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New York State Ban - We need your help as well as other states

Discussion in 'Activism' started by 1stmarine, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. tomrkba

    tomrkba New Member

    Again, there is a culture in New York that allows these insane laws to exist of which gun owners are a part. I know several New York citizens with carry permits and we discussed how things are outside of the city. But, the fact of the matter is that New York gun owners have complied with all the laws prior to this one. These politicians felt completely comfortable in voting for this evil law.

    I hope you are not only able to roll back this law, but also turn New York into a gun friendly state. I would love to one day visit New York City and carry my handgun concealed to a show. One of the other posters saw the good side of this law in that it revealed the anti-rights politicians' true goal: disarmament through registration, bureaucratic nonsense, taxes, and possible confiscation. Hopefully you will be able to sway enough politicians through the "soap" and "ballot" boxes.

    But you really need to make them understand that the "bullet" box is an option. It is not the preferred option, but it's on the table.
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  2. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

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  3. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member


    The Albany Rally went well. It was very nice to meet some of the firearms individuals including from the forums.

    Yesterday I was at the SCOPE meeting here in the Rochester Chapter and I got some very good ideas from that meeting.
    It was packed to the rim so it was hard to follow with the noise but nevertheless I think we got some very
    clear direction that other chapters are also going to implement consistently.

    A) The Law Suit seems pretty solid. This is going to go through several levels. We expect to loose in a couple until
    we can win the big one at the supreme court. This is going to need funding so I am asking everyone here if you
    are not a member, become one. If you are one donate what you can and most important, invite others.
    SCOPE is us and we are Scope. I have never been directly involved but I cannot afford to be a passive supporter

    B) There was a general consensus to stop hunting for the next 2 years. We are going to stop as much funding as
    possible going back to the state. They estimated 125M / year from licenses. All the folks there gave their promise
    (including me) not to renew their hunting licenses for 2 years. It is hard for me but it is going to be harder on Cuomo
    so that motivates me and makes me happy if we all join.

    If each firearm owner gave 1 dollar to scope that would mean 5 Million dollars. With that they said we could fight

    C) Lets keep writing the Senators and policy makers. We will not rest one single day. We know they are looking at
    the daily numbers and if amendments come will be based on numbers. They expect that after a while the numbers
    will go down and the citizens will surrender to their stupid laws but they are going to get the opposite which is the
    protests are going to increase.

    One interesting idea that I learned from another fellow firearm owner is to create postcard templates that can be
    printed using the cards sheets they sell in Office Depot / Staples and that will accelerate the mailing process with
    key messages. We are also going to take some great letter templates and people can use those or customize
    a little. I am going to look for a place where we can have those things organized. A thread is not the best place.

    D) Go to the Scope website and signup for the updates. When you become a member you will automatically receive
    the updates.

    E) One thing that became clear is that we spend a few minutes a day emailing and specially in the social media.
    I received a list of recommendations that I am going to post to make this the most effective tool for everyone for
    activism. Expect each one of us is going to have one or more active accounts social media networks that are
    going to be blasting the senators walls and inboxes every day.
    I will explain the strategy in another post/thread. It is very simple and that is the same the Obama's grass roots
    activists do all over the place to discredit firearm owners and piss all over our rights.

    F) Become active in your shooting clubs. One thing that I didn't like is not to see people from my clubs in the
    Albany rally. I am going to talk tot he clubs here and next time more people are going to be there.
    We need to convince the hundreds of silent supporters and armchair activists that the time has come to put
    the boots on and hit the streets.

    But before you start with those measures take a few minutes to say a note of big thanks to all the senators
    and people that supported the 2nd amendment even they could not defeat those vicious forces and the millions
    from Bloomberg and his deals.

  4. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

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  5. chipcom

    chipcom member

    congrats, I am happy to admit that perhaps I was wrong about NY just rolling over.

    I'm not sure what we can do from outside your state besides give money, but if and when stuff starts to get hard, I for one will help you all out in any way I can.
  6. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

    Thanks for your support. You can bet your azz we are going to fight to the end.
    Whatever it takes.

    Click on the picture to play the video...

  7. tomrkba

    tomrkba New Member

    Is this the SCOPE website? There are several orgs with "scope" in the name.


    I recommend you contact three people:

    1) Michael Bane. He has tons of contacts and I am sure he will help you out. He talked about NY's situation on his radio show.

