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New York State Ban - We need your help as well as other states

Discussion in 'Activism' started by 1stmarine, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

  2. gfanikf

    gfanikf Well-Known Member

    Where is the source of that? That is very very powerful, but I want to know someone did photoshop a different text or use an image for what they thought would be said. If thats the case sending it around could be a really bad idea. If it is true than it is indeed powerful.

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  3. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    I am not sure the source. I know it is all over in FB.
  4. Tom from WNY

    Tom from WNY Well-Known Member

    Additional New York State interest groups against the SAFE Act

    In addition to the New York State Sheriff's Association having reservations witht he SAFE act, the following governmental lobbying organizations are also expressing strong reservations to this legislation:

    New York State County Clerk's Associaiton - link off of the SCOPE website; they do not have the resources to handle the Pistol Permit renewals or the registry of "Assault Rifles".

    New York State Association of Counties - NYSAC - link independently; the Counties do not have the personnel or funding to process the mental health provisions of this Act, nor is the funding or personnel available to process Pistol Permit renewals or "Assault Rifle" registrations.

    I can't wait for the New York State Association of Towns to weigh in, although AOT does not really have a dog in the hunt.

    Oswego County legislature adopted a resoloution calling for the Repeal of the SAFE Act. I think other Counties may follow suit (especially the ones bordering the PA line). If that is the case; well......

    When even the governmental entities are expressing reservations; the politicritters in Albany shoud wake up.
  5. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

  6. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

  7. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    Also good article about Firearms and The constitution in the WSJ...



    Could there be a better illustration of the cultural divide over firearms than the White House photograph of our skeet-shooting president? Clay pigeons are launched into the air, but the president's smoking shotgun is level with the ground. This is not a man who is comfortable around guns. And that goes a long way toward explaining his gun-control agenda.

    Lack of informed presidential leadership aside, there is a gulf between those Americans who view guns as invaluable tools for self-defense, both against private wrongdoers and a potentially tyrannical government, and those who regard that concept as hopelessly archaic and even subversive. For them, hunting is the only possible legitimate use of firearms, and gun ownership should be restricted to weapons suited to that purpose.

    Copyrighted content removed to keep this post consistent with THR's Fair Use policy. Please use the link above (or search on the information below) to read this post in full.

    A version of this article appeared February 11, 2013, on page A13 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Gun Control and the Constitution.
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  8. itsa pain

    itsa pain member

    first marine you are a good guy and very enthusiastic and your skills on building all your wildcat ARs are very excetional. but thinking that the sheriffs are on your side is a sad mistake. you can find out in past years where these sheriffs have condoned swat style raids on the wrong houses and shooting dogs there etc. the state police are in on it also where they should refuse the order to be the conduit for registration of semis. they will not refuse the order and sheriffs who have to get elected are lying politicians
  9. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    Monroe County NY. - We need your help

    We received word today that Monroe county has received ZERO contact regarding passing a measure against the safe act!
    This is nuts!! We put this together quickly but it contains our first points of contact.
    Attention Monroe County Gun owners and constitutional rights advocates.
    Now is the time to voice your opinion, now is the time to be heard!
    Several counties are making efforts to take a stand against the SAFE act. The latest is Erie county, if they can, we can
    Monroe may be blue on paper but we have some of the best Permit laws in NY, no approved amendments, no extra classes and
    best of all no restrictions! Not to mention Our sheriff has come out against the SAFE act, and now it's time to move

    Make your voice heard!

    This is what I am doing and what I suggest you do.
    A) Email them that is easy (Template below)
    B) Then fax
    D) As you fax print 3 or 4 of those, put in an envelope and send the actual letters.
    C) Then call them one by one.

    Points of contact:


    Anthony J. Daniele(R), Majority Leader
    10th District–Brighton, East Rochester, Pittsford
    31 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford, NY 14534
    Phone: (w) 585 753-1922; (h) 585 271-1111



    This page contains the email addresses and phone number for Maggie Brooks and others.
    Start emailing, start calling and remind them that they work with and for all of us residents!

