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NRA High Power Question?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by BlayGlock, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. BlayGlock

    BlayGlock Well-Known Member

    Want to make sure I am reading the rules correctly. Is it now possible for me to go to a match and shoot say a 20" AR varmit style rifle with a scope in the any sight match/tactical rifle division?
  2. WNTFW

    WNTFW Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you would. Maybe check with the guys running the match.

    You could do F Class also.
  3. MCMXI

    MCMXI Well-Known Member

    According to the rules shown below, you could shoot in the Any Sight Match Rifle/Tactical Rifle division, whatever that is. If you shoot in the F-Class F-TR division, you could use a front bipod and all shooting is prone. If you shoot the Service or Match rifle course of fire, you wouldn't be able to use a bipod for the prone stage. I've never seen anyone shoot the Service or Match rifle courses of fire with optics.

    Figuring out what types of long-range shooting are available under NRA approved matches is very difficult. The NRA high power website is a mess and it's sufficiently confusing to dissuade anyone from figuring it out ... which is probably the intention of those involved.

    3.3.2 NRA Any Sight Match Rifle/Tactical Rifle - Same as NRA Match Rifle Rule 3.3 except there is no
    restriction as to sights. The following restrictions will apply:
    (a) No person firing an any sight rifle under 3.3.2 will be allowed to compete with any other group of shooters
    who are also firing. A competitor using any sight rifle under Rule 3.3.2 will only be eligible for awards in
    their own division.
    (b) Bipods may be attached but not utilized. Ammunition will be restricted to no larger than .35 caliber.

    3.3 NRA Match Rifle - A center fire rifle with metallic sights and a magazine capable of holding not less
    than 5 rounds.
    (a) See Rule 3.14, Palm Rest.
    (b) A service rifle may be used as a match rifle unless otherwise stated in the program. Any service rifle used
    as an NRA Match Rifle shall conform to Rule 3.1 as applies to trigger pull.
    (c) Semi-Automatic rifle. M-16 or commercially equivalent rifles, configured or customized as NRA Match
    Rifles are exempt from the 4 1/2 pound trigger weight requirement.
    (d) Any semi-automatic rifle that has an original factory design receiver/frame in excess of 3 1/4 inches below
    the center line of the bore may be used as an NRA Match Rifle.
    (e) Other Nations - A center fire rifle with metallic sights. This rifle must meet the requirements to be a legal
    target rifle in the participant’s home country, and may only be used by someone who is a foreign national,
    and can provide evidence thereof. (It would be wise for a foreign competitor to have a copy of his own
    country’s rifle rule, or letter of certification from his National Association with him when competing under
    this rule.)
  4. Soupy44

    Soupy44 Well-Known Member

    Rules aside, most match directors are somewhat easy on who they let shoot and what they let shoot if they're just getting started. If you have a match in mind, contact the match director and ask if it's ok to shoot what you have for a few matches as you try to get you gun legal.
  5. Lovesbeer99

    Lovesbeer99 Well-Known Member

    Around here there are specific anygun/any sight fun matches but I've seen some guys with scoped AR's on the Service Rifle line. The match directors don't want to discourage shooters, particularly new shooters. But note that these shooters with scopes are not eligable to win the service rifle match.
  6. BlayGlock

    BlayGlock Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I was just trying to make sure that they had indeed made a new division for those guys who had a varmit rig and just wanted to show up and shoot. If I get really into it ill buy a service rifle, but for now I want to run what I brung.
  7. highbrow

    highbrow Well-Known Member

    This is the idea.

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