    2) Tom Gresham of GunTalk. I am very positive you could get on his radio show and get some exposure.

    3) Phillip Van Cleave of VCDL. He will help you with making your org more politically effective. Ask him about "Lobby Day" and other activities VCDL is involved in. They do provide assistance in creating VCDL-like orgs in other states. These guys really know how to work the legislators. vcdl.org
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  8. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

  9. michaelbsc

    michaelbsc New Member

  10. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

  11. glennv

    glennv Member

    Wait until there is a huge event in a particular city or town that generates tons of revenue. Get as many people you can to logjam the roads by joyriding for several hours in that area. Art festivals, concerts.... Get even.
  12. pickupman

    pickupman New Member

    If you live in NY State, you know by now that the #$%$#& in Albany are going to do just what they want. Leave the state. Aren't you sick of the high taxes and crummy weather by now? This new law is just another example of why millions have left NY State.
  13. Tom from WNY

    Tom from WNY New Member

    1stmarine: We in WNY are just as torqued as you are. We are also glad that you folks (I'm assuming you are from CNY) are active and vocal. I have been sickened by the tyranny of our dictatorial Legislature. Here's what I have proposed for the next step, write or e-mail all the firearms and accessory companies you can think of the following:

    I am a law abiding New York State firearms owner and taxpayer. I do not appreciate that the Government of my State is making me a criminal; especially to serve the venial, pernicious ego of some of our politicians.

    In the SAFE act, there were no provisions for transfer of "large capacity ammunition feeding devices" or possession of same by Law Enforcement. After April 15, 2013, it will be illegal to sell a magazine holding more than 7 rounds in NYS.

    As a law abiding gun owner in New York State, I cannot, in good consciousness, support purchasing any product from any manufacturer who:

    A) Does not immediately cease to ship to New York State any magazine of greater than 10 round capacity. Cease shipment of magazines of 7-10 rounds after April 15. Standing contracts signed prior to January 14, 2013, for magazines holding more than 10 rounds for law enforcement firearms should be filled in accordance with contract terms; as well as exempting sales to Federal Agencies. This applies across the board; civilian and law enforcement sales.

    B) Continues to ship handguns for any reason, including law enforcement sales, to New York State capable of accepting a magazine holding more than 7 rounds. Again, exempt current standing contracts in force prior to January 14, 2013 and Federal sales.

    C) Does not immediately cease shipment of any rifle or carbine that meets the NY definition of an assault rifle to New York State for any reason, including law enforcement sales. Again, exempt standing contracts in force prior to January 14, 2013.

    When the laws are changed to allow us, law abiding New York citizen firearms owners, to retain our pre-9/13/1994 (Federal AWB) magazines without criminal penalty and have new 10 round magazines that we can load and carry with 10 rounds, then, by all means, please ship 10 round and full capacity magazines and handguns, with proper restrictions and legal disclaimers, to law enforcement for those holding more than 10 rounds.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. While this may seem like an odd request, we, in New York appreciate the support of those in industry who see our situation.

    I am trying to get a national effort to spread this letter and get your friends to do so as well. We need to inform gun and accessory companies we have a voice with our wallets as well as our votes for politicians who support us. Also, support Assemblyman David DePietro, Senator Kathy Marchionne in their petiiton efforts; there is strength in numbers.

    To those who do not live in NYS, I have the following to say: Blog away and opine that we, in NYS are laying down and doing this to ourselves. This is coming to your state of residence NOW! Look at DiFi's bill; this is what the Progressive Democrat Liberals want and nothing else. We know how to fight, this is the nightmare that we knew would come, we fought constantly and the battle is what we know. For those of you in "gun friendly" states; well even Wyoming residents are finding out there are ant-gun politicians in your state who would gladly strip you of your rights and flog you in to an embarassing state of humiliation.

  14. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

    This is in fact a Tyranny and the supreme court will find it this way.
    Cuomo shot himself on the foot and for this he will never be president.

    But in certain way I am happy this happened because when people saw the list of proposals that were negotiated including confiscation and basically almost total disarmament then the thousands of silent 2A supporters are not silent anymore. Bloomberg is also behind this who is the vivid reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, and I am not exaggerating.

    Please watch the below video. I find it very Instructive. Please Share all over.

