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New XD convert....dumped Beretta 92FS

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jonboynumba1, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. jonboynumba1

    jonboynumba1 Well-Known Member

    Yup I'm a 1911 guy...but I always wanted a 92FS of my own. Just after the holidays I got a police special package. Shot pretty well...deffinately above average in accuracy. I put about 900-1000 rounds through it over a few sessions in the last month. Carried it a couple weeks. I dunno I did really like it but the DA/SA thing is really just not me. I put a 17# hammer spring in it...that helped a bit but...ehhh it aint no 1911. I shot it very well for something so foreign to me. But I was a bit miffed to find a lot of plastic and composit plastic parts in it (the mainspring cap is just plain cheap feeling!) I kinda wished I had just bought a clean used older 92 after that. It would also get a rough gritty dragging feel on the slide once in a while...something in the grip fram was draging on the slide intermittently. It lessened as time went on bit non of the ones I've borrowed ever did that. The price was great at $450+tax with 3 hi-caps but I somehow just feel they devalued the classic gun with all the plastic parts. Still a very sexy looking pistol that was a lot of fun to shoot.

    So just for fun I draged out a slightly used XD9 4" service model this weekend to compare. I had shot one a few hundred rounds a year ago and did love the way it shot and pointed...almost bought it then but decided against it at last minute (it was a 9mm afterall...and me a .45 guy-LOL). But I REALLY loved it the other day! I proceeded to shoot faster and twice as well as I had been doing with the 92FS (which I shoot almost as well as my much loved 1911!) Put plainly...this little fugly boxy gun is just so plain shootable it hurts! (or rather feels great I guess) Heck I don't even really like the way it looks...not half as sexy as a Beretta or 1911. But boy does it feel great in hand and shooting it is dowright "hydraulic" very fluid gun that points like a dream. The only failure I've ever had with one (both occasions I've shot one once or twice) was a failure to reset the trigger...which is a bit longer that GLOCK...what I'm used to besides 1911's Other than that you just can't beat em in 9mm. Grouped as good as the sig I nearly bought last year (again...ehhh it was a 9mm and not cheap!). Shooting plates on the move was very telling. Amazing how fast I took to this and my hit ratio was better than with my 92 or 1911! I still have a few knit pics about small design issues I don't like but overall this is just such a wonderful shooting gun it certainly makes up for that. Besides I'm never 100% satisfied with anything-LOL (my 1911 is danbg close though)

    I guess I'm an XD weenie now-LOL traded my 92 even this morning...I just couldn't give it back this time!

    Also picked up a clean used Ruger GP100 4" blue .357...been a LONG time since I owned a revolver (besides my single six) really a great shooting gun as well. Thought it might just make the perfect woods walker for next fall. Give the .460 Rowland kit a break and try it out on a doe or two. It really surprised me once I got used to the trigger.

    The joy of a new toy (or several-LOL)
  2. BobbyQuickdraw

    BobbyQuickdraw Well-Known Member

    The XD is a pretty nice gun. Shot one awhile back. Clearly didn't love it as much as you did. In fact, I'm leaving GLOCK behind to go to Beretta 92FS!

    Well, sort of. I mean, I'm keeping my Glock. I dont get rid of anything.

    But glad you like it and shoot well, I was really excited when they first came on the market. I shot a 9mm XD with loose sights from the range. My friend loved it, I was so-so. Will probably rent a .45XD and see how that rocks and rolls. Definitely cool guns.

  3. SKM&P9

    SKM&P9 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the XD and welcome to the club !! My XD subcompact in 9mm is almost boring to shoot anymore, but I still carry it and it's the first one out when I go to the range.
  4. byf43

    byf43 Well-Known Member

    I like the looks of the XD, but, I haven't shot one, yet.

    I have a Beretta 92FS that was made in '89.
    It was a terminal case of the 'Got to have that' syndrome.
    Paid $300.00 for it, NIB.

    I've fired it. . . maybe 250 rounds. Maybe a little less.
    The action is buttery smooth. Slick as snot on a doorknob.
    Very accurate.

    I suppose the reason I don't shoot it much is because I am a .45 acp fanatic!

    Might have to try the XD in .45 acp.
  5. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    i don't balme you i don't really care for da/sa either, and i much prefer the xd to all other handguns out there, except my 1911 maybe!:) i think you made a great choice and as long as you are happy that is really what is important.
  6. Crimp

    Crimp Well-Known Member

    I like many auto brands, but the XDs have grown on me too.

  7. mhillsing23

    mhillsing23 Well-Known Member

    I love my XD-9 Service (4"). It is my favorite handgun to shoot!

    THE MACHINIST Well-Known Member

    shoot and own one of everything. thats what i say
  9. savage555

    savage555 New Member

    I love my XD .45 got a nice trigger job done in it almost no take up 5lb pull very fast reset smoooth if your interested check out

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