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Oh man. Is there a real estate guy in the house? (Yeah, RKBA related!)

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Jim March, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    Y'all are NOT gonna believe this.

    A few of you know the story of how I got involved in the RKBA in the first place, circa 96/97. Extreme short form: buddy 'o mine got ripped off by his ex-wife, false charges leveled, he gets thrown out of the house on a restraining order, he goes out of state for cancer surgery, she gambles that he won't make it and has the same cop who swore out the restraining order declare him dead.

    No, I'm not making this up. The cop stole eight guns out of Portland (OR) PD via a false judicial order, tried to convince his boat broker he was dead, did all sorts of stuff to further the dead story and then when the buddy (Howard) doesn't have to decency to, y'know, actually CROAK the same cop writes up charges of violating the RO. Never mind that the woman is now a documented liar and con artist.

    I helped Howard gather all the evidence, we put it online AND gave it to the DA's office, he finally went up there in 1996 and dared them to arrest him, they wouldn't. Kind of a shaky case doncha know.


    A relatively short form of the story with evidence is (thank GOD) still online:


    RKBA connection: the madwoman involved put a hit out on me, that led to trying to get a CCW permit...and the rest is a lot of ugly history. (Plus, did I mention the eight stolen guns yet? Ah. Yeah.)

    So now 9 years later, Howard is elderly and in very poor health in Texas, somebody at Portland PD resurrects the warrant.


    Texas won't extradite. But the Multnomah County DA's office has managed to yank his social security. He'll be homeless in a month.


    So he has a friend find me on the net yesterday, we talk, I'm gonna try one last time to fix this mess...for good this time.

    Don't have any of the original papers but at least I personally scanned and uploaded the scans we do have, so I can do a declaration as to their origins.

    Why do I need a real estate guy?

    Well back in '96 there was a part of this megascam we found out about but didn't know how to research. Messing around with Howard's state of aliveness wasn't her only scam. The main one was mortgage fraud. And one way she paid off the cop was via cut-rate mortgages.

    So. I need to find real estate in the Portland area owned by this cop. From there I can trace out the financial links. I need to know what properties this guy owned over about a 12 year period. It's public records, right? I also know which two mortgage brokers she was involved in - is it possible to tie this cop to one or both mortgage firms? Can anybody in the real estate biz do a quick records search? I'd be very much obliged. I need to dig up some hardcore dirt on these people STAT.
  2. Wiley

    Wiley Well-Known Member


    Real Estate records are public. As are many other records: Wills, DD214's, Loan/mortgage papers, Deeds, etc. Anything recorded with the Clerk's office is public.

    Know nothing of Portland but, in Cobb County, GA they are on-line and downloadable. The site is run by the Clerk of Superior Court's office.

    So, check and see if the County that Portland is in has them on-line.

    If that fails you may have to pay someone to physicaly go to the Clerk's office to do a lookup. Not all that expesive.

    For either one you will need to know the Seller (Grantor) and or the Buyer (Grantee) full names. Addresses will be helpfull to make sure of the property. Before I put in an offer on my current house, I checked on the property and owner to make sure that everything was clear.
  3. geekWithA.45

    geekWithA.45 Moderator Emeritus

    My nickel's worth of advice:

    Yer gonna need some guys on the ground, in that area, who are not connected to the controversy.

    Phone up some real estate brokers, figure out who their title clearing agency is. They're in the biz of researching public record real estate transactions. Hell, most of them work out of vans parked outside the clerk's office.

    Normally, they're little one - three man shows, who are probably not averse to a little sleuthing for a little money.
  4. bobaloo

    bobaloo Well-Known Member

    You're pushing or past the statute of limitations on most any kind of action you could bring on these matters. You need to get something done fast if you want to get anywhere, and you're going to need professional help IMHO.

    Don't know how good of buddy he is, it's clear he doesn't have any money, but if he was a good buddy of mine I'd come up with a grand for some rabid lawyer's time and see where we could get.
  5. RocketMan

    RocketMan Well-Known Member


    My wife is a paralegal that does title search work in the Willamette Valley, but unfortunately, she does not cover the Portland area.
    However, she has some good advice about how you can approach this, plus information on probable costs, accessability of information (not much online up there, according to her), the types of folks you need to contact to do the research, etc.
    PM me if you want some details.
  6. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member


    This type of fraud occurs routinely involving restraining orders faulsly obtained by woman against men in the pursuit of the mans property. And they are VERY bad news for gun owners b/c you cannot possess a gun after a restraining order based on intimate relations. It's a federal offense.

