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newbie shotgun recommendation

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Foxtrot427, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Foxtrot427

    Foxtrot427 Well-Known Member

    I am in the market for a shotgun and since Im not as well versed in the different shotguns being offered right now I was wondering if you guys could recommend some. Some factors to think about

    -Under $600
    -Im 6'1 190lbs
    -Im a fan of synthetic stocks and pistog grips (pg not necessary)
    -Would be used for HD. My house is in mid/north east va and there is alot of forest near me. The open spaces near me are no more than 4-500yds. And my house is pretty small
    -Ill probably be loading it with rifled slugs
  2. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    remington 870
    mossberg 500/590

    Mossberg 930/935
    Remington 1100 or 11-87

    "Remington" SPR Spartan
    Steoger Condor
    "Mossberg" Reserve

    Side by side
  3. VirgilCaine

    VirgilCaine Well-Known Member

    Stoeger makes a coach SxS.

    If you haven't heard of the Saiga, let me tell you...

    Russian. Uses the AK action and detachable magazines--2, 5, 8, or 10 round box magazines. Inexpensive at ~$400. Used to be cheaper than that! 12, 20, or .410 gauge. IIRC, Polychoke now makes a model for the Saiga.
  4. AZ_Rebel

    AZ_Rebel Well-Known Member

    Remington 870, 12 Ga. 18" or 20" barrel, bead front sight, magazine extension.
    Modify the slide release to release when the gun fires and make sure there are no sharp edges on the loading port. A shell belt that you can snap on quickly. THEN.... take a shotgun course at Gunsite or Thunder Ranch and learn how to use it. You will be amazed at how effective and versatile a combination like this can be.
  5. Dave McCracken

    Dave McCracken Moderator In Memoriam

    Get any US made pump and shoot the heckoutofit. I prefer the 870, but a 500,37 or 1300 will also work.

    Run at least 1000 shells through it and note how it has become a fantastically effective HD tool.
  6. Snarlingiron

    Snarlingiron Well-Known Member

    I bought an 870 with a synthetic stock, and an 18" bead sighted barrel. I replaced the barrel with an off the shelf 20" cylinder bore with rifle sights (I discovered I could buy the barrel with the sights for less than I could buy the sights alone). I then put a Knoxx Spec-ops stock, a Choate forend (to mount a flashlight) and a wilderness sling on it. I have about $600.00 in it total. I keep meaning to sell the extra barrel, but just can't seem to get around to it. This has made an incredibly effective HD weapon. I have taken a shotgun class with it and have about 800 - 1000 round through it. It is very comfortable to shoot, and the Knoxx gives an adjustable Length of Pull. I can and have literally shot the thing all day long with no discomfort.
  7. novaDAK

    novaDAK Well-Known Member

    I just got a Maverick 88 12ga. (by Mossberg) with the 20" bbl and 8 shot capacity. Got it for 199+tax/etc. So far after working the action with an empty shell for a while last night it's gotten much smoother.

    Made in Texas, USA too :)
  8. chechnya

    chechnya Member

    "I just got a Maverick 88 12ga. (by Mossberg) with the 20" bbl and 8 shot capacity. Got it for 199+tax/etc. So far after working the action with an empty shell for a while last night it's gotten much smoother.

    Made in Texas, USA too"

    100% of the parts made in Mexico with labor also from Mexico. I'm also willing to bet the labor used is illegal. :barf:
  9. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    fords and chevys are made in Canada. BMW's, Hyndais are made here.

    get over nationalism
  10. jon_in_wv

    jon_in_wv Well-Known Member

    I found a Norinco M97 Trenchgun at the local pawnshop for about 240 bucks. It has a heat shield, bayonette lug, and a nice blued finish. They are a really good deal.
  11. Pump Gun Pimp

    Pump Gun Pimp Member

    Get you a ....

  12. TheGunGuru

    TheGunGuru Well-Known Member

    Remington 870, Mossberg 500, both pumps are 99% perfect. I own a 12ga in both, the Remington seems to be a little less refined, the finish is rough, the milling of the receiver is a little bit rough also. Neither of these facts make the gun less reliable, just a point to consider. The only issue I have with the Mossberg is that the pump makes a little noise, like a metallic clanking noise. This noise is not a big deal, a small bit annoying when hunting but never anything to bad. Again this does not effect the reliability of this gun either.

    To any one looking to buy a shotgun...go with the 12ga and if looking for a pump as a dear/bird/home defense gun that wont break the bank...buy either of those 2, which ever is cheaper.
  13. Mr Bernoulli

    Mr Bernoulli Well-Known Member

    this is easy rem 870 and may i mention the supermag if you want to use it for more than home defense? They come in a tone of styles to and definately synthetic. Trust me get that you can not beat a legendary 870. Best shotgun in America.
  14. Capstick1

    Capstick1 Well-Known Member

    The 870 is probably the best allround "Use and Abuse" hunting/trap shotgun out there. I own a few. If I'm shooting skeet or Doubles Trap where you have only 1 to 2 seconds to get that second shot off you're really better off using a good semiautomatic or O/U.
  15. Neo-Luddite

    Neo-Luddite Well-Known Member

    The big thing you said is 600.00--you should maybe be asking which TWO shotguns can you buy for that. Just a thought--I'm not a shotgunner in any sense except cursory--but maybe someone could lead you in that way also. Maybe a pump or semi and a double coach gun?

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