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NFA rejects my Form 4, d'oh!

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by Cesiumsponge, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    I need to rant.

    I submitted my Form 4 back on June 6, 2012. I JUST now got a "final notice" from the US DOJ/NFA stating that I need to redo my forms originally sent back to the transferror on 11/15/12 because the signatures weren't in blue or black ink. The Form 4's the shop fills out have all the various blanks filled out on an online form and a completed version printed out, making use of a digital signature for the transferor. All I need to do is sign it. It's a slick setup. The 4473's are like that too. They've had this setup for about a year and no issues.

    Dangit, you mean the NFA looked at my paperwork just 5 months after receiving it? Well apparently the store didn't get any such notice from the DOJ/NFA. I just left the store, filling out another Form 4 in an identical manner, hoping that it'll be accepted with the NFA branch and I don't need to start this process all over again. Hopefully this works...

    I've done successful Form 4's through these guys before with no issues, as have many others. The transferor even used a digital signature, as they do for all other suppressor sales for other customers. Maybe my NFA processor was having a bad day or she took on a really picky assistant. :banghead:

    Now I'm left wondering if they'll take what we're sending them or if I have to start over again. Anyone else ever get shafted during the NFA process? Please share your misery so I don't feel so unfortunate.
  2. BemidjiDweller

    BemidjiDweller Well-Known Member

    If I read what you said correctly, they rejected your paperwork for a specific reason, and you resubmitted another set of forms exactly the same as the first set? Boy are you going to be pissed in 5 and a half months when they reject those too.
  3. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    Exactly the same, except the transferor's signature is done in ink this time, which was the gripe they apparently had. They never got the originals the NFA said they sent out two months ago but the copy of the original they sent is unmarked. There are no stamps, signatures, or dates the NFA processor adds when they approve the paperwork.

    At this point, there is nothing I can really do. The last several Form 4's I completed have a digital transferor signature and they liked it fine at the time.
  4. Recon Ron

    Recon Ron Active Member


    Wizard... I meant post 2.
  5. BemidjiDweller

    BemidjiDweller Well-Known Member

    Ah, gotcha. Well hopefully they accept it instead of making you start over.
  6. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    Another 6-8 months...there is nothing I could do about it anyhow if that's what the NFA wanted to do.

    I suppose it could be much worse. I have some relatives trying to get citizenship. I thought 6 months and $200 was bad...
  7. kell490

    kell490 Active Member

    Mine had a typo on the SN when we sent it to the county DA's office when we got it back we noticed the typo we just fixed it by using white out hand writing in the digit. The ATF took it anyway we didn't want to send it back to the DA's office again that took 30 days just by it self. This was in 1994 so no computer signatures then blue ink was usually frowned upon because it could not be copied on a copier.
  8. Aaron Baker

    Aaron Baker Well-Known Member

    Did they specifically tell you that it was going to take another 6-8 months?

    Usually if there's a problem and you get a notice of it, that means they're so close to finishing the processing that it's done within a few weeks or a month from resubmittal...

    I suppose this might be different because you're resubmitting the entire forms, but I don't see why. They didn't send your money back did they?

  9. Bubbles

    Bubbles Well-Known Member


    We've been asking ATF to accept digital signatures for a while, always been told no. Your FFL/SOT should have known better.
  10. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    My SOT has used a digital signature for the transferor for at least a year without issue. I have several approved Form 4s with such a signature. It might be our processor changed her mind. At this point, we can only submit the replacement forms to their specifications and hope its only a few weeks of delay. The SOT might have to change procedure now because of this rejection.
  11. Aaron Baker

    Aaron Baker Well-Known Member

    Ha! I guess stupid errors can happen to anyone.

    I just got my most recent Form 1 kicked back to me because I submitted two copies of the Form 1--one with an original signature, and the other as a copy. You have to have an original signature in black or blue ink on each copy.

    Of course, it says that right on the Form 1 instructions, and I should know better. Not sure why I spaced it this time.

    But as I indicated in my response above, my experience has been that when they kick one back like this, you've got 30 days to reply to them and correct the error. If you do, it gets approved in short order. Basically, most of the 6 month wait is just your paperwork sitting on someone's desk. Once they look at it, it either gets approved or they give you a chance to fix any mistakes. If you fix the mistakes, it's not another 6 month wait because it's in their pile to process right away.

    Hope that means that both me and the OP will be getting our approved stamps soon.

  12. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not, my first Form 4 done years ago didn't even have a reason filled out for ownership and it was approved in about 3 months. I guess it depends on the mood of the processor. Sadly they're overworked and probably the hardest workers in the entire ATF.
  13. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    My last F4 had so many typos and errors, and I'm still astounded every time I look at it, that I can't believe they approved it.
  14. Aaron Baker

    Aaron Baker Well-Known Member

    I agree that they're hardworking and overworked. I actually think the recent hiring of assistants probably means more forms are going to get kicked back as they notice more errors.

  15. Charger442

    Charger442 Well-Known Member

    so, let me get this straight. ATF sent a notice back to your dealer back in November, they ignored it....(which if they hadnt you could have resubmitted and been approved within two weeks) but instead, because the error notice went unanswered, they denied your application and now you have to re-submit and go to the back of the line?

    i would be pissed off at my dealer. sounds like they dropped the ball.
  16. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    Back when they quit accepting "multi" I had one in the system that was kicked back to add a specific caliber, two weeks later it was approved.

    FWIW I always send in my forms, that way I can see when the check clears, pending etc.
  17. Charger442

    Charger442 Well-Known Member

    Whether you send in your paperwork with your check is irrelevant, other than knowing when its cashed. That's all it does for you. The dealers name is still who is initiating the transfer to you and therefore they are the ones notified when an error occurs. That's why the stamp is sent to the dealer and not you, on a Form 4. Form 1 is different.
  18. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    If the op had had the information that was on the form 4 he could have checked with the NFA branch with a simple phone call and would have known that there was a problem back in November and been proactive in solving it.
  19. Charger442

    Charger442 Well-Known Member

    While that's true, the only information you need off a form 4 to check on status with NFA is the serial number. I always get a copy of the Form 4 for my records when its sent, thought everyone knew to do that..... atleast get the can/rifle serial number. That's all you need while your waiting.

    It still doesn't change the fact that the dealer screwed him.
  20. Aaron Baker

    Aaron Baker Well-Known Member

    I don't think you do have this "straight," Charger442.

    Maybe Cesium can chime back in, but he never said they rejected his application. He said he received a "final notice" that they needed him to correct his paperwork. A denial would mean they refunded his $200 too.

    As someone who has received a few NFA Branch notices that my information needed to be updated/corrected, I can say that they put a scary warning on the notice that if you don't correct the info within 30 days, they'll reject your application. It sounds like that they give you a second chance with a "final notice" before they just deny you. If Cesium responds to this final notice, I predict he'll get his approved stamp within the next month.

    Personally, I'm glad to know that the ATF gives you a couple of notices before rejecting your application and making you start over. Still, it is crappy that his dealer didn't notify him of the first notice, because it means he waited extra time he didn't have to.

    But from Cesium's second post, it sounds like the dealer said he never got the first notice. So how is that the dealer's fault?

    I've never personally done a Form 4. It does seem, from the way the form is worded, that the transferror is the applicant, so I guess that's who the communications are sent to. That's weird to me, since as the transferree, I'm the one paying the tax and receiving the stamp. Seems like the ATF should be sending communications to me, not the dealer.

    Does anyone else have experiences with Form 4s? Do they always communicate with the dealer, not the buyer, when there are problems?


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