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next rifle purchase.

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mister_wilburn, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. mister_wilburn

    mister_wilburn Well-Known Member

    Marlin 336, 30-30 / CZ 550 Lux 6.5x55 / Remington 798 (caliber ??)

    Trying to narrow down my selections for my next firearm purchase. Limitations are rifle for general shooting purposes, to include deer hunting, teaching the wife about rifle fundamentals (she has already been given a block of instructions and practice on both shotguns and pistols, darn good shot with both actually :) ) I have narrowed it down to the three listed above. But if I just get one, arggghh, for now, which should i pick up?? Shooting anything over 200 yards is not my concern for this rifle. Being from the South where shots over 100 yards are not common, I wont need it to do too much. This thread is not an attempt to determine caliber, or weigh the pro's/con's of any caliber(well not too much), just on which would be the best choice...calibers are still a variable at this point.
  2. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member


    The Swede, no hesitation or doubt in my mind. That's what I bought for my son as his first centerfire game-getter over a decade ago. It's a truly excellent cartridge and the CZ550 is a superb gun. Once you use the single-set trigger, you're gonna throw rocks at the other guys. :D

    I'm just waiting for CZ to bring the 550 in 6.5 with a left hand bolt for my own personal use.

  3. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Well-Known Member

    Buy the Marlin

    Not to denegrate any of the other rifles, but the Marlin is on sale right now for under 400 bucks! 30-30 is an American thing, I don't think you can beat the price with either of the other two, go for it!
  4. mister_wilburn

    mister_wilburn Well-Known Member

    Ahh, i forgot to say, whatever the choice, it will wear iron sights. 200 yards is a bit of a stretch for my eyes, but no optics for a while. Its a heck of a choice really, still debating heavily, all are within my $ range.
  5. salthouse

    salthouse Well-Known Member

    You won't go wrong with any of those. What is the purpose for the rifle and what do you currently own? I would love a Marlin, but in 35 rem. I have a Swede, great round for just about everything in the 798 I would go 280 rem- my personal favorite.
  6. mister_wilburn

    mister_wilburn Well-Known Member

    Currently, I have a rem 870 12 ga, savage 20 ga, ruger mark II tartet 22, SA XD.40. As you can see, I require a rifle.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2007
  7. salthouse

    salthouse Well-Known Member

    Given what you currently have and the iron sights. I say 336 Marlin. I don't know anyone that owns one that says I wish I had not bought it. Check out the Hornady ammo selection before you pick your caliber though.
  8. Outlaws

    Outlaws Well-Known Member

    If you don't hand load, the 6.5x55 will not be cheap to shoot.
  9. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    I think you really need to split it up. Unless you and your wife are a closer match in size than usual, she really ought to have her own guns, stocks of correct length for her reach and pitch (butt angle) at the right angle for a woman's physique.

    I'd get the little lady a good .22, Ruger auto or CZ bolt, to learn on, a deer rifle later. Friend of mine fixed his wife up with a Remington Model 7 Youth in .260 with which she has killed deer and sought elk.

    I think a .30-30 is a hard kicker due to light weight and narrow butt. I'd want at least a good thick recoil pad on it before giving it to a woman. Or me.

    The CZ 6.5 would be a fine rifle, a friend has one in 7x57 that he dotes on.
  10. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    cz all the way.
  11. azhunter12

    azhunter12 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna go with the unstated `other' option. Instead of the Remington 798. Get a Remington 788. They are very accurate. Do a google search for Steal These Guns And you can read why.

    I bought mine from an auction on auctionarms.com. The final price with shipping was $365 (the bid that I won it with was $335). Its in .243 and is very very accurate.

  12. Old Time Hunter

    Old Time Hunter Well-Known Member

    The Marlin....the unwritten federal law states that "real" Americans are required to possess a Remington 870 or it's equivalent AND a levergun in .30-30. If you do not, you are committing emotional treason against the hunting tradition of this great land.....

    So go ahead and make your decision.....just remember, leverguns are an American icon and the .30-30 is pure American.
  13. CB900F

    CB900F Well-Known Member

    Mister Wilburn;

    I've owned a Remington 788, in 6mm Remington. The 6mm is everything the .243 wants to be, and more. Accuracy's generally not a problem with the 788's. But, having said that, go with the CZ remains my advice.

    If it's possible, try to find a way to test shoot them at the same time on the same range. If you can, I'm thinkin' slam-dunk.

    As for high ammo cost, bushwa! Check some of the on-line ammo warehouses. I just now looked at Outdoor Marksman & found very reasonably priced 6.5 X 55 ammo, with choices to boot.

  14. glockman19

    glockman19 Well-Known Member

    I say get the marlin too. Any caliber theat suits you.

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