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"Obama asks police to help pass gun legislation"

Discussion in 'Activism' started by ezkl2230, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

    Obama asks police to help pass gun legislation - Yahoo! News

    The brief article makes it clear that he is cherry picking the police chiefs who participate (Aurora, Newtown, etc.). You can bet Sheriff Joe won't be asked by the president to come represent the OUR side of the debate!

    And THAT is what we need to push for. For every police chief invited by the administration to sing THEIR song, we need to require our legislators to invite a police chief/sheriff to speak for OUR side!

    Question - are there any officers on this forum who can contact their own legislators and volunteer to speak on our behalf to counter Obama's latest move?

    To the phones!
  2. HorseSoldier

    HorseSoldier Well-Known Member

    So when I was a street cop I worked in a state that's somewhere near the top in the nation for per capita gun ownership, where we have no licensing or permitting requirements for concealed carry, and where we probably have the highest per capita percetage of people who daily rely on firearms as tools for self-defense (vs 2 or 4 legged predators) or for putting food in the freezer in the nation. And like everywhere else these days, our gun stores have trouble keeping popular caliber semi-auto pistols and scary black rifles on the shelves.

    And . . . we have our share of gun crime, wholly unremarkable and in line for a city of the size I live and worked in. I'd be absolutely more comfortable walking through our worst part of town at midnight, awash as it is with guns, unarmed and with a wad of $100's taped to my lapel than I would be walking through a bad part of Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC or New York at noon.

    So, from the trenches and not at all at the decision/policy maker level in law enforcement? My consensus is guns aren't the problem and trying to target them is just another example of the peculiarly American fetish for trying to find technological solutions/scapegoats for human systems problems.
  3. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    If I lived in one of the cities whose police chief lobbied for gun laws, I would look over the city police regulations very carefully. In many cities, police are banned from lobbying or engaging in politics and a public outcry against a chief who teamed up with Bloomberg and Obama could cost him his job.

    "Why was Chief Jones lobbying Congress when the Last National Bank was robbed?" or "Where was Chief Jones when that hit-and-run driver escaped?"

  4. avs11054

    avs11054 Well-Known Member

    THIS!!!!! My dept specifically forbids employees from partaking in politics while on duty. I was amazed to see them show up at Di-Fi's events. And to think that they supplied her with props is despicable...
  5. bowserb

    bowserb Well-Known Member

  6. ezkl2230

    ezkl2230 Well-Known Member

  7. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Jim K and avs11054 have hit upon something! If City or dept. policy is against polyticking then we should be able to find this out and use it against Anti CLEOs.
  8. goon

    goon Well-Known Member

    More evidence of this president saying he wants a true "dialogue," then only asking people who will say what he wants to hear.

    He can play this game all he wants, but Americans are voicing their displeasure to their representatives and they are voicing it with their wallets. Biased police chiefs have no pull with your senator or representative who only keeps his or her job through your votes.
    If need be, help them remember that.
  9. Rimfaxe

    Rimfaxe Well-Known Member

    anyone have a list of attendees and their jurisdictions? That's a good place to start.

    If I understand correctly the Police Chief is typically a municipal employee accountable to the city government. The folks running the city governments are elected officials. A Sheriff is usually elected however.

    There is a way to leverage this, either directly with the police departments or indirectly via the elected officials of a particular city.
  10. Kiln

    Kiln Well-Known Member

    He wants to hear everybody's opinion. As long as that opinion falls into the category of being against firearms ownership.

    His idea of a "national dialogue" is all of the anti-gun groups in the nation getting lots of dialogue while the rest of us listen to it.

    Don't worry, CNN and company have done more to promote his agenda than anyone else and they're still hard at work.
  11. rjrivero

    rjrivero Well-Known Member

    The great equalizer is the internet. Social media and alternative news sources are awash with pro 2nd Amendment sentiment. You tube is filling up with pro 2nd Amendment videos and exposing the tricks the MSM uses to demonize those who disagree. It's up to us to continue this fight as long as we must.

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