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NPS update, please assist.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Smurfslayer, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. Smurfslayer

    Smurfslayer Well-Known Member

    A while back, I posted about the National Park Service ban on firearms, here -


    If you did any lobbying, and more importantly, if you got a response, I need to know about it. Some help may be forthcoming. :cool: I am cautiously optimistic about this development.

    If you got an email response from your Congress(wo)man, Senators, or all of them, please forward it to me at president@<remove this>bighammer.net

    If you got a phone call, or, snail mail correspondence, if you would please forward about the correspondence - who it was, the date & time, and gist of the person's position.

    If you didn't email, write, or call your Congressional delegation, it is STILL not too late to state your position, call the main capitol number and ask to be put through.

    This is very important, and any help you can provide could make a difference. If you know anyone that may not have contacted Congress about the silly NPS ban, and they are pro gun, please enlist their help.

  2. deanf

    deanf Well-Known Member

    Well I wrote all of my reps. None responded. I also forwarded my letters to friends asking that they insert their names and send them. I have no idea how many actually did.
  3. Smurfslayer

    Smurfslayer Well-Known Member

    Unfortunate. I would've thought this would be important... to US ...

    FWIW, my congressional delegation responded...
    Please tell me we're not the only ones ...
  4. duckslayer

    duckslayer Well-Known Member

    I'll let you know as soon as I get something.

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