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News media language

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by akodo, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. akodo

    akodo Well-Known Member

    I was just listening to the news, and got torqued off again.

    There was a shooting in a building, and two survivors jumped out of a window to 'escape the bullets' (or maybe it was to avoid the bullets)

    This of course, is utter bull. Those bullets weren't there all by themselves. These guys jumped out the window to avoid the shooter. However, it is language like that which paints guns as devices to be feared and controlled, not the criminal.

    same thing in the paper the other day when a teen got shot. It all ended with the pull of a trigger. Again, making it seem that the trigger getting pulled is the same a a cable breaking or a treebranch falling
  2. Hawkmoon

    Hawkmoon Well-Known Member

    The media today is (are?) all about sound bites. They are no longer dedicated to accurately reporting the "Who, what, where, when and why" of an incident ... they just want their 15 seconds of sound bite and that's the end of the story.

    Is anyone besides me old enough to remember when a newspaper reporter who tried to call someone for info about a story and had to leave a message would write that "so-and-so had not returned the call by press time"?

    Have you seen that phrase recently? Didn't think so. It has been replaced by (pay attention the next couple of times you read a newspaper) "so-and-so did not immediately return the call."

    Every time I read that, I have images of a reporter hanging up the phone, clicking on a stop watch, and precisely 7.43 seconds later mumbling to him/herself, "That's it! Time's up!" and hitting CTRL-V keys to paste that phrase into the story.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2006
  3. Oldtimer

    Oldtimer Well-Known Member

    Why did you get me started?

    If a bad guy shoots at police officers, the news media will use the word "allegedly"....as in, "The suspect ALLEGEDLY shot at police officers". If a police officer shoots at a bad guy, the word "allegedly" is NOT used.

    The news media loves "hysteria-based" wording! Back in the 1980's after the term "assault weapon" gained so much attention, a major Los Angeles newspaper splashed the headline "Downtown restaurant sprayed by assault weapon!". Well, after reading the article, that headline wasn't supported by FACTS! #1: A total of 3 bullets were found in an interior wall of the restaurant, after having gone through a large plate glass window. #2: No one SAW the gunman, nor did any of the witnesses even HEAR the gunshots! #3: The deformed bullets that were recovered were either .38 caliber OR 9mm! They were so deformed after going through the plate glass and striking the CONCRETE interior wall of the restaurant that only FRAGMENTS of the projectiles were found!

    The news media "controls" the "sheeple", and that has even flowed into the minds of our elected "representatives" in government! Several years ago, during a photo op Town Hall Meeting on "assault weapons", U.S. Senator Diane Finestein was talking about "legal" firearms, and properly called a civilianized version of the AK-47 a semi-auto rifle. The next moment, however, she hoisted that LEGAL-to-own rifle over her head and exclaimed, "Machineguns such as this need to be banned!"

    How about the former U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, when she testified before a Senate committee on the so-called "assault weapons". With all of her "expertise", she clearly stated that "Assault weapons are MORE DEADLY than other firearms!"

    Hey, guns are "evil"! If a "misguided" or "misunderstood" person goes crazy with a gun, the BLAME is on the GUN! Perhaps that individual was "abused as a child", or there were "indicators that no one noticed" before they carried out their tragic shooting spree. It's STILL the "fault" of the gun!

    I still like the craziness that came out of the shooting deaths of the Mayor of San Francisco and a City Councilman. The deranged shooter, named Dan White, supposedly shot and killed those two people for two reasons....he had not been returned to his original job in government, after having taken some sort of "sabbatical leave" AND he had a hatred for homosexuals (both victims were gay). White was found "innocent", for his lawyer used what is now called the "Twinkie effect"! White had supposedly "over-dosed" on Hostess Twinkies before the killings....therefore, HE was not responsible for his actions! At least the GUN wasn't directly blamed for the incident! (White was committed to a mental hospital for awhile, but was eventually released....only to commit suicide a few years later. Yeah, he was "normal"!)
  4. 1911Tuner

    1911Tuner Moderator Emeritus


    Well...We could lobby for a ban on Twinkies, but if it became law, half the House and Senate would be immediately deported.

  5. Hawkmoon

    Hawkmoon Well-Known Member

    The problem is that "the media" don't require their "journalists" to speak, read or write English any more. The word "alleged" is used because of the presumption of innocence, so that the media won't be ruining all chances of a fair trial. Since a suspect remains technically innocent until found guilty in court, they can't come right out and call a suspect "the perpetrator," or "the killer," or anything as definite as that. So they use the 'A' word, and refer to the suspect as "the alleged perpetrator," etc.

    Except that today's crew of sound bite meisters don't understand a noun from a pronoun from an adjective from an adverb. So they almost universally attach the "alleged" to the wrong noun. There can be six dead bodies, a thousand bullet holes and shell casings lying on the street, and about a hundred witnesses who all attest that somebody went on a shooting spree. Today, you can almost guarantee that some reporter, instead of reporting that John Doe was the alleged perpetrator of the mass shooting, will instead report that "John Doe is the suspect in the alleged shooting." Sorry, but there's no "alleged" in regard to the shooting. It happened, the evidence is there and it's overwhelming. There's no question as to the crime. What's being "alleged" is not that a shooting took place, but who done it.

    [/rant mode]
  6. 1911_CQB

    1911_CQB Well-Known Member

    My wife dosent even let me watch the news if its a gun related story. I will just not shut up..lol

    " thats not an assault rifle...."
    " how do the know it was a 9mm...the round smashed into the road and fraged..."
    "not every rifle is an ak-47..":banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

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