    Here is the list to Email.

    Maggie Brooks

    Anthony J. Daniele(R)


    William Napier

    Joe Rittler

    Send your own note if you can but if not here is the template.

    Subject: Repeal the NY SAFE ACT!

    Dear Mr XXXXXXX,

    As many Responsible Firearm Owners who are also the People of New York State, that is, the natural persons lawfully
    residing within this state, do hereby order and direct, our local representatives, The governor and the senate to
    immediately repeal the NY SAFE act of 2013.
    This is not a request or a demand, but an order and directive, as it is unlawful, null and void, being in direct
    opposition to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of New York Civil Rights –
    Article 2 – § 4.

    This is the will of the people, and as you are our duly appointed representatives, you will see to it that our will is
    carried out.
    The RIGHT to keep and bear arms is the RIGHT of all the people. This RIGHT is not subject to registration. Registration
    means surrendering our lawful RIGHT in exchange for permission, which may or may not be granted, or can be taken away,
    at the behest of the magistrate. This goes beyond infringement or diminishing our RIGHT. It is direct violation of the
    very principle upon which this RIGHT was declared in our constitution.

    Our founding fathers came from a European tradition in which only the nobility and chivalry had the right to keep and
    bear arms, and the peasantry had no such rights, but may be awarded the privilege if his lord saw fit. Our nation was
    founded upon the principle that We the People are the sovereign kings and queens of this land, and as such all people
    are as nobles, that there shall be no peasants, and you, duly appointed representatives, are charged with the task of
    carrying out our will. So the principle of the right to keep and bear arms predates the advent of the firearm, let alone
    the semi-auto-loading types, and this principle does not change with the emergence of new technology.

    The NY-SAFE act is irrational and irresponsible and leaves the People of Monroe County and this State totally exposed.
    The only ones who benefit from this law are the Governor who wanted to beat President Obama to the punch and the
    criminals who will have the upper hand should a honest citizen need to use a firearm for personal protection against
    those well armed criminals.

    Sincerely Yours,
  10. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

  11. Billy Shears

    Billy Shears Well-Known Member

    (I originally started to post this in the "Impeach Cuomo" thread, but it was locked before I hit the post button)

    Rather than waste time and effort in a lost cause, like trying to get Cuomo impeached, I think people's efforts would be better spent in trying to get the major gun companies to boycott NY, and any other state that passes such draconian laws. Some companies have already joined Olympic Arms in boycotting NY http://www.ncgunblog.com/new-york-boycott/. And people are trying to persuade SIG, Glock, and S&W, who among them have the lion's share of the law enforcement business in America today, to join in. Focus on getting these companies (and Colt couldn't hurt either -- they don't supply many handguns to cops anymore, but a lot of the patrol rifles riding around in squad cars today are Colt AR carbines) to sign on.

    This will be extremely difficult to persuade them to do. I am sure a lot of their money comes from these law enforcement sales, and they'll be reluctant to essentially amputate that part of their business. It will have to be sold to them as an example of putting long term profitability over short term profit. To begin with, New York is only a single state, so while the loss of that state's business will be felt (especially NY city), they still have the rest of the country's law enforcement to build on. But more importantly, they need to do something to persuade other states not to follow NY's example (California recently boasted its about to outdo NY for the title of "state with the most restrictive gun laws", and New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, and other states look like passing stricter legislation as well). Make it clear this is in their long-term interest to get into this fight. After all, there was once a thriving firearms industry in Britain. It's almost completely gone now, largely as a result of increasingly restrictive gun laws there destroying that industry's domestic market. If New York succeeds in getting this law on the books and keeping it there, and other states follow NY's example, a huge chunk of these companies' domestic marketplace will be legislated out of existence, thus depriving them of much of their profits. It's time for them to consider what their profitability is likely to be 20, 30, 50 years from now if this trend is allowed to progress. They may want to take a little hit now for the sake of saving their future viability. An ounce of prevention, after all, is worth a gallon of cure.