    This is what is happening all over America. It is not about the guns but the fear and how some are taking the emotions and those fears to exploit radical political agendas.


    Cuomo you took the same oath but you failed.
    You and your gang are nothing but a bunch of thugs.
  15. Cactus Jack Arizona

    Cactus Jack Arizona New Member

  16. Tom from WNY

    Tom from WNY New Member

    Cactus Jack: Thank you for your offer of assistance. Read the letter I am sending to manufacturer's of firearms and accessories. Modify it a bit, send the same to those manufacturer's. They will listen as their margin will be affected.

    Write your representatives in Congress and your State. Make your position crystal clear. VOTE! Contribute to the NRA-ILA and your State RKBA associations, even the cost of a box of ammo will help them.

    Encourage all your friends to do the same. Remember, this is not just about hi-cap handguns and modern sporting rifles; as we found out in NYS, they want 'em all; every last one of them as DiFi stated.
  17. bowserb

    bowserb New Member

  18. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

  19. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member



    http://rochesterhomepage.net/images...ge/nxd_media/dox/pdf/2013_01/NYSSA letter.pdf

    Here is their letter:

    Sheriffs’ Response to NY SAFE Act
    Following passage of the SAFE Act by the State Legislature and approval by the Governor, the Sheriffs now have had the opportunity to review the language of the new law and wish to make our comments available.

    The Sheriffs of New York state support many of the provisions
    of the SAFE Act, and believe that they will enhance public safety and help to shield citizens from gun violence. However, there are also some parts of this new law that need clarification, and some that we think should be reconsidered and modified to meet the concerns of the law enforcement community and the public at large.

    We have identified the following six provisions of the new law which we believe are helpful and will increase the safety of our citizens.

    These include:
    • Restriction on FOIL requests about pistol permit holders. By granting citizens the option of having their names and addresses withheld from public disclosure, the new law does provide a mechanism to allow people to decide for themselves whether their personal information should be accessible to the public. We believe, however, that no
    one should have to explain why their personal information should remain confidential. A better procedure, we believe, is simply to exempt all this personal information from FOIL disclosure.

    • Killing of emergency first responders. The new law makes killing of emergency first responders aggravated or first degree murder, enhancing penalties for this crime and
    requiring life without parole. First responders need this protection, evidenced all too often by attacks on them when they attempt to provide help, and in special recognition
    of the terrible attacks on two firefighters in Webster, NY and attacks on first responders in Jefferson County.

    • Requirement of NICS checks for private sales (except between immediate family). We believe that this will ensure that responsible citizens will still be able to obtain legal
    firearms through private transactions, with the added assurance that private buyers are approved by the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System. We
    remain concerned that this provision will be very difficult to enforce and will likely only affect law abiding citizens.

    • Comprehensive review of mental health records before firearms permits are granted and review of records to determine if revocation of permits is required. Sheriffs
    believe that there is an urgent need to increase funding for mental health care. The new law imposes reporting requirements on many mental health care professionals and
    others who may make a determination that a person is a danger to himself or others. The law further gives needed authority to courts or others who issue firearms permits to
    deny permit applications or to revoke permits already issued. We believe that this issue demands a much more full and detailed discussion about how to keep guns out of the
    hands of such people. The Sheriffs of New York want to pursue these issues with the Governor and the State Legislature.

    • Safe storage of firearms. The new law provides that guns must be safely stored if the owner lives with someone who has been convicted of a felony or domestic violence crime, has been involuntarily committed, or is currently under an order of protection. We agree that firearms owners should have the responsibility to make sure that their weapons are safeguarded against use or access by prohibited persons, and the new law adds these protections to ensure that weapons are safely and securely stored.

    • Increased penalties for illegal use of weapons. The new law adds several increased sanctions for violation of New York gun laws and creates new gun crimes which did not previously exist. These new provisions will provide added tools for law enforcement to prosecute such crimes. We further believe that the new provisions should help deter future misuse of firearms. We also suggest that the legislature consider limitations on plea bargaining for all gun crimes.

    We have reviewed other provisions of the new law, and strongly believe that modifications are needed to clarify the intent of some of these new provisions and that revisions are
    needed to allow Sheriffs to properly enforce the law in their counties.

