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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Eustachius234, Feb 26, 2009.


Agree/Disagree with NRAwol

  1. Agree: NRA has sold us out

    17 vote(s)
  2. Disagree: NRA defends the 2nd Amendment

    125 vote(s)
  1. Eustachius234

    Eustachius234 Well-Known Member

    I just became a GOA Lifer because of Ron Paul's endorsement, and when searching the web for stuff on other RKBA organizations, I came accross NRAwol - http://www.nrawol.net/.

    Anyways they make the assetion that the NRA "is given orders by politicians, which the NRA must then sell to its members." I haven't studied their site, but would like to know whether y'all agree or disagree with their assertion?

  2. ZombiesAhead

    ZombiesAhead Well-Known Member

    The NRA, like many other powerful lobbying groups and even our beloved 2 political parties (the center-left and the center-right) may be a necessary evil.

    They are too moderate for many of us but their compromises do create a "big tent" of hunters, constitutionally-minded people, enthusiasts of all types, and the manufacturers and lobbyists who have their hands in the pockets of the Washington establishment on both sides of the aisle.
  3. wrc376

    wrc376 member

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2009
  4. wrc376

    wrc376 member

    what is the GOA?
  5. wrc376

    wrc376 member

    what is the GOA?
  6. rogertc1

    rogertc1 member

    All the gun owners who voted for Obama sold us out. Not the NRA.
  7. sernv99

    sernv99 Well-Known Member

    "They are too moderate for many of us.."

    they are waking up and getting with the program, morphing into the mainstream, not just catering just to the die hard "we should all be allowed unrestricted access to any sorts of arms and munitions without federal regulations" types that abound on here. Times change and although I own, shoot and like to buy all sorts of guns, including class 3 stuff, I'm also realistic as well and adjust my opinions to reflect the realities. It's called compromise. And I think they compromised on a lot of things in order to be more mainstream and garner more followers and keep gov't on a leash with respect to gun-control legislation. The NRA would be 6 feet deep in the ground if they only catered to the die hard pro-gun advocates, I don't think they would be as big of an organization today and perhaps be rendered a useless organization if they didn't compromise on some things.

    to go off tanget a bit, I blame Hollywood and the music industry for shaping American society today, putting the blame on them for "advocating" and glorifying in a direct and indirect way, violence, especially among youth. And the NRA is the "little man" with regard to political power compared and how Hollywood and the media industry have sway over politicians and manipulating public poerceptions about guns. As of right now, guns get blamed for the violence, not the rap artists making albums about shooting up people and slanging dope on the corner, talking about slapping around women and shooting at the cops. Only in the last few years, have I seen some politicians hold music artists accountable for their actions (e.g. Al Sharpton criticizing rappers) but there are a lot more politicians who still blame guns for the voilence, thus the NRA fights an uphill battle that I don't think it can win. Hence, why they compromised on a lot of things in order to face reality.
  8. JohnKSa

    JohnKSa Well-Known Member


    So ask yourself why NAGR & RMGO feel like they have to create an quasi-anonymous "front" website in order to get their point across.

    It's pretty bad when the actions of an organization make it clear that the leadership realizes that it is so marginalized that it must strive for credibility through anonymity.
  9. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    Congrats on joining the GOA. I, too, like their no compromises stance on the issues. However, if you want to be a member of the 800 pound RKBA gorilla you need to join the NRA too. The NRA, warts and all, is our best advocate in congress.
  10. Bailey Guns

    Bailey Guns Well-Known Member

    I, too, wish the NRA could be a no compromise, stop every attempt at further 2A restrictions, beat down the anti-gun politicians every time they open their mouths type of organization. But outside of my fantasy world (and everyone else's, for that matter) the real world is not like that.

    Personally, I believe every gun owner should belong to as many pro-gun organizations as their means will allow.

    Bickering about "the NRA is a sell-out" while the "GOA is all that and a bag o' chips" (or vice-versa) is nonsense and will accomplish nothing productive. The simple fact is the NRA may not be everything we want it to be all the time. But without the NRA, as gun owners, we'd be a lot worse off in terms of our rights.

    Regardless of how you feel about the NRA, when an organization that represents 4 million-ish members speaks, anti-gunners in Washington still hear the noise, if nothing else.

    That's a whole lot closer to the truth, in my opinion.
  11. Bailey Guns

    Bailey Guns Well-Known Member

    Oooo, oooo, I know, I know. Pick me!

    For the same reason anti-gun organizations have to hide behind benign-sounding agendas like "safety" and "common sense".
  12. cat9x

    cat9x Well-Known Member

    +1 on that
  13. armslist

    armslist Well-Known Member

    I am a little bit torn on the NRA's weak stance on important issues sometimes, but they are mostly on-point, and larger and more effective than other groups.

    If they stray further, I may have to consider no longer supporting them. As it stands now, I'm not there yet.
  14. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    There are a few groups whose platforms are pretty cool-sounding.

    GOA and the Libertarian Party are probably the top two.

    They have something in common:

    They have ZERO real-world political savvy, ZERO political clout, ZERO political accomplishments to their names.

    Politics is the art of the possible.

    The NRA, like any group of human beings, may not always be perfect in every way I'd want. However, the NRA is trying to do the possible, and it has succeeded. Don't confuse your frustration with our political system (felt by damn near every American except the real insiders) with legitimate anger at an organization that can only work within that system.

    Anyone can be a blowhard. Anyone can start an organization like GOA.

    Not just anyone can accomplish something in DC. That takes certain mindsets, connections and skils.
  15. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    Well said, ArmedBear.
  16. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    Gee, a GOA vs NRA thread... haven't seen one of those in a while.

    This is why we will lose.
  17. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    Come on, Texas. Did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning??? :)

    Variety is the spice of life! NRA, GOA, SFA, TSRA, ...

    They are all good!
  18. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    They are not good when they spend time and energy bickering back and forth, as in this thread.

    They are only good when they focus on the common enemy instead of each other.
  19. jerkface11

    jerkface11 Well-Known Member

    Odd how "compromise" always ends with our side giving something up and the other side getting what they want. Sounds more like bending over.
  20. ArmedBear

    ArmedBear Well-Known Member

    jerkface, if you're over 5 years old, you've seen some pretty significant changes in Federal, State and local gun laws, most of them in our favor -- and most of them the result of political compromises.

    CCW law has been full of compromises. In sereral states where CCW has gone from illegal to legal except in bars, for example. Now you might complain that the government shouldn't be able to restrict a right in this way -- but the reality is, CCW law has gone in our favor, even if it's not always 100% what we want it to look like.

    Clearly, you're not paying any attention to what has really been going on.

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