    Let's try and persuade them.
  12. Tom from WNY

    Tom from WNY Well-Known Member

    The letter I have sent to firearms manufacturers

    To thost posting on the High Road who wish to help New York Firearms owners:

    This is a letter I have been sending to manufacturer's of AR-15's and handguns that can accept a magazine of 10+ rounds. Feel free to modify and send as appropriate.

    I am a law abiding New York State firearms owner and taxpayer. I do not appreciate that the Government of my State is making me a criminal; especially to serve the venial, pernicious ego of some of our politicians.

    In the SAFE act, there were no provisions for transfer of "large capacity ammunition feeding devices" or possession of same by Law Enforcement. After April 15, 2013, it will be illegal to sell a magazine holding more than 7 rounds in NYS.

    As a law abiding gun owner in New York State, I cannot, in good consciousness, support purchasing any product from any manufacturer who:

    A) Does not immediately cease to ship to New York State any magazine of greater than 10 round capacity. Cease shipment of magazines of 7-10 rounds after April 15. Standing contracts signed prior to January 14, 2013, for magazines holding more than 10 rounds for law enforcement firearms should be filled in accordance with contract terms; as well as exempting sales to Federal Agencies. This applies across the board; civilian and law enforcement sales.

    B) Continues to ship handguns for any reason, including law enforcement sales, to New York State capable of accepting a magazine holding more than 7 rounds. Again, exempt current standing contracts in force prior to January 14, 2013 and Federal sales.

    C) Does not immediately cease shipment of any rifle or carbine that meets the NY definition of an assault rifle to New York State for any reason, including law enforcement sales. Again, exempt standing contracts in force prior to January 14, 2013.

    When the laws are changed to allow us, law abiding New York citizen firearms owners, to retain our pre-9/13/1994 (Federal AWB) magazines without criminal penalty and have new 10 round or 10+ round magazines that we can load and carry, then, by all means, please ship full capacity magazines and handguns, with proper restrictions and legal disclaimers.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. While this may seem like an odd request, we, in New York appreciate the support of those in industry who see our situation.

    Trust me when I tell you, this gets effect if you send it to the corporate officers. You get phone calls.

    This has been sent and is being used by members of my Gun Club; the club is in WNY. If we, as a NATIONAL 2A community stand together, we can beat all legislaiton.
  13. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    That is very good. Thanks for sharing guys. All Sheriffs are with us and most LE agencies as well. This nonsense law is an illegal law, even judges have been outspoken about these facts and that is why they are going to loose but we have to keep pushing hard.
  14. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    Reps. Stockman & Broun circulate letter to KILL ALL GUN CONTROL

    Something that impacts all states....

    Reps. Stockman & Broun circulate letter to KILL ALL GUN CONTROL

    We also deserved a vote, Mr. Obama, but we didn't get it from Harry Reid!
    Stockman, Broun answer the call to KILL ALL GUN CONTROL in the House

    Note to Barack Obama: Spare us the snide sarcasm and the dripping contempt. Obama's condescending state of the union speech shows, once again, why gun owners don't trust him.
    "They deserve a vote," hollered Obama, pointing to drooling anti-gun activists in the galleries.

    Well, so did we.

    Veterans deserved a vote on whether they would receive due process from a court of law before having their constitutional gun rights taken away. But, when Senator Chuck Schumer threatened to filibuster the DoD authorization bill in order to block that amendment, it didn't happen.

    Gun owners deserved a vote on Sen. John Thune's reciprocity legislation -- allowing concealed carry holders to carry their firearms from one state into another. But Democratic Leader Harry Reid made sure each controversial bill coming before the Senate was filled with the maximum number of allowable amendments, so Thune's amendment couldn't be offered.

    Gun owners deserved a vote on appropriations language to block 16,000 IRS agents from imprisoning those who refused to comply with the anti-gun ObamaCare law. But Reid carefully manipulated the Senate rules to insure the ObamaCare-related votes were kept to a minimum.