    Stand up and take note gun owners, this is one way the BRADY bunch and the left are trying to get your guns, one by one.

    See the equal justice foundation website for more information on this fraud.
  7. JesseJames

    JesseJames Well-Known Member

    Tell him to develop better taste in women.
    Watch out for the crazies. A friend of mine got pretty much put through the wringer by his ex-wife.
  8. BigFatKen

    BigFatKen Well-Known Member

    In FL

    There may be a place like this one online for your area.


    This will tell you EVERYTHING you want to know about Manatee County, FL Real Estate

    In SF area there will be one, but check your friend's area
  9. roo_ster

    roo_ster Well-Known Member

  10. JJpdxpinkpistols

    JJpdxpinkpistols Well-Known Member

  11. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Well-Known Member

    I think the first people I would call would be

    A) The FBI - the actions of the ex are now crossing state lines and involving a federal agency. This is patently FBI jurisdiction. They tend to look down on these type of things.

    B) The SEC - If there is mortgage fraud, the SEC is the goto agency. These people don't dick around. They are dead serious.

    C) The state attorney general's office for both Oregon and Texas. Now that the "E" word is involved (extradition) there should be ground for the AG's office in both states to know the whole story.

    D) John Stossel - no, I'm not kidding. This is the kind of story that a newsy would give their eye-teeth for (and maybe a few other body parts on a good day) - intrigue, racketeering, a vengeful spouse, malicious involvement by a local member of the constabulary, etc. All the kinds of things that sell airtime and make names for investigative reporters. Stossel is one of the more level headed and one of the few I might actually come close to trusting.

    You should be able to do a name history search of real property records at the county clerk's office for a nominal fee. If they can't, or won't help, contact a local title company and see if they will do it. If they won't do it, well, there is always the real estate attorney route, but the expense may be too burdensome.

    Given a reasonably decent attorney, I can't see why your buddy wouldn't be able to get a fed judge to issue some kind of TRO against pretty much everyone involved with the deception, fraud, and theft. It won't help his living situation any, but it will at least get him on better legal footing.

  12. DesertEagle613

    DesertEagle613 Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to sue the ex? I'll bet you could argue all kinds of monetary damages, emotional distress, etc.
  13. losangeles

    losangeles Well-Known Member

    Holy Cow! What a sequence of events. Best of luck to you!
  14. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    Suing at this point for damages is probably out of the question. Howard suffered a major stroke three years ago that has cost him a lot of his memory. Witnesses such as his mom are no longer available after this much time. There's paperwork lost - in fact the stuff still on my website is a Godsend. Fortunately I'm the one that obtained, scanned and posted all that stuff so I can write a declaration in support of it's authenticity and a court "should" be able to accept it unless the judge is flat-out rotten.

    Right now he just wants the warrant gone, his social security back and the life he's got in Texas to go on.

    There's some good news though. The Willamette Weekly in Portland is interested; they a small alternative free weekly but they won a Pulitzer last year and are taken seriously as a news source.

    I've also talked to the deputy DA whose desk this landed on, had a pretty reasonable conversation with him yesterday. He's looking at the website now.

    I'm going to hold pat for a couple days, see what happens. If no action by Thursday we'll take this farther.

    The really screwed up part is that Howard *tried* to turn himself in in '97, and they turned him away right there at the DA's office. There was a camera crew in tow - it was from a local chapter of a "men's rights" group (people complaining about false domestic violence cases) who I'm trying to track down now.
  15. unixguy

    unixguy Well-Known Member

  16. Jim March

    Jim March Well-Known Member

    Good point...although a declaration in my name ought to be sufficient.

    There was an earlier version of the site too, under a completely different URL. (scratches head) Trying to recall it...hmmm...wait, I remember the title...I'll be dipped, it's there:


    Heh. First web page I ever did and it ain't pretty...this is as it was left in 1997. Plus with Howard actually there demanding that EVERY detail go up, it's has way too much detail. But it's all there, including the same scanned documents, same story as the present version which is just...kinda stripped down to the bare essentials. Howard admitted three days ago that it actually works much better now :).

    (The fact that I still had any of this up at all allowed Howard to make contact with me once Portland put the warrant out again; he had a friend google his own name...)

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