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New XD. Ugly Pistols

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by musky hunter, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. musky hunter

    musky hunter New Member

    I just saw the new XD finishes. They are one of the ugliest pistols i have seen in a long time. The color and the designs dont match at all.[​IMG]
  2. emann

    emann New Member

    Don't look bad to me, besides variety is the spice of life. Something out there for everyone. Good idea. ;)
  3. OF

    OF New Member

    They're hideous.

    - Gabe
  4. musky hunter

    musky hunter New Member

    i would much rather have the all black. The all green model is disgusting. :banghead: :cuss: :barf:
  5. JPoe

    JPoe New Member

    :rolleyes: Puh-lease... I think the Bi-Tone looks pretty damn sharp! So much so that I BOUGHT one. "The color and the designs don't match"??? What does that even mean? Oh well... I guess how a gun "looks" to someone is purely subjective. There's no denying it's a GREAT pistol though. It's latest praise comes in the form of the "Handgun of the Year" award from the NRA's American Rifleman publication:


    To each his own...
  6. USGuns

    USGuns New Member

    Ugly winner

    Everyone always harps on how ugly the Ruger P-Series is but the XDs have got to take the cake. Can there be any more incoherent cuts/shapes/angles? Looks like each major part of the gun was designed by different people with absolutely no communication with each other. :scrutiny:

    Not that ugly guns can't still shoot well! ;)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2003
  7. 10-Ring

    10-Ring New Member

    To each his own! I like the all black, but if they can generate more sales w/ color changes, t more power to them ;)
  8. 12 Volt Man

    12 Volt Man New Member

    These guns seem to be getting good reviews everywhere. I picked one up last week. It is OD with a black slide. I wish I would have waited for the all OD model. To me it looks great. I also like the OD Springfield 1911's. I guess I just have to be different :)
    My XD was as accurate as my CZ's on the first outing. It was a joy to shoot. Cheap Highcaps!!! I really believe they will give Glock a run for their money once they can prove to have the durability that Glock has.
  9. cool45auto

    cool45auto New Member

    USGuns: Mmmmmmmm......MK23.

    That all green XD is gonna have to grow on me.
  10. NevadaPistolero

    NevadaPistolero New Member

    XD OD

    Personally I love the new OD looking Xds. The XD is the best handgun on the market today and Im proud to be an XD owner. Now if you want to talk ugly...just take a look at a Glock....YUCK.
    All it takes is to shoot an XD and your sold. Me thinks I hear a little sarcasm from some about the XD, a gun they probably never even handled much less shot.:D
  11. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho New Member

    I really like the two tone one, I like it much better than the standard blued model.

    The green one makes me want to add to the green color with my puke... yuck.
  12. Akurat

    Akurat New Member

    Yes, the stainless (or is it Nickel?) looks great IMO. I could have gone without seeing that olive drab monstrosity though..
  13. shooter.45

    shooter.45 New Member

    I have the 2tone one Stainless with black frame. And I must say this gun shoots great very accurate so far. not one problem either. I have seen worse and besides mine is to shoot not to look at! :D
  14. benewton

    benewton New Member

    Gotta agree with the ugly side, although, for the most part, I usually care about function, not looks.

    That being the case, I gotta do a relook on the Ruger!
  15. isaidme

    isaidme New Member

    I agree only because I hate the but ugly loaded chamber indicator on the back of the slide!:barf:
  16. Shweboner

    Shweboner New Member

    I have the OD w. black slide...

    I think it is one damn fine lookin gun!

    Although I agree that the stainless slide does look out of place on the XD, and the ALL OD one will take some time. But I cant say that they are ugly... just different.
    They have nice lines though... what other finishes might they come out with... possibly something similar to what KelTec does.

  17. ElrodCod

    ElrodCod New Member

    That's the cocked striker indicator, the loaded chamber indicator is on top of the slide.
  18. oldpaladin

    oldpaladin New Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I must confess I'm a bit confused as to the worth of this thread. "Subjective" is the only term that best describes this thread. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," a very wise man once opined. True then, now, always. I've owned many types, brands, and calibers of weapons. This, the Springfield Armory XD series of pistol, is certainly not "ugly." "Ugly" is something that does not work, or fails miserably when needed. The SA-XD is a thing of beauty to these tired old eyes. It not only promises to be dependable, reliable, and trustworthy, it is. There are many of Man's creations around that boast and promise- but do not deliver. The SA-XD is better than it's press clippings. Were that it were true for other weapons, or people. Function follows form- not only in engineering, but in life. Would that other works of "art," were so blessed.

    Carter, oldpaladin, out...
  19. SouthpawShootr

    SouthpawShootr New Member

    I don't know, kind of like the look 2 tone XD. A local gunshop has one that I'm currently trying to ignore. If nobody buys it soon, I may have to offer a home. The OD just isn't my cup of tea. Give it time guys. Ugly guns have grown on me before. I used to think Glocks were hideous. I now have 6. My XD, though will not replace my beloved G19 as a primary carry gun.
  20. nsf003

    nsf003 New Member

    I also like the look of the two tone.


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