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NYPD and Mossberg

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Dave Williams, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams Well-Known Member

    Somehow I missed the news that NYPD adopted the Mossberg 590A1 for the rank and file Officers. The NYPD ESU and the Detectives have had shotguns available but I believe this is the first time that line Officers in NYPD have had shotguns.

    I read in a Mossberg publication that the specs are: 14" barrel, 13 7/8" LOP, 3 dot adjustable night sights, Federal ammunition.


    Anyone got anymore scoop?

    Another LE Agency spending a boatload of money on the venerable gauge. Hmmmmmmm.

    Dave Williams
  2. fatdaddycoe

    fatdaddycoe Member

    To the best of my knowledge, your information is incorrect. I am an NYPD officer and we are not issued shotguns, nor have I heard that we will be, and I am assigned to a special disorder control unit. Because New York's poulation density is so high, most of our equipment and tactics are geared towards total civilian safety. Hence, almost no vehicle pursuits are allowed and we shoot nine millimeters with a twelve pound trigger pull. I doubt the higher-ups would decide a shotgun fit into their idea of operational safety.

    Having written that, I would sure be happy to be wrong.
  3. HB

    HB Well-Known Member

    I read that too, seems like a lot of extra junk for a duty shotgun. Well I guess the first hand info is the proof though. Although I'm pretty sure a 12 gauge with buck will penetrate less that a 9mm and won't go as far if you send a shot bouncing down the street.
  4. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus

    Text of the press release linked above:

    Safety and safe firearms is everyone’s responsibility.

    PRESS RELEASE Contact:

    O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. KIM CAHALAN
    7 Grasso Ave ~ North Haven, CT 06473 Media Relations
    ph (203) 230.5300 ~ fx (203) 230.5420 (309) 944.5341


    North Haven, CT (January, 2008) – When the NYPD decides to equip its 36,000-man
    police force with a new duty shotgun, it is a monumental task and one that is not to be
    taken lightly. After all, officers’ lives are at stake. So when the city decided recently to
    adopt the venerable Mossberg® 590® as its new police duty shotgun, it serves as a
    testament to its ruggedness and reliability.

    Taking models from the top shotgun manufacturers, members of NYPD’s Firearms &
    Tactics Section began a series of extensive tests spanning a two-year period. The
    evaluation process basically consisted of two phases. During Phase One the
    instructors paralleled the original U.S. Military test. They fired 1500 slugs and 1500 00
    Buck for a total of 3000 2 3?4 inch shotshells. The Mossberg 590A1 passed this first test
    with flying colors.

    With the initial testing completed, the process entered Phase Two, which consisted of
    real world use by actual street officers from the NYPD. As a part of their regular
    firearms training, the patrolmen were issued Mossberg 590’s and duty ammunition,
    which they then ran through various exercises. By the time the final order was placed,
    approximately 12,000 rounds of ammunition had been fired. Again, no functional
    problems whatsoever.

    Though modified for police use, it’s comforting to know that the 590, which is now in use
    not only by the NYPD, but by hundreds of law enforcement agencies here and abroad
    and by the U.S. Military, is the same pump action on which every sporting version of the
    500 is based. Now that’s peace of mind.

    Founded in 1919, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. is the oldest family-owned firearms
    manufacturer in America, and is the largest pump-action shotgun manufacturer in the
    world. Leading the way with over 100 design and utility patents to its credit, and
    standing as the first ISO 9001 certified long-gun manufacturer, Mossberg is considered
    to be one of the most innovative firearms manufacturers in U.S. history.

    For more details on the NYPD contract and the complete line of commercial, special-
    purpose, law enforcement and military shotguns, rifles and accessories, please call your
    local Mossberg dealer or visit us online at www.mossberg.com.

  5. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the first hand info.

    Stay safe,

    Dave Williams
  6. tenbears

    tenbears Well-Known Member

    The Mossburg is a good weapon, but the Remington 870 has the best reliability. Either one loaded with non-lethal ammunition will work well in a highly populated city.
  7. fatdaddycoe

    fatdaddycoe Member

    If we indeed are issued the 590, I will post the particulars here. I would think our unit would be one of the first to receive the new weapon.
  8. 9x19sig

    9x19sig Well-Known Member

    The 870 has the best reliability? Where are you getting this from anyway? I would find it very hard to believe the 870 is any more reliable than a 590, or vise verse.

