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Noveske or LWRC which one would you buy and why?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by 98f150, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. 98f150

    98f150 Well-Known Member

    I am about to buy a new AR type rifle. I can't make up my mide on either a Noveske or a LWRC. If I go for the Noveske it will be a 16" stainless recon and if I go for the LWRC it will be the M6A3. The prices are about the same and the Noveske company give a 10% military discount (retired 20 yrs USAF) What are you thoughts of the two.
  2. Perseverance

    Perseverance Active Member

    Two top tier makers, you can't go wrong with either. Flip a coin?
  3. nyresq

    nyresq Well-Known Member

    if you check with northwest tactical (one of LWRC's larger dealers) I think they offer a LEO/military discount on LWRC rifles.

    I own two LWRC rifles with a couple thousand rounds through an M6A2 DEA model and a DMR M6A3 with about 600 rounds down range and both run like a timex. no problems and both very accurate.
  4. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Both excellent rifles. I would go with the Noveske though because I prefer the direct impingement system. Also, the LWRC uses a certain amount of proprietary parts that are available only through LWRC. So when it comes time to rebuild the rifle, I need for LWRC to still be around. Noveske, on the other hand, can disappear into a giant hole and I'll still be able to find the parts I need to rebuild the rifle.
  5. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

    I say Noveske for the reason that Mr Roberts stated above. But the LWRC rifles are really nice. You cant go wrong with either.
  6. LRS_Ranger

    LRS_Ranger Well-Known Member

    Either platform is excellent. I love my LWRC, it's a bullet slinging machine. Really it comes down to what you want, DI or piston. Either will serve you well.
  7. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Noveske would be my choice. Never had much experience with LWRC but I am not a piston fan.
  8. SpeedAKL

    SpeedAKL Well-Known Member

    The biggest factor in your decision will be whether you prefer a DI vs. piston gun.

    Advantages of a DI (note - these are all highly generalized):
    -superior accuracy
    -generally more of a "straight-back" recoil impulse, i.e. less muzzle flip
    -lighter weight
    -better balance, at least in my opinion, due to the lack of a piston above the barrel
    -common parts base, i.e. most every maker uses the same design

    Advantages of a Piston:
    -less carbon dumped onto chamber, BCG, etc., resulting in less need for cleaning and lubrication
    -runs cooler
    -less recoil, though some shooters including me prefer the actual felt recoil motion of a DI gun better
    -less susceptible to sand/dust-induced jams (though I have not seen this factually demonstrated on any AR-based piston design other than HK416, and that was in a single torture test done by the .mil a few years back)

    In general, I'd favor the Noveske, I own one very similar to what you are looking at and it is an exceptionally accurate, well-made, and versatile rifle.
  9. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    if you were set on those two companies then i as well would go with the Noveske, because i have no want, need or desire for a gas piston operated ar. However I have a good friend in the training community who has bad expereinces with Noveske's customer service when trying to order a rifle, and getting alot of run around. I normally don't like he said, she said stuff, and normally don't pass that around, but this person being the person that he is i know that he is 100% honest, and has no reason to hate on them.

    I would spend less and get a BCM, another tier one ar maker, and for less. which would allow more money for Training which most people over look, they get a nice rifle, and don't get the professional training to make them more efficient and effective with the weapon platform.
  10. 98f150

    98f150 Well-Known Member

    BCM ??? I never heard of them

    BCM rifles I never heard of them I will google the name.
  11. Glocked-N-Loaded

    Glocked-N-Loaded Well-Known Member

    BCM = Bravo Company Manufacturing, and I would do the same thing. There is nothing a Noveske can do that a BCM can't. BCM upper, BCM lower, BCM BCG and you're set, some MagPul aftermarket stuff and rock n' roll.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2010
  12. Varob

    Varob Well-Known Member

    BCM= Bravo Company.
  13. Hatterasguy

    Hatterasguy Well-Known Member

    Both are nice, personally I like LWRC's.
  14. gotzero

    gotzero Active Member

    I ended with going with LWRC, and I am very happy with my choice. I ended up getting another LWRC upper. Everything seems to be over-engineered with them.

    I take the same gun right from 3-gan matches over to the target range and the 16" LWRC setup seems equally comfortable in either. If you want to save a little money, there is not really any need to get the full gun, just toss an upper you like on a lower you have.

    HGUNHNTR Well-Known Member

    Noveske for above stated reasons, and excellent quality barrels. I really prefer the DI system over the piston.
  16. lebowski

    lebowski Well-Known Member

    Between the two I'd get the noveske.

    But unless you have money to burn, I'd look closely at both BCM and Daniel Defense. Both make great products at a great value. That's not a knock on noveske or lwrc, but in either of those cases you're paying a hefty premium for brand name IMHO.
  17. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    That's gotta be some kind of record, the thread went 9 posts before someone mentioned BCM! haha
    They do make quality products without the hefty price tag.
  18. possum

    possum Well-Known Member


    you might have never known you have seen them, but i am sure you have.
  19. DirtyHarry31

    DirtyHarry31 Well-Known Member

    First, to our Veterans who served our country, a great big Thanks & God Bless you ALL!

    Another Noveske here! There is something to say about the barrel harmonics when it comes to a piston driven AR. Don't get me wrong about LWRC. Great guns but would stick to the DI instead of piston. If & when the piston drive wears out & you need parts, and LWRC does not exist anymore, what are you going to do. Noveske works magic with standard parts except for their barrels. Absolutely one of the BEST barrels with their reconfigured contour to get great accuracy from a double (acually twice as thick chrome lining) using the M249 barrel material and hammer forged to boot with NO extra weight. I was really going to get a piston drive as well but it adds weight and if you need parts to replace (like carrier,push rod, guide, etc) well.... With a DI system you will always have spare parts for that SHTF issue when it arrives (rant start):cuss:(don't think it won't, just listen to the world news and what our very liberal government is doing to control it. Hell, they can't even declare that ENGLISH is our country's spoken language here. Our Verterans who fought glorious & hard to death to protect this country & it's ways are turning in their graves)(rant over). :) Anyway, think about this before you make your choice. Both are good, but I feel the DI system is better way to go.
  20. cemjr

    cemjr Well-Known Member

    I went with Noveske. I concidered a piston for all the obvious reasons ie, cleaner BCG. Also went with hammer forged over SS. I found thier cus. ser. very good.

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