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Oak Harbor, WA rejects motion to restrict carry in city council meeting

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by michaelbsc, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Pointshoot

    Pointshoot Well-Known Member

    Yes, the behavior is completely irrational.

    They fear the object (which they havent even seen) for irrational reasons, and stand around for irrational reasons. - - - Some want group approval to justify their own fears. That was true with the 'man' I described earlier. The whole thing is damned pathetic.

    Some are just pushing an agenda. Could be both working (paranoia and an agenda)

    Such people are impossible to reach, impossible to reason with.

    But it doesnt matter what they do/think. It ultimately only matters what citizen gunowners do/think.
  2. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    Dori Monson, the only non-liberal on KIRO news radio, interviewed the veteran and mayor just now. The councilman was invited but the show hasn't heard back yet.
  3. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    The February 5th Oak Harbor City Council Meeting will be held in the vehicle bay of a nearby fire station to accomodate extra people. Of course the anti-gun side suggested a school building where firearms possession would be illegal.

  4. radiotom

    radiotom Well-Known Member

    What a debacle.
  5. 9MMare

    9MMare Well-Known Member

    I dont know if I can get there in time on a workday but I have a couple of friends up there....if they dont already know about it, I know they'd love to attend, cc'ing.

    (And it wont be much of a secret....he wears a fishing vest all the time).
  6. jamesbeat

    jamesbeat Well-Known Member

    It's irrational, so you can't rationalize it.

    I have a bottle of aspirin in my bathroom cabinet. If I took them all right now, I'd probably die. Does than mean I should be afraid of aspirin?
    Why aren't these people scared of cars? Far more people die in car accidents than from incidents or accidents involving firearms, so why not be afraid of cars?

    Completely and utterly irrational, yet they get an audience because they use tragic events to rationalize their fears.

    I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I have a phobia of spiders. I know that my chances of being injured or killed by one are vanishingly small, yet I'm still afraid of even the non venomous ones.
    Having said that, people are sometimes killed or injured by an encounter with certain spiders, so my phobia isn't quite as irrational as a phobia of, say, spoons.
    Difference is, I know that the problem is mostly in my head, and I don't have any compulsion to persuade other people that they should be scared of them too.
  7. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Open carry is welcome too. There will be uniformed police officers there. Nothing like a guy with a gun going up and shaking hands and be friendly with the police officers to really get the anti-s going.
  8. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Here is the latest reporting on the gun grabbers efforts!


  9. rsilvers

    rsilvers Well-Known Member

    Wow - that guy who walked out must pee sitting down.
  10. rsilvers

    rsilvers Well-Known Member

    I am just a bit extra surprised when men are afraid of tools. A woman who likes guns is impressive. A man who does not feel comfortable with guns, dogs, can't start a fire, or drive a manual transmission - that is weak.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2013
  11. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    That wouldn't work anyway. That's been tried before, and failed. 2 reasons. WA state open meeting law prohibits such a move (for several reasons), and the gun free school zone law exempts such public meetings from the gun free zone law.
  12. rsilvers

    rsilvers Well-Known Member

    "the gun free school zone law exempts such public meetings from the gun free zone law."

    That is not true. There is no such exemption.

    That being said, CCW holders are except from the gun-free school zone in their home state. But there may be state laws.
  13. 9MMare

    9MMare Well-Known Member

    Examiner quote:

    "A Democrat precinct volunteer in Oak Harbor has acknowledged to Examiner that opponents of guns in city parks are trying to pack the city council meeting next Tuesday specifically to keep gun rights activists out."

    That shouldnt work...Seattle tried it a couple of yrs ago and it was shot down...there was a legal challenge and it was unConstitutional per the state Constitution.
  14. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    There is no exception for public meetings in either the Federal Gun Free School Zone law or Washington State law:
    RCW 9.41.280
    Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities — Penalty — Exceptions.

    (1) It is unlawful for a person to carry onto, or to possess on, public or private elementary or secondary school premises, school-provided transportation, or areas of facilities while being used exclusively by public or private schools:
    (a) Any firearm;

    (3) Subsection (1) of this section does not apply to:
    (b) Any person engaged in military, law enforcement, or school district security activities.
    (c) Any person who is involved in a convention, showing, demonstration, lecture, or firearms safety course authorized by school authorities in which the firearms of collectors or instructors are handled or displayed;
    (f) Any nonstudent at least eighteen years of age legally in possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon that is secured within an attended vehicle or concealed from view within a locked unattended vehicle while conducting legitimate business at the school;
    (h) Any law enforcement officer of the federal, state, or local government agency.

    (6) Except as provided in subsection (3)(b), (c), (f), and (h) of this section, firearms are not permitted in a public or private school building.
  15. joeschmoe

    joeschmoe Well-Known Member

    I was wrong then. This came up a few years ago regarding a similar issue.
  16. Alfonse99

    Alfonse99 Member

    This post is very informative. I didn't realize Washington's preemption laws are what they are. Here, the City of Chelan has its council chambers and City Hall posted as "No Guns Zones." I'll have to bring that to their attention.
  17. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    RCW 9.41.300

    Washington Court Rules, Chelean Superior Court:

    The locations of the "gun free" zones must be limited to the areas specified in the court rules, but there must be signs at the entrances to the building saying that firearms are prohibited in the restricted areas.
  18. Alfonse99

    Alfonse99 Member

    Thanks for the links. In the City of Chelan (different from the county courthouse above) there are signs at the entrance for the council chambers, and I believe the entire city hall building, of it being a "gun free" zone. There are no court chambers involved.

    I'm sure it will be brought up and addressed.
  19. NavyLCDR

    NavyLCDR member

    Only if you bring it up and address it.... otherwise, they will continue to take advantage of those people who will not take the time/effort to find out what the real law is.
  20. flip888

    flip888 Well-Known Member

    I live very close to Oak Harbor, im glad the mayor did what he did. I actually learned a lot from that video. Thanks for the link to the video.

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