the length of the grip, are the two biggest obstacles to doing this comfortably and discreetly, especially when carrying IWB.

    Any double stack weapon is going to be thicker and wider and require more space in the waistband for IWB. A single stack such as some offerings by Kahr and other mfgs., or most 1911's are thinner and easier to conceal IWB, but you give up round capacity. However the extra rounds wont help you if you dont carry it beacuse its uncomfortable ot difficult to conceal. If you can afford a different carry gun for different types of dress, this is also helpful.

    I carry a standard XD9 in a crossbreed IWB at about 5 o'clock when I am wearing jeans and looser fitting shirts. If I am wearing tighter clothing or dressier clothing, I often carry my Taurus TCP in pocket.

    I'm not sure why you are interested in carrying at you ankle, but anything bigger or heavier than a snub nose revolver is going to be quite difficult to manage.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2011
  6. harmon rabb

    harmon rabb New Member

    ankle carry for a 1911? lmao. you'll try it once, for about 10 minutes, before you realize that even the smallest of 1911's is way too large and heavy for that. the only "1911" suited to ankle carry is a sig 238, and that's a 380.

    on the topic of carry 1911's, however, check out the springfield EMP. it's only in 9mm and 40, but that's what's great about it -- 45 (and 40, really) is a bit much for an aluminum frame 3" 1911. 9mm is perfect for that size and weight gun, and you get 9rd mags as a bonus.
  7. Dnaltrop

    Dnaltrop New Member

    Cz-82's are great semis, and the Mak cartridge does it's job admirably. All yours for under $250, if not 200 for a C&R.

    My old man has fallen in love with his Bersa .380 as well, very very similar to the Makarov chambered guns out there.

    They aren't as finely finished, but they are built well, and shoot well. the .380 is a touch small for my Mitt, but the 9mm , .40, and .45 acp versions are on a slightly larger frame. $250-$400 range on these. Bersa doesn't really advertise, and I like to think that it reflects in their lower sale prices.

    Both very good Everyday Carry weapons in all metal.
  8. AJChenMPH

    AJChenMPH New Member

    Not sure how big you are and what your body shape is, but my boss (who's a part-time LEO) can conceal his G22 at 4 o'clock/4:30 without too much difficulty. (He's about 5"10" and 195 lbs.) A good holster and a good belt will go a long ways towards helping with concealment.
  9. Dr_2_B

    Dr_2_B Active Member

    I'm gonna go a different direction. If you're gonna be carrying the G22 on duty, the most practical backup/off-duty gun is a Glock 27. If the grip is too short, you can use a pinky extension... either with an extra round or two or without extra capacity. You probably know that your G22 mags will work in the G27. And practical accuracy on the G27 is fine.

    If you're wanting a .45, you could consider the single stack G36, but my G36 is one of my least favorites. If I were looking right now (i.e. if I were in your position) I'd strongly consider one of the Kahr polymer .45s. Very small, very light, and very good quality. For that matter, a PM9 or PM40 or CM9 would be excellent choices as well.
  10. trigga

    trigga New Member

    the thought of an ankle holster is for a backup duty weapon, if i works perhaps can serve as a ccw too would be a bonus. thanks for the info. i'm not quite settled on the 1911 yet but have come to favor their slimness and single stack magazine more easy to conceal, with that being said I'm still searching for a comparable choice. my preferred method would be either a iwb holster or a deep concealment (crotch-style) holster. Any feedbacks on crotch style holster? I'm 5'5 190 and dress well fitted, not loose. I also tend to wear my pants LOW at times, don't ask me why.
  11. wisconsin

    wisconsin New Member

    i cant think of anything in 45acp that would fit well for ankle carry, but if you are going that route look into the XD line, or any polymer gun. saves weight and your ankles
  12. AJChenMPH

    AJChenMPH New Member

    The Doc brings up a good point -- a G27 can be ankle-carried and can take your G22 mags if God-forbid you have to bring it into service. You won't be able to do that if you carry a 1911 as a backup. Plus, as others have pointed out, your ankle and your leg will thank you.

    As far as concealability goes, I conceal a G26 very easily under an untucked polo shirt in an IWB holster and a good belt.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2011
  13. rogerjames

    rogerjames member

    I use this for front carry http://smartcarry.com/. It works really well with gym shorts, t shirts and times when you don't have a belt to use IWB holster. I also use it at times when wearing belted pants when I'm in a hurry.

    It's relatively comfortable. With a belted pant it's a slower draw than say with a crossbreed, but with gym shorts it's quite quick.

    I'm 5'7 and 180lb and I prefer to not dress very loose or baggy either. I live in South Florida and we try to wear as little as possible as it is usually hot as hell.

    I can tell you that it is not easy to dress like that and carry a full/standard size weapon. I usually end up putting on looser clothes... or carrying off body in a small CWP messenger bag... or carrying my Taurus .380
  14. wvshooter

    wvshooter New Member

    Like a lot of decisions in life choosing a carry gun is full of trade offs. Weight, size, caliber, capacity and carry method have to be prioritized. I've always carried IWB at 4 o'clock and have found that it's possible to carry a full size gun but it's certainly not comfortable.

    Some of the better choices IMO are something like a Ruger SR9c compact, or one of the Kahrs or one of the small Walthers. Lately I've been carrying a Sig P250 sub compact. It's chunky but the grip is short and the gun is fairly light.
  15. BossHogg

    BossHogg New Member

    Ankel just don't get it done. Buy a Glock-36 for belt carry and save yourself a lot of grief.
  16. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 New Member

    Don't overlook the Glock 36...It took me a long time to find my way to the G36, but I made it...best $$$ I ever spent on a CCW pistol.
  17. Alberforth

    Alberforth New Member

    1911 = training to get the thumb safety off EVERY time you draw. Every time you practice with your Glock you'll either still make that movement for consistency's sake (which I have found difficult to enforce), or you will get a little out of the habit every time. I'm on the fence about how trustworthy my handling of a 1911 will be under stress when I practice with different manuals-of-arms. I don't know, maybe it's a non-issue for some people.
  18. hiker44

    hiker44 New Member

    Find yourself a good local tailor and have them sew the buttons on the top three buttons of your daily wear shirts on the outside, then sew on some tiny little snaps behind those buttons, so you can get inside the shirt in one second. Then get a 5.11 Tactical undershirt with the pockets on each side. I wear that outfit on a daily basis, and because I wear loose fitting shirts, I can carry everything from a Kel-Tec P-11 up to my S&W 329PD without "printing". I have been doing so for as long as the 5.11 shirts have been available, and I find the shirts very comfortable. There are many, many possible combinations and variations when it comes to CCW, and it all depends on what you fovor and what you can wear. The options are limitless.
  19. trigga

    trigga New Member

    regardless of safety or not, I develop the habit of racking the first round. even during hunting (handguns) I tend to carry it unloaded. I know It may not serve any good if given the situation involves a struggle and you only have one hand. I'm liking that holster from smart carry. I wonder how it will do with a belt on or baggy pants? lol.
  20. PabloJ

    PabloJ New Member

    Buy compact or subcompact gun that accepts Glock 22 magazines. It's the only choice that makes sense. The 1911 is outdated design with low magazine capacity that requires slide lever to be pushed down before firing when carried hot on safe. I much prefer ones that can be pulled out and used w/o engaging any levers or buttons.

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