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new toy from nation's gun show!

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by cookhj, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. cookhj

    cookhj Well-Known Member

    so i went to the nation's gun show today in chantilly, va and saw the exact AK that i've been looking for!

    it's a polish AK built by Vector arms.

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  2. cookhj

    cookhj Well-Known Member

    and here's the other pic....

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  3. SirPorl

    SirPorl Well-Known Member


    I must say that is one sweet lookin AK. Congrats on the nice pickup

  4. Seventhsword

    Seventhsword Well-Known Member

    Very nice! :cool:
  5. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    Details, man, details!

    No fair baiting us, without some info. Who made it? How much? You know, the important things. ;)
  6. cookhj

    cookhj Well-Known Member

    well, there was a fellow VMI alumni that was over by the quantico arms tables who sells class III stuff that i had talked to last show, so i decided to go say hey. i noticed some other guy looking at this nice AK that's a vector arms build from a polish kit. the price on it was pretty good and it was exactly what i wanted. he put it down and i immediately picked it up. the other guy started staring at me, i think hoping that i wouldn't buy it. i saw that he was eyeballing me so i decided to buy it. the other guy was visibly disappointed and asked the dealer when he was getting some more in stock. i ended up paying around $680 out the door. after that i went over to the ammoman and bought 6 more mags and a case of wolf ammo. haven't had a chance to fire it yet but i will let y'all know as soon as i get a chance!
  7. cookhj

    cookhj Well-Known Member

    so i took out the new AK yesterday and ran a hundred rounds or so through her. accuracy was very good and, just like pretty much any AK, performance was flawless.

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