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New USGI $14 30rd. Mags

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Okiegunner, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Okiegunner

    Okiegunner Well-Known Member

    Thought you guys might want to know this. A.S.C. has new manufacture 30 round aluminum (black or grey powder coated) AR magazines in stock for $14.00, with anti-tilt followers.

    They also have some newly made SS (black only) for $15.95, also with anti-tilt followers.

    I was very surprised when I called them today and got to speak with a live person after only 3 rings. All they manufacture and sell are various AR magazines. 5.56, 6.5, 6.8, .308, 7.62X39 and 9mm. 30, 20, 10 and 5 rounders.

    The lady I spoke to was very cordial. She said they were very busy but were still filling and shipping all orders. Sorry guys, I did not ask about any warranty.

    The prices seemed pretty damned good to me so I ordered 2 each of the 5.56, grey, black and black SS. I probably should order more (if they prove to be good ones)

    I just wanted to pass this info along.
  2. nosmr2

    nosmr2 Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any previous experience ordering with them?
  3. Okiegunner

    Okiegunner Well-Known Member

    No, I have not. Took a chance. Speaking with a live human kind of helped though.
  4. Speedgoat

    Speedgoat Well-Known Member

    I bit. We'll see what happens along with several other things I've 'bit' on the last 3 weeks.
  5. Gtscotty

    Gtscotty Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up, I already had several ASC 6.8 magazines, and they have been fine, now I'll (hopefully) have a few more in 6.8 and 5.56. Now if I could just find anywhere that has G17 mags in stock... it's like they've been swept off the face of the earth.
  6. CZ223

    CZ223 Well-Known Member

    Contact info please.
  7. Downeast

    Downeast Well-Known Member

  8. gotigers

    gotigers Well-Known Member

    I just ordered some. We'll see.
  9. Okiegunner

    Okiegunner Well-Known Member

    Yeah...I'm tempted to order some more today. Seems to me that at that price they could sell out.
  10. Carne Frio

    Carne Frio Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link. I'll be getting some LR25 .308 magazines.
  11. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Ordered some.:)
  12. Russ Jackson

    Russ Jackson member

    Good to see a company thats not jacking up prices.
  13. carbine85

    carbine85 Well-Known Member

    How about a website or phone number?
  14. 12131

    12131 Well-Known Member

    See post #7
  15. 12gaugeTim

    12gaugeTim Well-Known Member

    I can't find these guys even when googling their name. Does anybody know if these people are legitimate?
  16. Russ Jackson

    Russ Jackson member

  17. Sock Puppet

    Sock Puppet Well-Known Member

    I called an spoke to them on the phone, and was told they hae a backlog of 4-5 weeks. She said a pre-authorization charge wuld show on my CC, but it wouldn't actually be billed until the magazines shipped.

    Seemed cordial and professional, but I have no other experience with them.
  18. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    Ordered a couple. Hopefully they get their stock replenished soon.
  19. MtnCreek

    MtnCreek Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I grabbed (4) 20rd mags for a little over $60 shipped (shipping was about $10 via ups). We''ll see what happens...
  20. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Ordered a couple of 9MM AR mags. I have been meaning to get a couple more, but had forgotten where to get them. ASC is bookmarked now.

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