    From responsible budgeting to gun rights, Reid's office became the graveyard for votes on issues of interest to conservatives.
    Reps. Stockman & Broun circulate letter to KILL ALL GUN CONTROL
    So what can gun owners do? We can create a groundswell of support for what Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) is doing in the House.
    Rep. Stockman has just told GOA that he and Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) will be circulating a letter asking the House leadership to refuse to bring up anti-gun legislation that is NOT supported by a majority of the Republican members of the House of Representatives.
    Stockman’s effort could potentially kill ALL GUN CONTROL in the House.
    We know, we know. We believe that gun control should die if only one constitutionalist-representative opposes it -- or even if none do. But, as a practical matter, if 117 congressmen sign a letter demanding that Boehner not bring up a gun control bill opposed by those 117 congressmen, gun control will die. Without that letter, Democrats will join with anti-gun Republicans, and gun control will pass.
    ACTION: Contact your Representative and urge him or her to cosign the Stockman-Broun letter. Please note that there are two different action responses for you to send, and the system will automatically send that response, depending upon whether your congressman is a Republican or Democrat.
    Sign it ,spam it, pass it on

  15. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    State Supreme Court wants NYS to show good cause that gun law is constitutional!

    State Supreme Court wants NYS to show good cause that gun law is constitutional!

    If you are having trouble viewing this message, go here: http://t.congressweb.com/w/?QGUAYALPGE
    Beginning in January we started calling, emailing, faxing and writing.

    We have called written and emailed at every turn. The SAFE Act still passed.

    The Governor sent out the State Police to sell the SAFE Act with little advance warning.
    We mobilized and attened these Spin Sessions with Standing Room Only!

    We mobilized for County Meetings and the resolutions began passing in county after county.A map of the counties passing resolutions is a deafening statement of how we feel about our friends in Albany and their actions.

    Time and time again we mobilized and rallied but we were constantly ignored or dismissed as what the Media calls the "vocal minority"

    It has been 6 weeks of chaos culminating with a huge rally tomorrow.

    Well there are two breaking stories that offer some good news for all of our efforts.

    1.) Listen to Assembly Representative David DiPeitro on the radio with Tom Bauerle in Buffalo today.

    http://audio.wben.com/a/71558139/bauerle-with-david-dipietro.htm (http://audio.wben.com/a/71558139/bauerle-with-david-dipietro.htm)

    Cuomo will now be hindered by Sheldon Silver,but the courts may give them both a way out.

    2.) New York State has until April 29 to respond or else an injunction will be issued.

    State Supreme Court wants NYS to show good cause that gun law is constitutional

    By NEWSChannel 2 Staff (http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Stat...that-gun-law-is-constitutional-193664911.html)

    Story Created: Feb 27, 2013 at 5:18 PM EST (http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Stat...that-gun-law-is-constitutional-193664911.html)

    Story Updated: Feb 27, 2013 at 5:18 PM EST(http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Stat...that-gun-law-is-constitutional-193664911.html)

    BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Buffalo-based attorney who is spear-heading a lawsuit against Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent gun laws said that Wednesday was "monumental," as a State Supreme Court Justice issued an order requiring New York State to show good cause that the law is constitutional.

    New York State has until April 29 to respond or else an injunction will be issued.

    On Thursday, thousands are expected in Albany to rally against the Governor's gun laws. Many are looking to preserve local jobs at places such as Remington Arms, while others say they are just citizens who feel that their Second Amendments are being infringed upon.

    See you all in Albany tomorrow!

    This is not a victory yet but it is some good news for all of us and we really need some good news.

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    P.O. Box 602 Tonawanda, NY. 14151-0602
  16. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

  17. C0untZer0

    C0untZer0 Well-Known Member

    I can identify with it being chaotic

    It's because its a fight.

    It's like Mike Tyson said"

  18. 1stmarine

    1stmarine Well-Known Member

    Happy St.Patricks Day New York!!!!

  19. ThorinNNY

    ThorinNNY Well-Known Member

    Looking better (greener) all the time.
  20. Tom from WNY

    Tom from WNY Well-Known Member

    I'm beginning to think the time has come for the United States to become 51. For sure, I'd support it.

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