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NFA mosin nagant

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by ccsniper, May 3, 2010.

  1. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    A friend and I were hiking today when we came upon a beautiful lookout over the lake that I fish. Of course it turned to talking about shooting off of the beautiful lookout into the lake below (we would never cause it is illegal but we of course thought it would be cool). Then we had an idea, make a high powered rifle that would fit in a backpack and a suppressor on the barrel.

    We are going to do it. A mosin nagant barrel cut down to 14", threaded, and in a folding stock. We know we are going to have to do 2 different tax stamps on it but that is okay. We will probably have to make our own folding stock for this thing (we have decided to dub it "The Russian Boar")

    What do you guys think?

    Don't worry we are going to do this to a trashed mosin that has been shot a few to many times without cleaning that was a gunshow mistake. It has already been sportered and can no longer be put back into mil condition.
  2. JWF III

    JWF III Well-Known Member

    I've been considering doing the (almost) same thing with a Stevens 200 in .308 Win.

    I was going to call the barrel good enough at 16 1/4" (to save the extra $200). I have considered using a suppressor that uses a flash suppressor as it's mount. This would allow me to make the barrel that much shorter. (Flash suppressor welded, and a total length of 16 1/4". Barrel would likely be ~14".) For the stock, a Choate folding stock.

  3. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    If you're going to go through the effort and tax stamp and paperwork, why not use the nicest rifle you can afford? And if you keep it at 16" + a hair you can save yourself a tax stamp, right?? Just watch your OAL.
  4. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    If I had the money, I would do it to a "nice" rifle.
  5. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

  6. rfurtkamp

    rfurtkamp Well-Known Member

    Start saving, tax stamps aren't going anywhere.

    I assume you haven't been shopping for .30 cans yet if price is an issue.
  7. Max C.

    Max C. Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest that you save yourself $200 and leave the barrel at 16" and make a folding stock. Silencer or no silencer, that will make for a nice backpack gun.
  8. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    Ok, you guys talked me into leaving it at 16". And I was gonna do a form 1 on the silencer. I have access to a machine shop with some of the best machinist around at my dad's shop. Some have already done form 1 silencers So they know what they are doing. I am going to scope this rifle as well with a MOLOT sks scope mount that has the 1" drop


    That way, scope can be taken off and made more compact for backpacking.
  9. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    Now, one thing I will need help with, is how to fabricate a folding stock for it? Any ideas? The only thing I can think of is to use either an AK underfolder (modified) or side folding Bulgarian style AK but also modified.
  10. PTK

    PTK Well-Known Member

    You're discussing doing serious gunsmithing work, threading which must be extremely accurate or will be disastrous to the shooter and/or silencer, and building a silencer which, when built incorrectly, is essentially a hand grenade, but cannot figure out how to build/adapt a folding stock?

    You may want to rethink this project, or do a HELL of a lot of research. If you insist on going onward with this project regardless of research or getting a proper gunsmith with experience in silencing short barreled medium (.30 cal level of power) rifles, please fire the rifle remotely round by round, closely examining the silencer and barrel for damage between shots.

    This could be disaster waiting to happen. Just please be safe.
  11. Ranb

    Ranb Well-Known Member

    I was trying to figure out a folding stock for my Enfield and found that it was much harder than making a silencer. I guess it takes all kinds though.

    I ended up using an AK underfolder that I got online. I would not use an AK underfolding stock on a 7.62x54. Even if it did not wear out soon, I think it would be rather uncomfortable to shoot. I have read complaints when used on the AK with the much less powerful 7.62x39.

  12. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    A fellow in Finland rigged something along these lines from an old Mosin. I've got a pic of it around somewhere and will look for it. The silencer was pretty huge, and sort of undid any advantage of the short barrel.
  13. il_10

    il_10 Well-Known Member

  14. ccsniper

    ccsniper member

    The guys I have helping me have done form 1 silencers before, they know what they are doing. I am gonna let them do all the main machining and threading and watch and learn. One guy did a silencer for his NEF handi (.223) rifle that has a 10" barrel. His gun was inspiration to this actually.

    I have Ideas and am pretty sure as to how I am gonna do it, just wanted to see if anyone else had an idea that would be better than mine.
  15. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    Then my recommendation is to just pass on the whole idea. I would estimate that the project will cost tens of hours of work and probably $500 or more in materials. And it now sounds like the project could turn out dangerous... Skip it and just buy a nice rifle.

    Frankly, IMO, SBRs and 'cans' are expensive novelties. Sure I'd like to have one, but they are just too pricey and impractical (especially for me because I move from state to state often).
  16. USMC_2674

    USMC_2674 Well-Known Member

    Why not go with 10" barrel and a rechamber / rebarrel into .300 whisper (which uses almost all of the powder by 10")...

    Then you have a short little gun worthy of being an SBR (14" isn't worth it IMO) and with the right suppressor will be at the same length as a regular 16" barrel or so.

  17. Conqueror

    Conqueror Well-Known Member

    Rechambering and SBRing a mosin into a .300 whisper would be a major waste of time. I'd rather SBR a new CZ 527 if I was gonna do that.

    I do agree with the others though, that dropping twt tax stamps on a "trashed" rifle is a silly idea. You're basically stuck with it, you might as well make it a nice gun.

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