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NRA-ILA - "Your help is still needed to repeal handgun registration"

Discussion in 'Activism' started by ezkl2230, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    Call your State Senator in Lansing and Gov. Snyder TODAY!!! This needs to be on the schedule tomorrow.

  2. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    As I posted in the the other thread regarding this, I contacted Senator Rick Jones, and got his official 'I support this bill and look forward to discussing the issue with my colleagues' reply letter. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm not expecting much from Snyder. Hopefully the veto proof majority in the senate will get this bill passed.
  3. Rail Driver

    Rail Driver Well-Known Member

    As a former Michigan resident (with family still there) I contacted Senator Jones and Governor Snyder as well (and managed to convince my mostly apathetic family to do the same). I got the same canned response from Sen. Jones, but no response from Gov. Snyder. I also spoke on the phone with an individual in the governor's office who basically just kept trying to tell me what he though I wanted to hear while remaining as non-committal and vague as possible. Typical political doublespeak.
  4. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    5225 and companion bills on the 11/8 agenda....

    These bills are listed as being on the agenda for the 11/08/12 Michigan State Senate legislative session.

    Contact your Michigan State legislators in Lansing and tell them that you want them to actually vote on this package of bills to do away with pistol purchase permits and registration; be sure to copy Sen. Richardville and Gov. Snyder on any communications you have. And then contact Gov. Snyder's office and tell him to sign them when they are passed!
  5. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    Folks - there is still time before the end of the legislative year. I received the following email from Sen. David Hildenbrand's office today in response to a request for information regarding the status of the package of bills listed here:

    Folks, DON'T GIVE UP ON THIS!!!

    There is still a chance to get HB 5225, 5498 and 5499 on the schedule for a vote before the legislative year ends. CALL THE SENATOR DFROM YOUR STATE DISTRICT, AND BE SURE TO COPY SENATE MAJORITY LEADER SEN. RICHARDVILLE SO THAT HE CAN SEE HOW MUCH SUPPORT THESE BILLS HAVE.

    Also, we still need to see action of SB 59, which has been stuck in the Michigan House of Representatives for several months; this bill does away with "pistol free" zones in Michigan. Again, there is still time to get this on the schedule for a vote before the end of the legislative year. CALL THE REPRESENTATIVE DFROM YOUR STATE DISTRICT, AND BE SURE TO COPY HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER JASE BOLGER SO THAT HE CAN SEE HOW MUCH SUPPORT THESE BILLS HAVE.

    This year isn't done yet, and neither is this fight!
  6. powder

    powder member

    Please provide an official link to the MSP's position on this, a press release perhaps.

    Seems to be a no-brainer that Law Enforcement wants to retain handgun registration in order to track firearms used in illegal activity.
  7. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

  8. powder

    powder member

    Yes, that is listed on the Bill's information page.

    So the other aspect of post #1, which you have copy/pasted, is from where? The extremely loose interpretations of MSP's intentions are from what author?
  9. WVsig

    WVsig Well-Known Member

  10. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    The legislators were in session on Friday, it's now Monday. Any news?
  11. Elmer

    Elmer Well-Known Member

  12. Elmer

    Elmer Well-Known Member

    Google can be your friend..


    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012
  13. Elmer

    Elmer Well-Known Member

    When I was a cop, warrantless searches and gps trackers, elimination of Miranda, indefinite detentions, and ten o'clock curfews, would have been a "no brainer", as far as making my job easier.

    Facilitating easier investigations isn't a justification for impeding rights.

    Stats on the use of this registration data provided by MSP, is as likely overstated as that of traces by ATF, many of which are done routinely on guns not even suspected of crime involvement.
  14. powder

    powder member

    Thank You "VA gunner".

    Well, it looks like the NRA is looking to demonize Law Enforcement again, as it did in the 90s. ( Oh wait, they NEVER really stopped, DID they?)

    The MSP opposes the repeal, but it is the NRA who has made jumps in logic to put words into their (MSP) mouths as to why they oppose it.

