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New Toys for the New Year. Kahr PM9 & U22 Neos

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tarpon6, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. tarpon6

    tarpon6 New Member

    Dec 12, 2003
    I picked up these two gems from budsgunshop.com. They had great prices and I saved some cash even after transfer fees and shipping.. After picking them up from my ffl on Sunday I headed right to the range. I put about 200 rounds through each gun.

    The Kahr PM9 (9mm) performed flawlessly through a variety of ammo. Winchester white box 115 gr., Federal Hydrashok 124 grain, few Remington +P, and a couple Corbon +P 115 gr. I am not an expert marksman by any means but my first shot nailed my home printed Bin Laden target (courtesy of glockfaq.com's target gallery) square in the noggin. I did not put together any groups at 25' that I would brag about on this first outing, but I did not expect to. Nailed a 16 oz plastic bottle about 15 ft down range on 2 consecutive shots before it fell behind a mound and out of sight. Over all I feel pretty good about it's accuracy for the type of gun it is and it's intended purpose. I am sure I will get better and better over time. Recoil is noticeable and manageable. I did not have a problem putting 200+ rounds through it, and could have done 200 more.. There were absolutely no failures or jams of any kind. I really enjoy the feel and smoothness of the trigger. It seems to be very consisten throughout the pull. It is not too heavy, and not too light- it seems just right.. After stripping the gun for cleaning I did not notice abnormal wear on any part of the gun. I did not shoot much +P ammo this time, but will in the future. My only complaint is the heavy grease the gun game packed in. It made for a messy first cleaning- I've heard this complaint before.. This will be by primary carry firearm and will be loaded with the 124 gr. Federal Hydrashok until I can test Corbon and Gold Dot further. I have shot tons of Corbon through my P226 and since sold P239, and feel like it might be a bit much for the PM9. I am excited about this gun, it seems to be the size and weight I've been looking for in this hot climate that has me wearing shorts and a tshirt most of the time.

    The Beretta Neos Deluxe is an odd gun at first glance, but looks much better in person than in pictures. It field strips differently from any gun I've owned before, but is simple and easy to clean. I put about 200 rounds of Remmington "high velocity" ammo through it. On a few occasions an "ejected" casing got stuck at a 90* angle in the ejection port. I pulled the casing out, racked the slide and shot until the magazine was empty. Annoying for the 4 or 5 times that it happened. Most cases were thrown to the side and slightly to the rear as you would expect. I really enjoyed shooting it. It is my first .22 and I loved the non-existant recoil and accuracy of the 6" barrel. I peppered the targets consistently at 25' and put quite a few holes in an 8 inch stuffed animal I taped to my targets. (someone had previously shot it and left it behind).. For the price I paid I am thrilled with it, and the cheap ammo it shoots. I will be picking up a red dot sight for it one of these days..

    I had a good time shooting both guns, and will almost certainly be heading to the range again this weekend.

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  2. Tropical Z

    Tropical Z Participating Member

    Jan 8, 2003
    The path less chosen...
    Im not a Kahr fan,but congrats anyway.Im sure youll love your Neos.Mine likes Remingtons golden bullet in the bulk pack just fine.
  3. cratz2

    cratz2 Senior Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Central IN
    I've heard the Kahrs or at least the Micro Kahrs were designed with the 115 Gr +P CorBons as the intended ammo.

    Have no clue how honest that is though... I use Gold Dots in my P9 Covert.
  4. citizen

    citizen Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    I've been advised by Beretta to fire ONLY jacketed (copper-clad) ammo in order to avoid lead accumulation at the muzzle. A STRONGLY contributing factor to deteriorating accuracy. (BTW, they seem to be correct about this).

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