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NRA: Fight for that $$$

Discussion in 'Activism Discussion and Planning' started by ufcfanvt, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. ufcfanvt

    ufcfanvt New Member

    So what we knew was coming, IS now coming:

    Boo hoo hoo. Rage. Anger. OK...

    Simple Idea:
    * We schedule a march at the NRA Headquarters.
    * We hold up checks (As big as you can handle) signed to them. I'll sign a contract, promising the money if I have to.
    * We promise that money if they Kill this Bill in all it's forms.

    Call it Kill Bill, AWB edition. I don't care.
    It can involve GOA or JPFO or whomever you like better than the NRA. I don't care. They're the biggest player on the field, lets get his fat ass moving to the goal line.
    I have no experience with stuff like this. Someone please help...

    11250 Waples Mill Rd # 1, Fairfax, VA‎ - (703) 267-1000‎
  2. TMM

    TMM Well-Known Member

    NRA headquarters is... virginia? if there's a serious threat of the AWB being reinstated, i suppose i could make the haul from CT...

  3. ufcfanvt

    ufcfanvt New Member

    An out-of-stater on the first shot! NICE!!!
    Listen, we all have our problems w/ the NRA. Problem is, they always ask for money for "The Coming Onslaught." We need to MAKE them work NOW!

    We could even have members fax/email in copies of their canceled checks(some key account #'s obscured) to show what we'll do IF they fight for us.
    Think of it as a Merit-Bonus
  4. chuckusaret

    chuckusaret member

    I do believe the NRA would represent us as long as they can make a profit out of it. Since I have been a member the only thing I have seen them do is send my magazine and also a request to renew my membership early, like 11 months early. I don't have a good feeling about any of our so called strong supporters. They all seem to be strong as long as we are sending and spending our money on them.
  5. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    So the lawsuits against the City of New Orleans, the states of Washington, Illinois and California slipped by you unnoticed?

    MT GUNNY Well-Known Member

    How about we send in a Donation to the NRA. Then on a given day ( April 19 ) all gun owners go to there Favorite Shooting area and at the same time ( initiating in Massachusetts) we all shoot in Unison and start the "Second Shot Heard Around the World" !!!

    At that Point Maybe " Barack (General Gage) Obama will get the Point!!!!

    BUGUDY Well-Known Member

    The NRA are all we have to fight whats coming, like them or not. I know they ask for money more than my kids, but we have to back them . This is going to get real serious considering the people who have the power know.

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