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New Yugoslavian M70AB underfolder has mag fit issues...advice/help?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by RP88, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. RP88

    RP88 Well-Known Member

    I picked up my new Yugo M70AB Underfolder. Looks good.

    The problem is that I cannot seat all of my mags in it. Some just quite simply do not make it far enough to the catch. Some, however, do just fine, but fight so tightly that removing them requires a good squeeze of the hand.

    I'm guessing the magwell wasn't cut to allow any extra space.

    In comparison, all of my mags (Romy, Hungarian, Pronag, AND Tapco) all worked in my converted Saiga.

    Any idea as to what may be the problem and if it is easily fixed? There is no correlation between mag type either; it works on some Hungarians, Romy's etc. then not on others of the same type.
  2. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Get "mag well" out of your head. Continuing down that line of thought may get you to "Century Special" status (and it's not very special).

    It sounds to me as if your mag catch was installed a teensy bit too high for general purposes.
  3. Ohio Gun Guy

    Ohio Gun Guy Well-Known Member

    I had that issue on a WASR. Half of my steel mags would work just fine; the other half were somehow sligtly wider. I just looked at the gun and could see the problem. I filed the mag well and they all work fine. You should be able to see what the problem is. Just check & double check before doing anything drastic.
  4. RP88

    RP88 Well-Known Member

    Well sheesh Nalioth...if you're gonna command like that :mad:;)

    I'm assuming you're right as usual. I'll see if I can get pics up in a few days, but now I have to leave for 'vacation' and won't have internet access til Sunday night.

    But I'm guessing it'll be safer and easier to simply file down the mag catch, right? I'd rather fix the gun and not 'fix' my mags. Or would the most prudent, non=stupid thing to do be to take it up with Century...?

    edit: also, the dust cover is so much more complicated to get back on. Took a bit to figure out. :eek:
  5. classcpl

    classcpl Well-Known Member

    I received my M70AB2 from Atlantic firearms two days ago and am experiencing the exact same problem. I contacted Atlantic firearms yesterday regarding the issue and was informed via email that someone would be contacting me by phone that day to see how the issue could be resolved. Btw, is your gas tube release lever *extremely* difficult to move?

    Still waiting for that call.

    This is my 2nd ever AK purchase. The 1st one is a Lancaster AK74 and I am currently dealing with Atlantic/Lancaster regarding the defects on that rifle as well. (I wont go into details, the Lancaster '74 Debacle has been well documented on many internet forums, including THR.)

    Anyhow, if you get it figured out please post. At this point I am seriously considering refunds/chargebacks. Good luck.
  6. classcpl

    classcpl Well-Known Member

    Upon closer inspection it appears that the area directly above the "lug" (don't know if that is the proper term or not) on the magazine is binding against the magazine well before the lug can lock into place. It looks as if the problem can be remedied by filing away just enough enough material from the area above the locking lug to allow it to clear the magazine well.

    Does it sound like I'm on the right track?

    Apologies for the imprecise description but I hope you all get the gist of what I am saying.
  7. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    A picture is worth a thousand words.
  8. Onmilo

    Onmilo Well-Known Member

    Did Century make any of the Yugo guns with a magazine area cut for single stack only like the ban compliant Wasr-10 rifles??
  9. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    Subscribing to this thread. My Vector/Polish AK has the same issue with some mags.
    The thought of filing the gun instead of the mags makes me nervous but if that's what it takes then that's what it takes.
  10. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    I don't know if RP88's situation is the same as I'm having but it sounds like it may be. I snapped some pictures of the gun and mags.
    The mag on the left locks in place no problem. The magazine on the right does not, it can't quite reach the magazine catch when rocking the mag back to lock it in.
    The 4th picture shows the only noticeable difference in the mags, in the front the cutout for the receiver appears to be a little higher and narrower, and the bump above it is a little fatter when viewed from the front or looking down from the top.

    Attached Files:

  11. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    These pics show how close it comes to locking in place at the rear.

    Attached Files:

  12. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member


    Century uses Nodak Spud receivers in their domestically produced AKs, which are notorious for being tight in the mag well.
  13. classcpl

    classcpl Well-Known Member

    Double Tap Drew:

    That is EXACTLY the problem I am having. your pics illustrate the issue perfectly. My yugo game with a Tapco polymer magazine and a steel one. The Tapco can be forced in but is very difficult to remove. The steel will not budge. It looks exactly like the does-not-fit in your picture and hangs up on the same area abv the locking lug.
  14. Atlantic Firearms

    Atlantic Firearms Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the mag catch may need to be filed down and is a bit out of alignment .
  15. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    Anybody know what the gap is supposed to be between the receiver and mag catch? Mine is showing .205"

    Attached Files:

  16. Atlantic Firearms

    Atlantic Firearms Well-Known Member

    Look at the top of mag latch tab , some times these will be uneven and a bit taller on one side than the other . Usually this can be lightly filed down to allow the mags to easily lock on this has been a common issue on kit built AK rifles . We have also seen the same thing on Saiga rifles & Shotguns but it seems to be hit or miss.
  17. Grayrider

    Grayrider Well-Known Member

    Having owned more US built AKs than I can remember, I can say it is quite common to need some metal removed from the top of the mag catch. Some builders set their catch high on purpose to cover variation in AK magazines having different thicknesses in the catch lug. Better to have too much metal there than not enough. If you ever get a catch that sits too low it is a pain to fix. Been there a couple times and do not want to go again.

    Typically I filed the catch down slightly, testing as I went with mag that would fit with effort/force before filing. On some guns where the catch was just barely too tight, I used a flat bladed screw driver and pressed down on the top of the catch by wedging the blade between it and the receiver. That rolled the top of the catch down just a bit (or bent it inward) and was enough to make the difference. The problem with this method is that if the entire assembly is not riveted well, it may pull loose from the receiver.

    You could modify the mags, but that can be an endless chore if you have a lot of them--not to mention they may fit another AK differently.

  18. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    Mine is even so I guess I'll try filing. Haven't decided whether to do mags or the catch yet, I've got 4 that don't fit and 6 or so that do. I just worry the ones that do fit will become wobbly/rattle if I remove metal from the gun (they lock nice and solid now), so I may try the mags first. Maybe I'm approaching it wrong, it's an AK not an AR, I just need a bigger hammer :D
  19. Atlantic Firearms

    Atlantic Firearms Well-Known Member

    Poly AK mags are normally slightly out of spec & over molded to allow for wear.
  20. RP88

    RP88 Well-Known Member

    So I compared. Thank you Nalioth for the advice. I did not need a micrometer, though, since the differences can be observed by the naked eye.

    EDIT: The problem does not seem to be an out-of-spec mag catch. I tried to simply insert a mag with the catch held all the way down (something I should have tried first...oops) to make sure I needed to file the catch, and it turns out that what is catching is the back of the mag (that little metal ridge that comprises the mag's "catch notch" or whatever). After a better look, the problem seems to be either: a) the mag catch's rivet plate, which looks like may be poking out and over the back edge of the well by a fraction of a millimeter (barely noticeable, but I can feel it with my fingers compared to my Saiga); or b) the mag well is in fact too damn tight. I'm inclined to go with choice A upon more diligent observation with a magnifying glass. I'll file that down a tad and see what happens. If not, then it looks like my blind first guess may have been right after all.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010

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