    • Assault weapon ban and definition of assault weapons. We believe that the new definition of assault weapons is too broad, and prevents the possession of many weapons that are legitimately used for hunting, target shooting and self defense. Classifying firearms as assault weapons because of one arbitrary feature effectively deprives people the right to possess firearms which have never before been designated
    as assault weapons. We are convinced that only law abiding gun owners will be affected by these new provisions, while criminals will still have and use whatever weapons they

    • Inspection of schools by state agencies. The new law transfers to state agencies the responsibility to review school safety plans. We expect that funding will be transferred to these state agencies to implement safety proposals. Sheriffs and local police provide this service in all parts of the state and can perform these duties efficiently. As the chief law enforcement officer of the county, Sheriffs are in the best position to know the security needs of schools in their own counties, and the state should help to fund these existing efforts by Sheriffs and local police departments to keep our schools safe. Because Sheriffs and local police are already deeply involved with school safety plans, have developed emergency response plans, and are familiar with structural layouts of schools in their counties, they should be included along with state counterparts in any effort to review school safety plans.

    • Reduction of ammunition magazine capacity. The new law enacts reductions in the maximum capacity of gun magazines. We believe based on our years of law enforcement experience that this will not reduce gun violence. The new law will unfairly limit the ability of law‐abiding citizens to purchase firearms in New York. It bears repeating that it is our belief that the reduction of magazine capacity will not
    make New Yorkers or our communities safer.

    • Five year recertification of pistol permit status and registration of existing assault weapons. The new law delegates to the State Police the duty to solicit and receive
    updated personal information of permit holders every five years in order to maintain these permits. Further, the law requires owners of certain existing firearms now classified as assault weapons to register these with the State Police within one year. The recertification and registration conflict with Sheriffs’ duties regarding issuance of pistol permits. All records should be maintained at the local, and not the state level. This information should be accessible to those who are responsible for initial investigation of permit applications. Pistol permit information should be maintained in one file at the local level, and forwarded to a statewide database for law enforcement use. It bears repeating that it is our belief that pistol permit and any registration information required by the law should be confidential and protected from FOIL disclosure.

    • Sale of ammunition. The new law imposes several new provisions regarding how, and from whom, ammunition can be lawfully purchased. The law should be clarified about the use of the Internet as a vehicle for these sales, out‐of‐state sales to New York residents, and other issues. Businesses have said that they do not understand the new provisions and are concerned that they will have to cease operations.

    • Law enforcement exemptions must be clarified. The new law has many provisions that might apply to law enforcement officers and there has been much confusion about whether existing law enforcement exemptions continue to apply. We understand that the Governor and Legislature have already agreed to review and modify these provisions where necessary, and the Sheriffs want to be part of the discussion to make the changes effective. Additionally, the exemptions should apply to retired police and peace officers, and to others in the employ of the Sheriff and other police agencies who perform security duties at public facilities and events.

    • Method of bill passage. It is the view of the Sheriffs’ Association that anytime government decides it is necessary or desirable to test the boundaries of a constitutional right that it should only be done with caution and with great respect for those constitutional boundaries. Further, it should only be done if the benefit to be gained is so great and certain that it far outweighs the damage done by the constriction of individual liberty. While many of the provisions of the new law have surface appeal, it is far from certain that all, or even many, of them will have any significant effect in
    reducing gun violence, which is the presumed goal of all of us. Unfortunately the process used in adoption of this act did not permit the mature development of the arguments on either side of the debate, and thus many of the stakeholders in this important issue are left feeling ignored by their government. Even those thrilled with the passage of this legislation should be concerned about the process used to secure its passage, for the next time they may find themselves the victim of that same process. Fortunately, the Governor has shown himself open to working with interested parties to address some of the problems that arose due to the hasty enactment of this law. We will work with the Governor and the Legislature on these issues.

    • Sheriffs understand their Constitutional obligations and the concerns of constituents Sheriffs and other law enforcement officers are not called upon by this new legislation to go door‐to‐door to confiscate any weapons newly classified as assault weapons, and will not do so.

    Sheriffs represent all the people, and we take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of New York. Sheriffs will continue to enforce all laws of the state and will protect the rights of all citizens, including those rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the
    State of New York.

    Stand Strong!
  20. 1stmarine

    1stmarine New Member

    Powerful message from Concentration Camp Survivor...

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