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Nikko scopes?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Braz, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Braz

    Braz Well-Known Member

    Hey folks,

    Anyone have any experience with Nikko scopes?

    I found a 6x24x42 Nikko Sterling sniper scope at a very reasonable price, but I know nothing about them. Aussie company, I think. Thanks.
  2. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    Only thing I know Nikko Sterling scopes is they have a model that is the same exact scope as the vaunted Tasco Super Sniper scopes. Can't find the model on their website so maybe their source was discontinued. You can talk with a Team Member over on ar15.com named Shivan about his experience with them. He had a couple Tascos and one Nikko I believe.

    I emailed a company in New Zealand one and the guy there recommended their Diamond series scopes as highly as Burris Signature and Leupold VariX III. Not sure what that advice is worth...
  3. Braz

    Braz Well-Known Member

    Thanks Cratz,

    "Not sure what that advice is worth..."

    A virtual brew (POP... sissssssssssss) :)

    I'll head over there and look Shivan up.

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