    Besides the occasional lemon that any manufacturer puts out (maybe besides Freedom Arms), pump shotguns are typically inherently reliable regardless of make.
  9. Smitty in CT

    Smitty in CT Well-Known Member

    Check with "Lt. Lou D.", he was the NYPD point of contact, all of the squad cars are currently being retrofitted, because the locking mount had to be modified from the current Ithacas to accept the new Mossbergs...
  10. Sergeant Sabre

    Sergeant Sabre Well-Known Member

    Zero to "vs." thread in only 6.0 posts!!!

    C'mon now, if NYPD is updating their shotguns, that's great. Let's not make this about what we think they should have picked instead.
  11. tpaw

    tpaw Well-Known Member

    Dave Williams states"

    Actually no. The NYPD had shotguns in the early 1900's. My personal experience was in the late 60's and early 70's when the BLA (Black Liberation Army) was very active in crime and killing police officers in the NYPD by means of ambush. At the time, we were authorized to arm ourselves accordingly (more than just the .38 Cal. hand gun). Some of our long arms were brought from home. Keep in mind, NYC at the time was a battle zone. Weapons stolen from military armories by the BLA were being used against us, to include fragmentation hand grenades that were thrown under patrol cars.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
  12. tpaw

    tpaw Well-Known Member

    Your points are very well taken. However, after spending a career with the NYPD and dealing with vendors who hawk their products, it's not always quality, but quantity at the right price. Not to say Mossberg is not a fair product, the City of New York is only interested in cost. Obviously, of all the vendors who entered a bid, Mossberg was probably the cheapest, if in fact the NYPD is going to issue shotguns, which I seriously doubt. Although I'd like to see them in radio cars, it's something that anti-gun Mayor Bloomberg would would not allow. I'm surprised that he's not trying to disarm police officers of their handguns.
  13. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    Because pump guns are so hard to make...
  14. GTSteve03

    GTSteve03 Well-Known Member

    But they make them out of aluminum! You know, the stuff they make Coke cans out of! It's amazing they don't fail just by squeezing them! Now if you had an all-steel shotgun... :p
  15. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams Well-Known Member


    Thanks for you input.

    Ahh, the good old days, right?

    Dave Williams
  16. DMR

    DMR Well-Known Member

    14" barrel, 13 7/8" LOP, 3 dot adjustable night sights, Federal ammunition.

    And what is the extra junk? The stock, sights, barrel or the ammo?
  17. I like the 14" barrel! That's one of the few things I wish our new shotguns had...

    I'm sure the 590's will work well...I never knew NYPD didn't have shotguns in their cars. Very interesting.
  18. ozwyn

    ozwyn Well-Known Member

    On why the 590 is picked, I would expect the safety location is why.

    Not like there is a wrong choice on Remington vs Mossberg. I mean that whole debate is the fine art of splitting hairs given the good track of both brands.
  19. Old Guy

    Old Guy Well-Known Member

    The quickest S/G

    One of the strangest mind sets that bosses have, you know the old parable, the Chiefs pick the scalping knives, the braves have to carry them.

    Picture of brave on Pony, knife dragging on ground!

    For instance, the Glocks with 12 lb triggers, how stupid is that.

    Having peed on the NYPDs parade, I will have to say the 14" Barrel, 3 dot night sights, great. Maneuverability out and in to the Radio Car perfect, overall length is what it should be. Low velocity slugs? 1000 FPS I would hazard a guess. People here talk of the awesome sound of a shot gun being racked, any awesome deterrent value in shotgun deployment, to my mind, get to look into that big pipe! With a 22 year old newly minted Patrol Officer in charge of your longevity hanging on to it.

    Good Luck NYPD.
  20. md7

    md7 Well-Known Member

    although i prefer remington, i would never turn my nose up at a mossberg. they just plain work. NYPD could do much worse imho.

    here is to hoping that New York's finest are able to obtain this weapon and stay safe.

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