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Ok, it's a little silly, but..... Zombie holster!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by mdmorgan, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    I know some of you think the whole zombie thing is a little goofy. I do too, but I have a bunch of friends who are into it, and I figured what the heck why not make a zombie holster. So here it is. The “blood” is Testers paint. The biohazard emblem is pressed into the Kydex when the holster is formed and then colored in. what do you all think?

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  2. ZGunner

    ZGunner Well-Known Member

    Looks pretty cool. You formed it yourself?
  3. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    Yes, I run a small business making leather and Kydex holsters. My web site is my sig line.
  4. R.W.Dale

    R.W.Dale Well-Known Member

    Make em, sell the pee out of em to gamers and hipsters then when this most recent fad runs its course we'll pick up a nice holster used on the cheap and normalize things with a shot of krylon fusion.

    Fusion does work on klydex doesn't it?

    posted via that mobile app with the sig lines everyone complaints about
  5. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    there is always that ;)
  6. ZGunner

    ZGunner Well-Known Member

    I like the hybrid you have. How much extra do you charge for guns you don't have on your list? I'd be interested in one for a M&P compact if it wouldn't break the bank.
  7. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    For a common gun like that, I wouldn't charge anymore. Also, that list has not been updated for a while I have the 4.25" M&P is that the "compact"? they always confuse me with that.
  8. ZGunner

    ZGunner Well-Known Member

    3.5" is in their Compact Size moedels.
  9. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    I sent you a PM
  10. Husker_Fan

    Husker_Fan Well-Known Member

    Here's a marketing idea for you. There are a lot of gun ranges across the country that have "Zombie Shoots" around Halloween. These would be great as a prize for stage winners, overall winners, or as a door/raffle prize. You could donate a couple to a range in exchange for a sponsorship.
  11. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    You know, that's a great idea. I have been up to the DPMS zombie shoot in MN. I think I will contact them and see about doing that.
    Thanks for the idea.
  12. Husker_Fan

    Husker_Fan Well-Known Member

    Glad you like it. The first idea's free. After that I become a paid consultant :)
  13. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    I'll keep that in mind. ;)
  14. metalart

    metalart Well-Known Member

    Have a friend who would love it..
  15. skt239

    skt239 Well-Known Member

    I think the holster looks great. I hope you sell piles of them.
  16. CWL

    CWL Well-Known Member

    Not my thing, but I think you'll sell a lot of them.

    Zombies will eventually trend-out, but take the money while it's there.
  17. smalls

    smalls Well-Known Member


    But for the record, I do like the two tone kydex holsters like this one, or especially where the back sheet is just a little bigger than the front, so you can see the back color, too. Looks neat.
  18. BHP FAN

    BHP FAN Well-Known Member

    if only it were black and tan, rather than black and that ''zombie green''.....
  19. mdmorgan

    mdmorgan Well-Known Member

    I would be happy to make you one in any color combo you like.
  20. webfox

    webfox Well-Known Member

    Looks like a cool product. If you get the right marketing going, your turnaround time should be more than 2 weeks. It's not my style, but if I had disposable income, I'd get it for October.

    Good job. Keep hoping that "Walking Dead" continues to enthrall the audience.

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