    Elmer, you're gonna have to clarify what it is you have to communicate as the sentences you wrote are full of double negatives, and run-on sentences, which leaves your statement impotent: nobody is looking to eliminate Miranda, GPS trackers were warrantless until just recently, and a lot of communities still have curfews, and nobody is looking for warrantless searches as a blanket solution for anything.
  15. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    Powder - you seem to have an agenda. I think Elmer stated his position quite clearly.
    Governments (and that's what LE is on some level) can spout several 'legitimate' reasons why they need to further impeed our rights for 'safety'. The point is that it will never stop, eventually it will lead to the measures mentioned above.
  16. USAF_Vet

    USAF_Vet Well-Known Member

    Has the Colonel never heard of the NICS?
    Also, I wonder how many crimes were actually solved by the registry? Quite a bit of misdirection there, saying it was "utilized more than 21,000 times" but not mentioning the outcome. Just because it gets used doesn't mean it actually yields anything useful. It's probably a requirement to check the registry when a hand gun is recovered at a crime scene. I'd like to see some correlation between the registry and convictions.
  17. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    Last year alone the MSP used NICS to successfully track down over 5,000 firearms that is wasn't able to find using our own, outdated system.

    Monitoring legal firearms owners in no way prevents "convicted felons, the mentally incapacitated and other dangerous individuals from purchasing handguns in our state." THAT is the crux of their argument - our laws PREVENT. Right. Just like pistol free zones prevented a criminal from carrying a firearm into a bank in Grand Rapids last week when he robbed it. The fact that these people continue to acquire firearms - DESPITE THE EXISTENCE OF LAWS AND REGISTRIES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING - and the fact that the MSP "utilized" the registry 21,000 times reinforces the fact that gun control laws and registries prevent nothing. Their argument is great for riling the unwashed masses who don't think for themselves, but it also emphasizes the fact that gun control laws control no one except those who are most unlikely to use them illegally in the first place. If they are truly concerned about convicted felons, the mentally incapacitated and other dangerous individuals, then THOSE are the people that the MSP should be concentrating on. In terms of the best use of manpower, concentrating on convicted felons, the mentally incapacitated and other individuals identified as dangerous significantly decreases the number of people who have to be monitored by the MSP, and therefore represents the most efficient and effective use of manpower and taxpayer dollars. Their own argument is self-defeating on its face when considered by rational people.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2012
  18. powder

    powder member

    Ah ha, and here lies my so-called "agenda": the NRA wanting the public to see LE as one in the same with "government". We are not.

    Call for action is one thing, per legislation. Trying to rally against an LE agency by stating untrue opinions is WAY below the High Road.
  19. Elmer

    Elmer Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing your agenda is anti-NRA, as you claim they're anti-law enforcement. I find this odd, since they train the majority of LE firearms instructors, support LE firearms competency through competition, etc., and a large percentage of their membership are LE, or former LE.

    Standing against policies and programs of some law enforcement administrators, who are often rabidly anti-gun/2nd amendment, isn't taking a stance against LE. As much as those anti-gun administrators would like to couch it as such.

    BTW, your throwing your status around as LE on this board is interesting to me, based on some of your statements here, such as this one in another thread:


    Such an glaring lack of understanding of basic law, by someone supposedly in law enforcement, is odd, as that was something my recruits learned in the first module of their academy. That's if they failed to pick it up in high school civics class.
  20. Elmer

    Elmer Well-Known Member

    If you took a survey of LE, as to whether eliminating Miranda would make their job easier, what percentage do you think would answer yes?

    Again, you demonstrate poor understanding of law.

    The Supreme Court ruled in Jones, that Jone's rights were violated by their warrantless use of the GPS device. That decision was retroactive. What the police did was illegal.

    Something is not legal, until the court hears it. The court is merely the redress for citizens when illegal actions are taken by government.

    Again, you make a baseless statement. Warrantless searches are conducted by law enforcement every day, and many are challenged and voided by courts. Clearly, some are looking to conduct them.

    Make the same survey and ask LE if warrants were no longer needed, could they be more effective in their jobs. I certainly could have been. I don't know any other cop that wouldn't agree. However, that isn't grounds for such intrusive violations of rights.

    You started off incredulous of claims that the MSP took the position they did, and were shown proof you could have easily found yourself. Then without missing a beat, you launched into an anti NRA rant. I'm guessing debate isn't what you're looking for.
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