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Obama needs to listen to what he said today

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gym, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. gym

    gym member

    He swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. That contains the Right To Bear Arms, So it can't be both ways either you swear to protect it or not. By protecting it he is contradicting any "gun control" issues that fly directlly in the oposing side of our laws.
    Another example of outright lying on the Presidents part.
    Someone needs to point this out to him, It doesn't say "except for Obamas interpretation of the Constitution", anyware.
  2. youngda9

    youngda9 member

    Do you seriously not understand the other side? They claim they are not taking away your right because they are not taking away any of your guns (right now), they just want to limit the ones you can have.

    They are not absolutists in this manner as many of THR members are (I included).

    So in their mind they are not "infringing" on anything, and therefore he doesn't believe he is lying while taking his oath.
  3. smogmage

    smogmage Well-Known Member

    If you haven't figured out he thinks and does the exact opposite of what he says... then I don't know what to tell you.

    Not infringing = stripping everything step by step

    Cut the debt in half in my first term = double it

    Entitlements Do Not Make Us A Nation Of Takers = Hey there's my voting base! Now pay up working sucker.
  4. Ky Larry

    Ky Larry Well-Known Member

    I fully understood Nobammo when he made the remark about bitter Americans clinging to their God, guns, and jobs. He is a lying, two-faced , elitist who thinks he's better than commoners. He sees himself as special but has no feelings or understanding of working class Americans.

    Sorry for the political rant. Please edit or delete as needed.
  5. Godsgunman

    Godsgunman Well-Known Member

    Why would he want to listen to anything he lets out of his mouth? He knows as well as I do that every word he speaks is false.
  6. Deanimator

    Deanimator Well-Known Member

    If he listened to what he said, he'd never have said half of it in the first place.
  7. gym

    gym member

    But it is a very good thing to bring up for people like Pierce, who continues to badger the American public for the sake of making money by gaining viewers, the entire argument is over once you play that clip. The NRA should use it in their next "promo" ad campaign.
    I swear to uphold the Constituion of the United States of America, dosen't leave any wiggle room at all.
  8. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    Not to hijack, but did anyone else hear Biden stumble for a split second during that exact part of his ceremonial swearing in today?

    Anyone ever see the TV show "lie to me" starring Tim Roth...? :D

    (Just giving the veep a hard time; he's still our veep, even if I'm absolutely and resolutely 180 degrees around the circle from him on this one.) :evil:
  9. buckeye8

    buckeye8 Well-Known Member

    1st Amendment? Check. (Religious Hospitals / Birth Control)

    2nd Amendment? Check. (Assault Weapons Ban)

    4th Amendment? Check. (Warrantless Wiretapping)

    5th Amendment? Check. (Due Process / killing known U.S. citizens abroad for being terrorists)

    6th Amendment? Check. (Indefinite Detention / Guantanimo)

    8th Amendment? Check (Habeas Corpus / Guantanimo)

    9th Amendment? Check. (Privacy via 4th Amendment)

    10th Amendment? Check. (Marijuana laws, Obamacare)

    That's only the Bill of Rights. Let's not get started on the rest of the Constitution. If you think that this guy, or anyone working for him, gives a second thought to that fading piece of parchment you referenced, then you haven't been paying much attention.

    Sorry if this is too political, but let's be real here.
  10. JustinJ

    JustinJ Well-Known Member

    buckeye, if you want to "be real here" can somebody explain to me where all this outrage over infringement of the bill or rights was during the previous administration? You say "this guy" as if everything Bush did never happened.

    I don't care one bit for the way this administrations record on the constitution but i'm tired of the hypocrites who were awfully silent when their guy was in office.
  11. radiotom

    radiotom Well-Known Member

    And how about the ones that were complaining about all this during Bush yet are silent now?
  12. SiteManager

    SiteManager Active Member

  13. 351 WINCHESTER

    351 WINCHESTER Well-Known Member

    Don't listen and believe what he says, believe what he does.
  14. meanmrmustard

    meanmrmustard Well-Known Member

    True dat. Wait, they were peeving about the debt crisis and war and gas prices.

    Now, into Year Five, King Oby has made it worse. That's why they're quiet. Because he doesn't have his predecessor to blame now, and neither do his loyal subjects.
  15. d2wing

    d2wing Well-Known Member

  16. yokel

    yokel Well-Known Member

    Hardly surprising behavior coming from a supporter of the gun enthusiast who merely hates what they do, why they do it, and who they are.

    But, he says it in an appealing way, giving us hope.
  17. michaelbsc

    michaelbsc Well-Known Member

    I wasn't silent then, and I'm not silent now.

    The best thing I've heard recently is a little poem.

    Republicans are red.
    Democrats are blue.
    Neither one of them
    Cares about you.

    But this is a gun site, so I try to keep a lid on it here. I think I've already gotten more than one thread locked despite my best efforts to stay focused.
  18. sidheshooter

    sidheshooter Well-Known Member

    That's right; annoyed by Bush subverting the document, annoyed by Obama carrying on the tradition. We're down to splitting hairs to tell any difference these days.

    Now back to gun threads.
  19. buckeye8

    buckeye8 Well-Known Member

    JustinJ, like the others who have commented, I am well aware that neither of the two major parties has a monopoly on disrespect for the Constitution, and I was very vocal about it during the prior administration as well.

    Sorry to the rest of you, for derailing the thread...
  20. Gordon_Freeman

    Gordon_Freeman Well-Known Member

    This is why I'm a Libertarian. Democrats and Republicans need to learn about what freedom really means and not infringe on our rights.

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