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Of Guns And Men by Eric Ross Ph.D.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by NIGHTWATCH, Jul 31, 2005.


    NIGHTWATCH Well-Known Member

    Of Guns and Men

    July 29, 2005
    by Eric Ross, Ph.D.

    Guns bad, gun laws good, confiscate guns, put gun manufacturers out of business, and let’s all live happily thereafter, crime-free. Right? – Wrong, my dear friend, dead wrong.

    That’s what the Bolsheviks did in 1917 when they usurped power. They confiscated guns, then turned Soviet Russia into the bloodiest tyranny in history. They had a nicely-worded Constitution, not unlike the U.S., they were a “Democracy” – tens of thousands of “people’s representatives” to the Soviets (People’s Councils) were at the helm of the legislative and executive power, and… they used mass terror, wiping out about 40 million of their own people to keep the rest in obedience.

    Let’s look at another country, Switzerland. Tourists are astonished to see citizens carrying military rifles in public, especially at the time of a rifle competition, Schuetzenfest (shooting festival) in town. You may see men and women, old and young, even children as young as 12, carrying rifles over their shoulders on the streets, right past the police stations. (Make no mistake of trying this at home, in the U.S., as a trigger-happy police SWAT Team, with helicopters, night-vision scopes, and armored vehicles will be called upon you.)

    W e all heard of those famous brand names, the Swiss banks that don’t bow down to the world’s political powers, the powers which come and go, and the Swiss Army knife, and Swiss Army watch, but this is not what the Swiss military is really known for. The Swiss military has a reputation of having the world’s best marksmen and athletes in its ranks, and it is not a regular army, rather – it’s a citizen’s militia. Between their regular annual tour of duty of two to three weeks per year from ages 20 to 42, Swiss soldiers and officers are obliged to keep their weapons at home, and may practice at the many rifle and pistol ranges managed by local communities. The old tradition of armed citizenry brought the country peace, prosperity and neutrality, which nobody, not even Hitler dared to violate. Nazi armies chose to invade other countries, those with strict gun controls, and easily controlled citizens. In Russia circa 1941, the People’s volunteer corps were fighting German troops with 1 old bolt action 1891 rifle shared between 3 soldiers.

    In fact, Switzerland has more firepower per person than any country in the world, and an average Swiss citizen has more firepower than available to combat troops in many armies. Yet, Switzerland is one of the safest places on the planet, a country where crime is virtually non-existent.

    Now, take England where guns are banned. Using data through 1996, the U.S. Department of Justice study "Crime and Justice" concluded that in England the robbery rate was 1.4 times higher, the assault rate was 2.3 times higher, and the burglary rate was 1.7 times higher than in the U.S. The study suggests that lawful gun ownership in the U.S. deters such crimes, which run rampant in England.

    In further contrast, Swiss Federal Police Office data often sounds almost too good to be true, with no homicides at all reported in Geneva. Most crime in Switzerland, about 70 percent, is attributed to foreigners. The country had a rate of 1.2 homicides per 100,000 population in 1997, with only a fraction of those committed with firearms, and 36 robberies per 100,000. In 2000, the total number of murders in Switzerland was 69, of which 40 were committed with firearms. That’s a rate of 0.57 per 100,000, or 2.5 times less than in England. By comparison, Great Britain, where guns are banned, had a homicide rate of 1.4 per 100,000 (2.5 times higher) and a robbery rate of 116 per 100,000 of population (or 4 times higher than in Switzerland.)

    The U.S. Trial Lawyers, hiding behind the facade of “good intentions” raided and destroyed many American industries, and already put many good, dedicated doctors out of practice of medicine. They also want to put gun manufacturers out of business (and split the proceeds), using baseless, frivolous lawsuits launched in well-known, plaintiff-friendly, anti-gun jurisdictions where judges view their role as being “fighters for social justice,” Neo-Marxist style. U.S. firearm manufacturers have spent $200 million in legal fees to defend themselves against frivolous lawsuits, that’s more than the entire industry’s total profits in 1999. To save the domestic gun industry, Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader, brought to the floor of the Senate the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act," which has won the bipartisan support of 61 senators. Let him and your Senators know you support the bill, too.

    The Soviet-style apparatchiks in all branches of the US Government of today would just love to ban gun ownership, one of the last bastions of Democracy in the US, then trample on whatever’s left of our naïve, prepubescent notions of Democracy as they “teach” in Middle School. The millions of Neo-Marxists of today masquerading behind the many “good causes” and perfectly “good intentions” recognize they cannot seize power first, then impose terror. They see a different path to the triumph of Communism, through stealth and a cultural hegemony first, in which Colleges, Universities and above all – Courts – are their powerful agents of change through a Cultural Revolution. America’s Neo-Marxists of all hues want to change the Culture first, then the power would fall into their lap like a ripened peach. Give up your constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms, and see the Tyrants burn Constitution, redistribute property, and destroy the Western Civilization, which their rank and file is mind-programmed to hate with passion, then – materialize their vision of a World Government, in which they, of course, will remain the ruling oligarchy, and you – would be openly converted to slaves.

