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Ohio CCW - Letter From Tom Brinkman Jr.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by gryphon, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. gryphon

    gryphon Well-Known Member

    This is a letter from Rep. Brinkman regarding the CCW legislation. SOme of you may have already received this letter, but for those who have not, please read:

    AS most of you know, concelaed carry legislation is now dead for the year. Considering the horrible gun control that the Senate attached to H.B. 274, this is a good thing. As it was passed by the Ohio Senate, the bill was loaded with the worst, anti-gun mandates anyone could dream up including:

    • Forcing law-abiding Ohioans to submit to licensing and having their personal information deposited into a Big Government database
    • Forcing law-abiding Ohioans to get permission from Big Government to carry a firearm.
    • FOrcing law-abiding Ohioans to submit to be finger printed like convicted sex offenders.
    • Tripling the training mandate over the House passed version.
    • Increasing the licensing fee over the House passed version.
    • Requiring all CCW applicants to submit to mandatory finger printing.
    • Creating Big Government databases on law-abiding Ohioans that are accessible to anti-gun bureaucrats outside of Ohio.
    • And the worse change of all - the stripping out of the affirmative defense provision of the bill which would have protected law-abiding gun owners who wanted to opt out of the permitting process.

    The bill also contained so many restrictions on where a person could carry that most Ohioans would be breaking hte law if they carried their concealed firearms anyplace but in their own homes. The bill even contained a ban on CCW in your car. If this bill had become law, it would have been one of the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

    The changes were made to convince the State FOP to drop their opposition to the bill. However, when that was done, Gov. Bob Taft wanted even more gun control added to the bill before he would even consider signing it. Even though every anti-gun demand he wanted(including trigger locks) was attached to H.B. 274, Taft still said he would not support CCW. Considering how bad H.B. 274 was by the time the Senate was done with it, that is a good thing.

    I intend to re-introduce my Constitutional Right to Carry bill(H.B. 225) in January when it will be assigned a new number. As most pro-gun Ohioans know, I tried to get the Ohio House to vote instead for my COnstitutional, Vermont style Right to Carry bill, but was unsuccessful. Since that time, I work to strip all gun control from H.B. 274 and attach my bill(H.B. 225) to H.B. 274. When that failed, I worked to defeat the H.B. 274 gun control bill. Fortunately, we were successful in that effort.

    One thing was proven this year; we can pass something called concelaed carry. Next year we need to pass something that is concelaed carry adn is Constitutional. That something is Vermont-style Right to Carry.

    SIncerely Yours,

    Tom Brinkman Jr.
    State Representative
  2. Greg L

    Greg L Well-Known Member

    I met Tom at a GOA function last year (or at least it will be last year in 14 hours :D ). He seemed like a good guy to have on our side.

  3. Ninj500

    Ninj500 Well-Known Member

    When's he running for Governor? He's got my vote! Thank God for politicians that see the light, they're few and far between.
  4. gryphon

    gryphon Well-Known Member

    Governor, now there is an idea. I'd vote for him bigtime!
  5. Politically Incorrect

    Politically Incorrect Well-Known Member

    We need someone like him in charge of the Ohio State Troopers & FOP, who would admit that right now, anyone has the ability to carry a firearm in their car regardless of what the law says.

    The Kehoe brothers had no trouble carrying their firearms in their truck in the Wilmington, Ohio incident. The OSP does have to worry about criminals using guns against them no matter if the law allows law-abiding citizens to carry firearms or not. If someone is going to break the law, I'm pretty sure that common sense says that they are not going to get fingerprinted, go through a background check, training, and jump through hoops and perform tricks just to get a permit to carry.

    But it's citizens who must face a charge of a fourth degree felony for doing what an off duty cop is allowed to do: carry concealed handgun for personal protection.

    The Vermont style law is the most common sense approach to allowing concealed carry. By arresting those commiting a violent crime instead of arresting someone who peacefully excercise their right to "bear arms for their defense and security," as the state constitution clearly states.

    I could rant :cuss: about the excessive laws that make it difficult to stay within the law, but I won't.
  6. TheBluesMan

    TheBluesMan Senior Member

    Tom Brinkman is a good guy.... but he's dreaming if he thinks that the Ohio legislature will ever pass Vermont Style CCW.

    Hell, Vermont didn't even pass Vermont Style CCW!
  7. falconer

    falconer Well-Known Member

    The Vermont Style Carry bill is a pipe dream at best. Vermont's carry situation is the result of a court decision, not legislation. The only chance to get vermont style carry is the Ohio Supreme Court actually hearing the Hamilton County case.

    Even then, I think that 98% of us would be happy with a simple permit system. And once again, the whole affirmative defense clause is just plain BS. Ever wonder why the current law was ruled out? Cause it allows for an affirmative defense instead of having a clearcut carry/no carry scenerios. You'd have to be arrested, charged, then try to use the defense to get out of it. All because you are too high and mighty to take the stupid test and get the permit. :banghead:
  8. foghornl

    foghornl Well-Known Member

    Those of us in Ohio can try to get HB225 next time around, which is more like "Vermont Style" carry.

    As for our current Gov, 'Booby Taft', he will NEVER get another vote from me....for anything.
  9. ArmsAkimber

    ArmsAkimber Well-Known Member

    I am a member of Ohioans For Concealed Carry, an organization which supported HB 274 in its original House form. Rep. Brinkman's heart is in the right place, but a redo of HB 225 will not have any traction in the Senate or with Gov. Shaft.

    The 225 vs. 274 issue has unfortunately divided several pro-CCW groups here in Ohio. All the principled pro-225 arguments I have heard are excellent, but the reality of it is that such a bill cannot survive in the Ohio capital.

    When Michigan's CCW was passed, it was rather draconian, being descretionary issue, rather than shall issue. After several years, however, without any "Dodge Cities" the antis rant about, the law there has been liberalized (in the classical sense ;) ), and is now shall issue, if I am not mistaken.

    The goal of Ohioans For Concealed Carry is to pass a CCW law like the original HB 274, then to push for relaxation of restrictions of the law after the inevitable dearth of CCW holders going on shooting sprees.

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