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NYC sends underover LEOs to Phoenix Crossroads Gun Show??!!

Discussion in 'Activism' started by mes227, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. mes227

    mes227 Well-Known Member

    According to The Week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent a group of undercover officers to the Gun Show in Pheonix where they shot a video that "shows just how easy it is to buy powerful semiautomatic weapons." Other comments include:

    "The background check system failed in Arizona, it failed in Virginia, and it fails in states around the country."

    "The question is not whether another massacre will occur, but when."

    A counter point: "Bloomberg's investigation into another state's practices is unseemly. He should keep his undercover officers dedicated to preventing crime in his own city." ~~Amen to that!

    Full story at: http://theweek.com/article/index/211649/michael-bloombergs-undercover-gun-show-sting
  2. Birdmang

    Birdmang Well-Known Member

    Isn't he making illegal purchases?

    Why aren't they charged??
  3. TX expat

    TX expat Well-Known Member

    Unreal... He sends his law enforcement personnel down there to break federal law and then acts like someone else is the criminal. I guess when you can't fix your own problems, the next best thing is to point out everybody elses.
  4. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

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