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Obtaining SBR

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by dovedescending, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. dovedescending

    dovedescending New Member

    I'm a little fuzzy on the rules, both Federal and State. Can somebody post a link to something that will explain it all in laymans terms alongside the official code?
  2. kimbershot

    kimbershot New Member

    cheaper to build than to buy. make sure it is legal in your state--do nfa google lookup. if legal, you can buy a stripped lower for 85 at spikes tactical. with mail and ffl transfer, maybe 150???? then contact atf and tell them you want to build an sbr and have them send you paperwork. need to get sign off by local cops (not so with a trust). once it is done, you forward application and 200 to feds describing build--cal/barrel length etc.. process is 4-5 months now.

    you have to get receiver engraved with personal details -name, city, state (per atf regs). check with atf on time line. then--it's time to get desired parts (fire control group and desired upper--either complete or piece by piece).

    check out http://www.silencertalk.com/forum/ much info on class 3 stuff.

    i thought about doing an sbr--it limits you geographically in that you have to notify feds if you want to travel out of state.

    good luck:)
  3. jmorris

    jmorris Active Member

    On the last one I built (AR) I assembled it as a pistol first to make sure it ran. After that I had it engraved, then sent in my paper work. Once it came back approved I swapped the buffer tube for a stock.
  4. dovedescending

    dovedescending New Member

    I presume than you built something in a pistol caliber?
  5. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Active Member

    Probably not. He probably has a .223/5.56 upper that he ran on a AR pistol lower.
  6. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    To be more clear, you are required to fill out and send in a form 5320.20 before you plan to take the gun across state lines. The ATF will check that you won't be violating the laws of the destination state and then send you your approval. Takes a week or two usually, I believe.
  7. Ranb

    Ranb Member

    Some people fax the form to the ATF with dates covering the span of their travel (sometimes a whole year), the day before they leave and forget about it. I have never heard of the ATF coming down on someone for not waiting for a reply after sending in the form (5320.20?).

  8. jmorris

    jmorris Active Member

    No it was .223; however, I did put ".22,.30,9mm,.45" in 4h. of the form one so I could use uppers in other calibers, as they no longer accept "multi".

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