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Ohio CCW permit.........44 days and counting?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by SnakeEater, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. SnakeEater

    SnakeEater Well-Known Member

    Hello, I'd like some feedback from fello Ohio CCW people. I applied for my license exactly 44 days ago in Butler County. For the past 7-10 days I've been calling the "CCW Coordinator" and he has yet to answer his phone. Several messages have been left and none responded to. Anybody got any advice? I suppose a visit to the Sheriffs office is in order. I'm aware that the law says they shall not take longer than 45 days to issue the license, but what if they do? I should've asked when I applied but do they mail it to you or call you to pick it up?

    Oh the agony!
  2. Rimmer

    Rimmer Well-Known Member

    Hey Mike,
    I'd drive to the Sheriff's office and speak to the Sheriff. Bring your receipt to prove the date you turned in the application. Something ain't right here If the Coordinator isn't returning calls.

    I'm in Columbiana county up North of you. I applied on the 18th of June and haven't heard anything. Last night at the range someone asked if I had called in yet. I said no I was waiting for them to call. Now I find out I was suppose to have been told to call in 3 days for fingerprinting/photo cause my background check would be complete. Nobody at the Sheriff's office mentioned that. I'm going in this afternoon, hopefully I'll have it in a couple days. :rolleyes:

  3. flatrock

    flatrock Well-Known Member

    I got mine in Clark County. I applied on April 8th and got it two weeks later. My wife applied more recently and got hers in 8 days. We both had to pick ours up at the Sherif's office where we applied.

    I would suggest that you contact the Ohioans for Concealed Carry. They may be able to help you put appropriate pressure on the Sheriff in Butler County to comply with the law if it takes longer than the 45 days.
  4. BB62

    BB62 Well-Known Member

    Please post the day count, day after day.
  5. SnakeEater

    SnakeEater Well-Known Member

    Just got off of the phone with THE Sheriffs secretary, she started to give me the run around. I informed her that Dep. Lehman (CCW Coordinator) has not returned my calls and now his voice mail is full. She said to try again Monday, I responded by saying that as of Saturday the sheriff is in violation of the law for taking over 45 days. HER RESPONSE: Oh, Mr. *****, I have your permit right here, looks like it was issued June 2! I'm very sorry about the lack of communciation, you're welcome to come and pick it up now if you'd like.

    Honest mistake? Until more people complain I'll assume that's what it was.
  6. mrtgbnkr

    mrtgbnkr Well-Known Member

    What she was really saying was, "We get 45 days and we're gonna take every last one of them (and more if people don't know any better)."

    Sorry it took so long, but congrats on the permit!
  7. zaijian

    zaijian Well-Known Member

    I did mine at Greene Co., was told 30 days. I'm currently on day 24.

  8. BB62

    BB62 Well-Known Member


    I'm sorry I didn't read your post more carefully. You said Butler County - which is where my license came from - 10 days (May 4 -14).

    The Deputy (Leyman), who was very nice and accomodating, didn't want me to write a letter praising him or his promptness.

    When I arrived, the lady at the desk did indeed have the licenses, and the person who called me (and I spoke personally with) and told me that mine was ready was Deputy Leyman (Lehman?).

    If I had noticed "Butler" I would have given my story sooner, but yes, I agree, I think it was a communication problem - that is unless his boss was making calls that day!

  9. SnakeEater

    SnakeEater Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm back with license in hand:D Applied May 23rd, Issued June 1. That really irks me that my license has been sitting there for over a month and nobody bothered notifying me. Anyway, it does indeed sound like Butler County is doing a good job, the occasional error is to be expected I suppose. Thanks to all for listening to my little rant.

  10. SemperFi83

    SemperFi83 Well-Known Member

    Applied in Delaware county. They called me on the 46th day (Memorial Day so I wasn't home) and told me to call back to make an appointment to pick up my license. Took 2 more days to get through to a live person and then had to make an appointment for 1 week later.

    I think a lot of these guys are pushing it to the limit (and beyond).
  11. Rimmer

    Rimmer Well-Known Member


    Glad ya finally have it in hand!

    An update to my above post. I went in today and was fingerprinted and photo taken, took all of 4 minutes. Deputy says it will be ready to pick up Monday or Tuesday latest. I'm to call him first.

    Looks like me not understanding their procedure cost me a few weeks:rolleyes:
  12. BB62

    BB62 Well-Known Member

    SemperFi - you ought to let OFCC (ofcc.net) know of your experience - info@ofcc.net
  13. zaijian

    zaijian Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally picked up my CCL today - what a beaut! :)

    Took Greene Co. 28 days instead of the 30 they originally said. I'm not going to complain :)
  14. usp_fan

    usp_fan Well-Known Member

    Wood County says two weeks and they don't issue on Friday's. I applied on a Wednesday and picked it up the next week (after calling) on a Friday. the deputy was more than happy to accomodate me after I explained I was rarely in town during their business hours. The background check had been done for several days. Good service in Wood county.

  15. gbourne

    gbourne Well-Known Member

    I applied in Columbiana Co. and it took 39 days. They had equipment problems. I guess I cant complain.

    Hey Rimmer how do I contact somebody at the Salem Club?
  16. Gaspasser

    Gaspasser Member

    Ohio CCW Permits

    I live in Lucas County, and although I haven't applied for my permit yet, it is my understanding that our Sheriff, Jim Telb, has yet to issue a single permit. The sheriff's department claims lack of funds and personnel to perform tbe background checks. We of course, know its just good old time stonewalling to keep from being in compliance with a law that really didn't have much support from some of Ohio's LE communities. By crying poor-mouth, they think they can keep their bacon out of the fire. Apparently they are unfamiliar with the phrase, shall issue.
    I have also heard that both Wood, and Fulton Counties are pretty responsive when issueing CCWs. :fire:
  17. Rimmer

    Rimmer Well-Known Member

    I sent you a PM about a week ago. Thought ya left the country .....
    Check your PM's and get back to me. I'll get ya in... maybe we can do a little shootin beforehand..
  18. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe Well-Known Member

    Mine took no time at all! In fact, I didn’t even have to pay a fee, attend training, or undergo a background check. I must live in a real good county... :)
  19. Atticus

    Atticus Well-Known Member

    WOW....Franklin County must hold the speed record- two days for me. And the rumor was that it would be one of the the worst. Go figure.

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