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Not the usual range report….

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by SSN Vet, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member

    I’ve made friends with my banker, who is a naturalized citizen from Ireland. A year back I came across him surfing the gun racks at a local sporting goods store and was interested to see that this was part of his standard “tour America” for a niece who was visiting from the “homeland”. He likes to dispel the typical “Euro-attitudes” about life in the U.S.A. by pointing out that there are hundreds of guns that can be legally purchased and yet people aren’t running around the parking lot shooting each other.

    Upon further inquiry, I learn that he served in the Irish army and was a marksmanship coach. So I invite him to the range, thinking that I’ve got a new shooting buddy here, only to be disappointed to learn that he burned out on shooting, hans’t fired a weapon in 15 years and has no desire to do so.

    Time warp ahead to this July. I’m trading e-mails with him regarding a HELOC application and he asks if he can cash in that rain check for the range trip, as this year his 16 year old nephew is visiting from the Emerald Isles and he want to show him that friendly, sane and rational people own guns in the U.S.A.

    So we set up a rendezvous at the rod n’ gun and I begin to debate what “sane and rational” weapons I should bring. Finally I decide it would be better to not freak any body out with the EBRs and load up the Marlin 60, a scoped Marlin 336 (in 30-30) and a 6” Taurus .357 mag. revolver.

    I started in the parking lot with a little philosophy that guns are like power tools in that they are designed to do a specific job, they harness a lot of energy and being potentially dangerous, they need to be handle with respect. Then we go over the 4 rules in detail, summarize them and I have laddie state them for me.

    We put ~200 rounds down range with the M at 50 yd w/ open sights, going over the rifle function and different shooting positions. We even got uncle to jump in.

    Switching to the M @ 100 yd. we put ~30 rounds down range.

    Then we move over to the pistol range and put ~75 rounds of .38 Sol. target loads and a box of .357 mag 158 gr soft points.

    We had the whole place pretty much to ourselves and the weather cooperated nicely. Nephew was a smart lad and was very interested in my detailed explanations of how metallic cartridges work, internal, external and terminal ballistics, etc…

    We all had a great time. And though I didn’t shoot that much myself, I enjoyed playing the teacher. I made sure we retrieved the better targets and put his name and date on them so he had a souvenir. But unfortunately none of us thought to bring a camera.

    Uncle was very pleased that safety was the #1 thing emphasized and that there was a lot of instruction going on. Laddie was just one big smile, despite his best efforts to be "mature".

    My conclusion is that even when they are “socialized” to think of firearms as evil incarnate, every red blooded boy out there really wants to handle and shoot guns and that it’s quite a shame that society puts so much emphasis on academics and athletics that many don’t get the opportunity to have fun shooting.

    Yup, like all the other power tools in my shop……..guns are just plane cool :) .
  2. EHCRain10

    EHCRain10 Well-Known Member

    good for you, always glad to hear about people sharing the shooting sports
  3. yourang?

    yourang? Well-Known Member

    i am sure after 15 years, your banker friend was rusty


    how did he do?

    just wondering.....

    did he still have his "stuff"?
  4. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member

    seemed comfortable enough...he chimed in with some of the safety rules he was taught...all the rounds were on the paper, but buckhorn sights and 40+ year old eyes are know to be less than fully compatable :uhoh:
  5. ColinthePilot

    ColinthePilot Well-Known Member

    Thats great. I did this a few years back with some Irish Lasses I met while they were on "holiday" in Florida. We brought them back to the fortress...I mean, my friend's house, cooked dinner and the subject of guns came up. They had only seen a real gun once, on their layover at Heathrow, on the belt of a Bobby. Boy did their eyes open up when they got to touch a half dozen real guns, including auto pistols, evil assault weapons, and other such novelties. We took pictures of them holding all the guns with big grins so they could show their friends back home. We wanted to take them to the range, and they wanted to go, but unfortunately they ran out of time and had to go back across the pond.
  6. SJ1

    SJ1 Well-Known Member

    SSN Vet, that's a dear experience. Glad you got to help, and that you all have such a good time. Thanks for posting about it.

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