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North Korea: Calling their bluff.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by WonderNine, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. WonderNine

    WonderNine member

    Anybody notice how bold North Korea is getting lately? It's because they know we're involved with Iraq right now and the American people have always been weary of two front wars. They know their is a significant peacenik movement in this country and right now is their best opportunity to thumb their noses at us.
  2. 2nd Amendment

    2nd Amendment member

    I've noticed. And I hope that thumbing their noses is all they have in mind. Considering the rather fragile state of the world right now, though, I wonder. Increasingly it seems we are just sitting upon a powder keg waiting for someone to get the match to the fuse before the wind luckily blows it out.
  3. Gewehr98

    Gewehr98 Well-Known Member

    THey just got a big shipment of Tributyl Phosphate.

    Just prior to their announcement to resume fuel reprocessing (plutonium extraction phase) Sneaky. Very sneaky.


    At this stage I'd be willing to destroy the reactor and the fuel processing facilities; we could do it easily. Problem is the North Koreans would attack South Korea in response. Not an easy situation to resolve.
  5. Gordon

    Gordon Well-Known Member

    These suckers are tough, only way to win is to Incinerate them quick and totally, Truman should of done it. Ike should of done it (and China too). Not a snow balls chance in hell Bush will do it . He aint got the cajones to tell Fox to quit pissing on this side of the border.:mad:
  6. PATH

    PATH Well-Known Member

    The Chinese will adress the situation as they don't want anything screwing up theri economic growth. Negotiation will settle the matter.
  7. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    North Korea is just hungry and cold. They need the reactors up and running to provide heat and electricity. Why you ask, cause we cut their throat when we halted them shipments of fuel oil. Even the United Nations got involved and cut out feeding millions of people over there.

    Its a ploy to bring us back to the table to talk. Trying to blackmail us so to speak. Unfortunately its gonna turn into a war. Sad thing is if we get involved any deeper in the Desert we here are gonna be left thin and vulnerable cause the U.N. aint gonna help us out. Its volitile thats for sure. Getting a little edgy over here.

    Best thing that can happen is if China and Russia tell them to knock it off. Which I dont think they will.
  8. Bahadur

    Bahadur Well-Known Member

    It's going to be pretty damn funny to see North Koreans backpedal when Iraq is done for rather swiftly...

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