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Occupy Sacramento

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Tirod, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Tirod

    Tirod Well-Known Member

    It's time to Occupy Sacramento. Literally, sit in and stay. Live there. It needs numbers, enough to overwhelm the typical system of drunk tanks and paddy wagons. About 50,000 would do.

    The CA legislature is proposing even more onerous laws concerning firearms, where do you draw the line? If they pass, and you don't comply, then being an outlaw will be more than a redneck bumpersticker. It will be you. If you turn in your guns, you live with the ignominy. No better than volunteering to get on the trucks to be "relocated" in Nazi Germany.

    Looks like it's time to turn the tables on a generation raised on social protest, and who relish the idea of being celebrated for it. Time to protest in exactly the same manner they did, bring the chickens home to roost. Let them play the role of the bigot and throw their weight around just like those they worked so hard to depose.

    The one right in the Constitution that nobody talks about or teaches - the right to disobey - is the primary fundamental human right. We spend a lot of time keeping it in check, but there is a time it should be exercised. Our history is one of disobedience. We refused to be treated like serfs under King George, and disobeyed his orders, his men, and his occupation.

    History repeats itself, time to resist the occupation of our country by those who would destroy it.
  2. Red Sky

    Red Sky Active Member

    It will take someone over there working hard to organize it, promote it, prepare it. You will need as close to every gun owner in the state as you can get to do it for it to be effective, and right now the first reaction of many is to give up and just leave (which works, screw that state anyway) - so it may be very difficult to pull off. Still, it seems worth the effort.
  3. Tirod

    Tirod Well-Known Member

    It's being done in Maryland.

    http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/feb/6/gun-rights-advocates-swarm-annapolis-fight-omalley/ And this is a liberal newspapers view of it.

    Beretta added that to enact that legislation would mean leaving the state. Other makers in Connecticut have expressed the intent, too.

    It's not about the realities of organizing it. Facebook/forums/ will get the word out. It's about tracking the legislative calendar. That's why NY put it ahead as an emergency action, and got under the radar there.

    They snuck it thru, in their rush they screwed up the language, most other states considering it see what kind of problem it's going to be.

    I don't think California gun owners are so lame they deserve everything getting shoved down their throats. Just maybe enough is enough, even for them. This time the legislature wants to not only ban the bullet buttons, but also the rest of the gun.

    Like that's a surprise?
  4. swalton1943

    swalton1943 Well-Known Member

    ar15s; for those of us who don't have a drone.
  5. Double Naught Spy

    Double Naught Spy Sus Venator

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