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Northern Virginia/Maryland shoot for October 11!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Mike Irwin, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member

    Have an out-of-towner bringing the family in, so let's show them a good time!

    I'm figuring shotgunning at Bull Run followed by handgunning at the NRA Range. In other words, a full day of fun with guns!

    That, followed by dinner someplace.

    Who's in? Come on, folks!
  2. chaim

    chaim New Member

    If your guests will be around on Sun too, I might be up for some shooting (though I'll probably meet you at the NRA range as I don't currently have a shotgun and probably won't by mid October). I had recently opened a thread to check for interest in a late Oct/early Nov shoot in MD. I'll post your thread and see if people might want to merge the shoot for a DC area shoot, or if they'd still want a seperate MD shoot.
  3. DorGunR

    DorGunR New Member

    Mike count me in as a strong "maybe"......or to put a number on this I'm about 85% sure I can make it.;)

    PS. Will that be Trap, Skeet or Sporting clays???????
  4. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member


    Shotgun not needed, Dude!

    You can rent one at the range, or I'm sure that someone in the THR group will have an extra one.

    I normally rent, but I just may go out and see what I can find used...


    NO MAYBES! Be there or drop and give me 50, Maggot! (I love Mail Call. Does it show? :) )

    The Shooting Center offers traditional trap and skeet, a walk-through sporting clays course, wobble trap, and 5 stand.

    REALLY nice facility.
  5. MagKnightX

    MagKnightX New Member

    I would love to, but probably can't. :(

    I'll see what I can do, though, but since I'm still a minor, my dad'll have to want to do it too, and he'll likely be busy. Curse you, federal law!!!
  6. chaim

    chaim New Member

    OK Mike, rental is a possibility. What are the chances that you can do this Sunday instead of/in addition to Saturday? Hmm, can I interest you in two days straight of shooting so I can join you guys on Sunday? You know you want to.:D
  7. David Park

    David Park New Member

    Maybe... it depends what else I have going on.
  8. RobG

    RobG New Member

    Would be good for the soul. Shotgun and pistol on the 11th (I have a party to attend that evening) and rifle another day. I have an SKS that I haven't shot, yet. I'm serious about selling my 2340, so if anyone wants to check it out, let me know. Might see if my father-in-law is free, he's picking up clays as well as I.
  9. Mal H

    Mal H Administrator

    That sounds like a great plan, Mike. Unfortunately I'm going to be in West, By God, Virginia checking out the Greenbrier River that whole weekend.
  10. 22x9

    22x9 New Member

    I'm out. I'll be using my once-a-month "gotta head to the range" pass this weekend.

    Would like to meet ya'll tho.
  11. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member


    The liklihood is not good. Kirk is going to be coming up on Saturday, and has expressed his desire to shoot on that day. I know it's a religious issue for you from sundown to sundown.

    I'll broach the issue with Kirk, though.

    Doggonit, Mal! The river will be there some other weekend! Kirk won't! :)
  12. chaim

    chaim New Member

    Mike, if it is any kind of bother don't try to change things for me (adding a day, if people would like more shooting on the other hand...). What I think might work is that Sat have the N. VA shoot, shotguns and pistols. Then the next have the first MD rifle shoot and the next weekend those of us who are going to the S. PA shoot can go there. That would equal one heck of a good month for shooting. Might be a little much, but I think it would be fun. That way, there is no excuse for N. VA, central MD, and S. PA THRers to not make at least one.:D
  13. KMKeller

    KMKeller New Member


    I'll be up there Sunday as well, but will be heading over to Winchester to spend the day with Tempest and crew. Squeezing in a rifle shoot is tight for me, but don't let that stop you. I planned on bringing my bushmaster, but I can shoot it on the 50 yard NRA range.

    Let me check with Tempest and see what plans are for Sunday. Perhaps we can, at the least, swing by for a meet and greet (and dump a mag or two through the bushy).

    Chaim, how early do you plan on doing the rifle shoot and how far is the range from Winchester, VA? My Sunday plans revolve around lunch and lounging with Tempest and her family.

  14. tankertom

    tankertom New Member


    I will try to make it. The rental shotgun idea sounds good since I don't think this is an application for the Mossberg 590.

  15. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member


    Well, depending on which game we shoot, the 590 may or may not do well.

    I shot several rounds of wobble trap a few months ago with my S&W 3000 police gun.

    Two rounds, 25 birds each round, 22s both rounds.
  16. DorGunR

    DorGunR New Member

    Mike posted:
    I shot several rounds of wobble trap a few months ago with my S&W 3000 police gun.

    Two rounds, 25 birds each round, 22s both rounds.

    Dang, Mike.......I don't know what wobble trap is so I've never shot it.
    But I'll be using O/U shotguns......one is a Nikko Golden Eagle and the other is a BC Mirouku Diamond Grade. Will these work for these new fangled shooting games.:)
  17. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member

    "will these work..."

    Only if you're blindfolded!

    Last time out I rented a Browning O/U and got a 24/25 on one round.
  18. chaim

    chaim New Member

    It is looking like the MD shoot is probably going to be the weekend after Mike's shoot. Not sure the time or the range yet (see MD shoot thread). If enough people going to Mike's shoot want to go the next day too I'd be happy to find my way to the NRA range for the first time to do some shooting that Sunday as well. Sorry that I wasn't completely clear in my post.
  19. RobG

    RobG New Member

    I've got my father-in-law on board for shotgunning, where (including directions) and what time should we show up. Mike, what's allowed on the NRA Range?
  20. Mike Irwin

    Mike Irwin Active Member



    Here's the website for the Bull Run Shooting Center. It's kind of hard to describe how to get there...


    We've not set a time yet, but it will probably be late morning or early afternoon.

    I need to talk to Kirk and see what time he wants to go. He's the out of town talent who's coming in. :)

    Also, the NRA range allows pretty much any handgun and rifle up to .50 BMG.

    Shotguns with slugs only, though.

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