    Far fetched? – With way over 2 million in jails, the US is already in the 1 st place in the World in absolute and per capita numbers of incarcerated, in use of prison labor, and in technologically advanced, sophisticated prison industry, demanding more bodies for its continued growth. If you are unaware of it – thank the mass media, the Neo-Marxists’ agent of change.

    Eric Ross, Ph.D.

    Copyright © Eric Ross, Ph.D., 2005. About the author: Dr. Eric Ross is a management consultant and an adjunct professor in the North East. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and MBA in Economics and Finance and is a member of the National Business Honor Society. He is a full-time father to an adorable 7-year-old boy, and an ardent researcher of economic and political “megatrends.” Being originally from the defunct Soviet Union and painfully familiar with the massive social injustices, first hand, he is painfully aware of the erosion of the constitutional principles, protections and liberties in the United States. He can be reached at netmgr@optonline.net

  2. SIGarmed

    SIGarmed Well-Known Member

    Great read. This man would know about "New-Marxist" too being from behind the iron curtain.
  3. He is absolutey right on all counts.

    P.S. I read a book about Switzerland a few years ago (Something like Operation Switzerland) that detailed what he was saying. It's all true. Also, many years ago Gun Digest had an illustrated article on Switzerland and guns showing crowds walking past government building with assault rifles as a traditional celebration of their right to keep and bear arms.
  4. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    All right. Let's get busy. We can bump the Swiss down to number 2.
  5. I think I remember the name of the book I read on Switzerland a few years ago. I believe it was titled Target Switzerland. I highly recommend it.
  6. warriorsociologist

    warriorsociologist Well-Known Member

    Sounds like the kind of info I used to be fluent with & need to be better about keeping on hand where I work (a University Sociology Dept.)

    CTRL-ALT-DEL member

    Right on target.
  8. sssteinkamp

    sssteinkamp Active Member

    Well, it's not entirely true...

    I have friends who live in Switzerland, and while everyone has an assault rifle, they aren't walking around with them all the time. The law mandates that the weapon be unloaded, and kept in a locked safe or otherwise secured. They aren't ready for instant use.

    Further, the Swiss are not allowed handguns as commonly as we are. There are special permits and the like. Switzerland isn't a place with a gun in every pocket by any means. From talking to my friends, the crime rate is so low because of the attitudes of the people and a near total abscence of poverty.

  9. RevDisk

    RevDisk Well-Known Member

    Not with NFA in place. The Swiss govt gives its reservists full autos and ammo to keep at their house. There's something around 170k auto's total on the NFA registry. That's a hard limit that will only decrease as years go by.

    Until NFA or at least the Hughes Amendment is repealed, they got a lock on Number 1. Thank FDR and Reagan for that.
  10. Kurush

    Kurush Well-Known Member

    Great paper. I would have waited until I had tenure before I wrote something like that, but great paper nonetheless. Economics and CompSci departments are a lot more libertarian than most departments, but even so making enemies is making enemies.
  11. DelayedReaction

    DelayedReaction Well-Known Member

    One of the reasons that Switzerland is rarely invaded is because of the nature of the terrain. Combined that with the heavily armed citizenry, and you either have a nightmare scenario or a guerilla utopia depending on what side of the front you're on.
  12. carebear

    carebear Well-Known Member


    You're right, but individual handgun and right to carry laws vary per canton and even large town if I remember correctly. So it kind of depends on where you are whether the guy next to you has a piece on him.

    And though the (assault) weapons are locked up most of the time (as are most of mine in theory), the CITIZEN holds the key.

    That's the big issue, the government's trust in its citizens.
  13. CAnnoneer

    CAnnoneer Well-Known Member

    There certainly are strong military reasons why one would not want to invade Switzerland.

    But, those were not on the top of the Nazi list. The primary reasons were:

    1) there was no incentive to invade
    2) the Swiss banks were only too happy to launder the gold the Nazis stole from the national banks of the conquered countries and from the personal possessions (including dental crowns) of their victims.
  14. carebear

    carebear Well-Known Member

    And Switzerland performed a needed role for communication and trade with the outside world.

    Which was consistent with its position, vulnerability and declared neutral status. They were definitely friendlier to the Allies than the Axis in practical means.
  15. tetchaje1

    tetchaje1 Well-Known Member

    I lived in Switzerland for three years (1992 - 1995) and it is definitely common to see people walking around the train stations with their SIG 551s, but it isn't as though everybody and their grandmother is packing a heater wherever they go. People who were carrying their weapons generally were doing so because of their reserve duty or because of their Shuetzenfests, not because they were doing so for personal protection.

