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Nikon Buckmaster Scope with Mildot??

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Swamp Yankee, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Swamp Yankee

    Swamp Yankee Well-Known Member

    Looking over Nikon's website www.nikonusa.com last night and noticed they are now offering a model of the 4.5-14X40 Buckmaster scope with a Mildot reticle.
    Does anyone have any information if these are indeed available or are they scheduled to be introduced at a later date?
    Checked some of the major on line optics retailers but found no mention or listing.
    Thanks in Advance for the responses.
    Take care
  2. RifleScopes.com

    RifleScopes.com Active Member

    It's real, stock #6466. We will be selling it for $239.95 wjem they arrive sometime this spring.


  3. Swamp Yankee

    Swamp Yankee Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the input. Have you had an opportunity to check one out? Would appreciate any comments you may have.
    Take Care
  4. RifleScopes.com

    RifleScopes.com Active Member

    Very nice scope optically and cosmetically. The Buckmaster is an excellent buy in the $250. price range and with the addition of the mil-dot the 4.5-14 becomes more versatile. It will be difficult to find a better scope with comparable features for less than $300.00

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