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Now That's Art! A True Custom!

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Ill Bill, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Ill Bill

    Ill Bill Member

    This is a present my girlfriend gave me for my birthday a while ago. She commissioned a truly talented artist that also uses a graffiti style. She kept the whole thing a secret till my b-day and I was really surprised! This was the first time he's painted a gun so it's one of a kind. Measures 24" X 30" and the gun parts are a metallic silver paint. Below are both a flash and no-flash pics to show how the colors change with angle and light. Big conversation piece with company. I'd imagine he'd make more/similar pieces if anyone was interested and has the dollars.

    Does anyone else have real original works of gun art? Please post pics!


  2. kingpin008

    kingpin008 Well-Known Member

    That's very cool - it reminds me of the style of art my tattoo artist usually does.

    You've got a heck of a girlfriend!
  3. effengee

    effengee Well-Known Member

    yup, she's a keeper...

    My wife recently juggled our finances and a real nice colt commander joined the ranks...
    God, I love that woman...

    nice poster.
  4. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

  5. Eightball

    Eightball Well-Known Member


    Depending on his price, it might be tempting to get a piece done by him.
  6. Dr_2_B

    Dr_2_B Well-Known Member

  7. TheGrimReaper

    TheGrimReaper Well-Known Member

    Man that is AWSOME!!!
  8. federalfarmer

    federalfarmer Well-Known Member

    Awesome! How about an M14 poster for Christmas!

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