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northern virginia, free/cheap places to shoot.

Discussion in 'Rallying Point and Range Discussions' started by CherenkovBlue, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. CherenkovBlue

    CherenkovBlue Active Member

    well, i moved in to a small town (front royal) i no longer have the pleasure of being able to walk outside and shoot in my own back yard. anyone here who lives in northern virginia or close to front royal that know of a free/public shooting range / place to shoot?
  2. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Well-Known Member

    I would look into the Izaak Walton League I belong to the Alexindra chapter in Stafford VA. Unfortunatly there are no public shooting ranges in our area. All of the public shooting ranges in VA are down south. There is a range at the Phelps WMA. http://www.dgif.state.va.us/wmas/detail.asp?pid=17

    Clarks Gun Shop, Inc., Warrenton VA 20186
    Izaak Walton League - Loudoun County, Leesburg VA 20177-1338
    Prospect Hall, Inc., Kearneysville WV 25430

    Big Woods Hunt Club/Hunters Clays, Inc., Washington VA 22747-2152
    Leetown Gun Club, Martinsburg WV 25401-1917
    Westerly Shooting Preserve & Sporting Clays, Middleburg VA 20118
    Westlance Arms Training Center, Hedgesville WV 25427-4024
    Winchester Gun Club, Winchester VA 22604-1212
  3. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot Well-Known Member

    For organized range, Clark Brothers in Warrenton, however, I'm reading into your thread that you miss stepping out the back door. Look up "The Cove" campgrounds in Gore Virginia... Basic directions are north on 66 towards Winchester, then the bypass, around to route 50 west, and from there about 15 to 20 minutes til you're 4 miles from the WV border. You check in at the office, pay your 12 bucks and follow the directions to the Rifle Range. Its about a mile back around and up top of a mountain. Your average "To-from commuter car" might have some difficulty negotiating the dirt path, but Pick-em up trucks and my Jeep Commander have no problem at all.

    There are three berms set up, one about 25 yards, on the left another about 50 yards on the right and straight ahead and into the mountain an alley about 120 yards long. Folks have targets set up at various ranges, as well as old computer terminals, bowling pins, just about anything you desire to plink at.

    My son and I love going to The Cove, but it is a purty good hike for us coming from D.C area.

  4. novaDAK

    novaDAK Well-Known Member

    so it's about an hour to an hour and a half drive from springfield, VA? I may have to look into The Cove as I've heard about it before :)
  5. Franco2shoot

    Franco2shoot Well-Known Member

    Right on with the time estimate. From our driveway it takes about 45 minutes to get to Clark Bro.s , out 66 then to Warrenton. For The Cove, its all the way to the end of 66 which is a 50 minute excursion, then its about 10 minutes to the bypass that takes you to 50 west. Its another 15 to the turn off for Gore, then your on some really back roads for 5 more looking for the signs for the BoyScout camp. This turns into gravel road, and you hang a left at the BoyScout camp and go another mile to the cabin that is the checkin point. From there you will be on trails to get to the rifle range. The guys that run the place will give you a map that's pretty easy to follow.

  6. graybeard321

    graybeard321 Well-Known Member

    I also belong to the Alexindra chapter of the Izaak Walton League in Stafford VA. We have a Turkey shoot every Saturday night from Oct to March. Come on out and join us at the turkey shoot it is open to the public. I am sure if you ask a member they will give you a tour.
  7. chris in va

    chris in va Well-Known Member

    The Cove. $5 during the week, includes camping and fishing (no license required). $12 weekends. Shoot all day, bring anything you want...and shoot AT anything you want. Bring your shotgun for some clay throwing. Extensive ATV/dirt trails for an extra fee. They host a HUGE Jeep convention, some pretty sick hardware shows up.

    Caveat, your vehicle must have ground clearance and I recommend 4wd, but optional. Nothing serious, but there's two erosion berms that will scrape a car's oil pan.

    PM me for more information.

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