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Discussion in 'Activism' started by r1derbike, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. r1derbike

    r1derbike Well-Known Member

    Received emails and a letter, with 11th hour warnings and asking for donations.

    I'm a recent NRA member, after years of lapse, and need to know the effectiveness of their lobby in the beltway?

    Better to give as they seem to be the most powerful lobby, period?
  2. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    While most of what they do isn't apparent to us they do an excellent job at standing up four our Rights. They are the biggest pro 2A organization on our side right now. There are others as well. Some people complain that the NRA has 'compromised' in the past, but they have heard the voices of their members and have stated several times they are not going to budge.

    If you donate, make sure you donate to the NRA-ILA not just the regular NRA. The ILA is the legislative part of the group that fights for our rights. I've been a member for years but have started donating more earnestly this past month.

    I would suggest not giving your phone number though, I've heard a lot of people get flooded with calls, but I personally never give my phone # and never gotten any calls so can't verify that.
  3. loose noose

    loose noose Well-Known Member

    riderbike, I've been a member for over 40 years, and beleive me they are the only pro-gun organization out there that is looking out for you and the 2nd Amendment. I know GOA is a great organization also. However the NRA has the strongest lobby of anyone representing the gun owning community. I know they get a bad rap,especially from the mainstream media, but take in consideration what the media represents.
  4. HKGuns

    HKGuns Well-Known Member

    There are very good reasons why the liberal media hate and try to demonize them. Give freely during this time. I made a special donation to the ILA just to combat this most recent talk of infringement on our freedom.
  5. r1derbike

    r1derbike Well-Known Member

    Done! Thanks, guys!
  6. 45crittergitter

    45crittergitter Well-Known Member

    NRA is the proverbial 600# gorilla. I've been told that when Chris Cox or Wayne LaPierre go to talk to a politician, the first thing they're commonly asked is "how's membership?" which is code for "Why should I listen to you?" The bigger the number, the more pull we have.

    That's important. Your dues don't go to lobbying or legal fights. That requires ILA or PVF donations.

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