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New Toy Review

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by lizziedog1, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. lizziedog1

    lizziedog1 Well-Known Member

    For Christmas I got one of those electronic powder dispensers. I won't mention brand, I don't want this thread going down that path.

    I love it! The greatest thing to come along since sliced bread, at least for the reloading bench.

    It took awhile to get the hang of it. But once I had it all dialed in, one word-WOW.

    It isn't the fastest way to charge cartridges. It is a great way to experiment with loads though. I can load a half dozen rounds with one charge and with the push of a few buttons load another six with another amount of powder.

    I have been checking its throws with two other scales. They are right-on.

    This will be my new method for rifle reloading. I don't eload that many rounds at once to be hampered by its slowness.

    For my handguns I'll continue to use my set of Lee Dippers.

    Who else used an electronic powder dispenser?
  2. capreppy

    capreppy Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking of getting one, but for rifle (only time I charge by hand), I don't load enough volume to justify it. I still throw by dipper and then trickle up.

    For plinking loads, I'll just use my progressive as I use a powder that meters very well.

    I think I will eventually invest in a good scale. Using my Lee scale that came with as a kit when I got my Lee single stage and it does a decent job.
  3. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Well-Known Member

    Yup, they are the bees knees for working up loads.

    They are a great addition to the reloading room.
  4. CMV

    CMV Well-Known Member

    I have the hornady one & really like it so far. Occasionally it hiccups and throws a light or heavy charge, but it alerts you clearly that it has done so. It holds true to it's ± .1 when verified on a beam scale.

    The first 75 I did on it I put every one on the beam scale. 3/4 were spot on - the beam scale (Lee safety scale) indicator was about 1mm from the mark either way. For the remainder - unless the scale indicated it was high or low - the scale showed within about 3mm of the mark either way.

    It might be slow, but it dispenses fast enough that when set to "slow" the powder is ready & waiting by the time I seat, crimp, & inspect the previous cartridge so its fast enough for me.

    I did put mine on a separate smaller bench. I think that helps a lot since it isn't getting bumped.
  5. lizziedog1

    lizziedog1 Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I tried several reloads in a couple of guns. The loads display very good accuracy. In one rifle, it shot better than it ever had.

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