    What has been said about the virtual absence of poverty is true, and is probably a major contributor to the lack of crime there. What was said in the article about foreigners committing the crimes is also true, since there are many Indian, Sri Lankan, etc... refugees that work there way into the country because of its prosperity. These are the people who are the ones living in poverty there, and desperation sometimes leads people to do terrible things.

    My favorite, though, was the bloke riding a Yamaha V-max down the highway with his SIG 55X strapped to his back. Talk about bad a$$... :evil:
  16. RevDisk

    RevDisk Well-Known Member

    Plenty of reasons to invade. Just not good ones. Try to loot banks? Vaults were supposedly wired with explosives. Try to use it as means of supply? Expect any convoys to get blown up or the bridges dropped.

    Yep. The Swiss are well known for their banking laws. While I also see it as distasteful to accept gold from the Nazis, they were an admittedly neutral country. Means not taking sides, either side. They historically have been a neutral party for many centuries and it seems to work well for them. They have a niche that everyone respects.

    Call it economic warfare, but it also serves as an aspect of their defense. If the leaders of hostile countries have money invested in the vaults in Switzerland, they're not going to risk their own cash in an attempted invasion.

    Heh. Typically legal to do so in my state, but don't expect the cops to leave ya alone. Reminds me a bit of SnowCrash.
  17. Xori Ruscuv

    Xori Ruscuv New Member

    Some important notes on some things that some people have wrong in this discussion:

    * There was a planned invasion of Switzerland by the Nazis in 1940. Gen. Henri Guisan (Swiss general elected in 1939) mobilized the Swiss people and Swiss army to prepare for defensive action. This turned the Nazis away.
    * Switzerland is very difficult to invade at present not just because of excellent firearms training being common in the populace, but also the fact that their tunnels and bridges are built with tank traps and are primed with demolition charges so that they can be used against invading forces. The Swiss air force has underground airbases in the Alps. Planes are launched from these bases using similar technology to that found on aircraft carriers.
    * I think someone mentioned this, but I will mention it again: regulation and registration of handguns and full-auto rifles is handled differently per canton. For example some cantons require permit for carry, others don't.
    * Though the Swizz banks did deal with Nazi regime money, one of the largest "deposits" during the war was when the Nazis realized they were losing the war - they took huge stashes of gold and valuables and dumped them in a lake in the alps. The riches have since been recovered, some things returned to the family lines from which they were taken (mostly Jewish families), some put in museums. I doubt the Swiss approved this, it was likely a clandestine mission on the part of the Nazis.
    * A large contributor to the absence of crime is the social structure of communities of Switzerland. Pride in success, pride in safety, and pride in peace in one's community is effective in eliminating crime.
  18. javafiend

    javafiend member

    During WWII 4 million Swiss were surrounded by the Fascist powers with some 120 million people. Hitler and his propagandists repeated denounced and maligned Switzerland. Luftwaffe aircraft invaded Swiss airspace they came under attack and several were shot down. During just about each year of the war Hitler ordered his generals to develop invasions plans, and each time his generals came back with "yes, we could do it, but it would be long, costly, and quite bloody."

    Gold. Had there truly been no incentive to invade, why would Hitler have assigned his generals the task of studying Switzerland invasion scenarios?
  19. CAnnoneer

    CAnnoneer Well-Known Member

    The primary concern of Hitler and co was land to settle with representatives of the master race, where the locals would be the serfs. That is why they always looked at the fertile plains of Russia with such hungry eyes.

    Switzerland has nothing to offer but infertile mountains and stubborn people that fall more under master race ethnically than they do under "untermenschen" in the Nazi worldview. As to plans, Hitler had many of those but what was realistically intended and what was just chestbeating are different things.

    Finally, it is a historical fact that the Nazis transfered a lot of gold even early on, so as to get foreign currencies to buy military supplies. Switzerland was a nice convenient local place to do business and so I find it very hard to believe that the Nazis would have ever jeopardized that.

    A similar arrangement was constructed with Sweden, as the Swedes agreed to continue shipping high-quality iron ore to the Nazi war industry. They did have to whack Norway for a number of reasons, which also allowed them to keep Sweden in check, but that is a different story.

    If neutrals give you what you want, why invest resources to conquer them?
  20. rick newland

    rick newland Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this is true or not, but I always liked it. At a diplomatic function in Switzerland a German diplomat told a Swiss diplomat that the German army was ten times larger than the Swiss military and how could they win if Hitler decided to invade. The Swiss diplomat replied "each one of our soldiers will fire ten times".

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