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OK, REALLY need help with this one, S&W 14-5

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by bikemutt, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. bikemutt

    bikemutt Active Member

    This is not the first time I've seen this gun but I've always moved on because the asking price is high and I've never had the chance to engage the pawnshop owner to discuss.

    So, my understanding is this particular dash model is quite rare, pricey and nice looking. It''s basically a model 14 target masterpiece with a full underlug. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was a 586 38 special.

    My research indicates these guns don't sell for cheap. This specimen is in near-perfect condition, no box, papers etc. There is the very slightest of muzzle wear on one side that has to be pursued in earnest in order to see.

    With respect to the pictures, those include a very, very nice model 15 snub that I have some interest in, but not a great deal.

    Yes, there is a question lurking here. For the upper gun, the 6" model 14-5, asking $900+, I have a firm commitment to sell for $745 OTD CASH.

    Yea or Nay great ones?


  2. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    sounds like market to me

    the full underlug was made initially in 1991 and they had a run of 2000.

    The market liked them and it became standard.

    They were discontinued in 1999 so they are not as numerous as earlier, non lugged barrels.

    I am not a fan of the full lug...but a decent deal if you want it.

    I will give the deal a "thumbs up" but please know you are not stealing it.
  3. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    if it were me I would try to talk to them about the Model 15

  4. Iggy

    Iggy New Member

    if it were me I would try to talk to them about the Model 15

    Whut Guillermo sed!!

    BTW G, where's that range report?:evil:
  5. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    "where's that range report?"

    IDPA got in the way


    I know...I know
  6. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I lucked into a 6" 14-5. It is not as nice as that one, but is a great shooter. Bought it cheap on GB. I want a 4" 14-5 in the worst way, but there are not a lot of them around.

    I would be hard pressed to pay $900 for a 6" 14-5, even that nice, and even as good a shooter as they are.
  7. bikemutt

    bikemutt Active Member

    Yeah, the model 15 is for all intents flawless, with box, tools etc. I can get that one for $560 OTD. But I'm pretty heavy on snubs right now, don't really need another one. Not to say I really need another 6" target gun either, but...
  8. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    you negotiated 155 off the 14, I was hoping you could get the 15 for a similar percentage discount.

    I would pass on it at $560
  9. bikemutt

    bikemutt Active Member

    I tried my friend, he blinked on the 14, balked on the 15.

    What I do believe is that 14 will be here for a while, the local market is not exactly Ritzville. If the 15 was a 19 I'd be all over it, but its not.

    Ugh, it's hard to resist that 14, to hold it is quite nice. It's impossible to explain. But $750 for it is market and I must accept the facts.
  10. 788Ham

    788Ham New Member

    Let me explain something, if I might. A month ago I was at a GS, saw a nice Mod. 10 for sale, looked at it twice, walked off. A month goes by, went back to the GS, "mod. 10 sold last week." There was a mod. 15-4 on the table, 4"er, when I handled this one, I knew it was coming home, it did come home with me. My explaining here: IF you want that sucker, get it before someone else does, don't let anything or anyone get in your way, buy it and shoot it, you'll thank yourself later for doing just that! The # 15 Combat Masterpiece? It shoots lights out my friend!
  11. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    If she is to your taste, I say wait an appropriate amount of time...maybe 7 days before Christmas and tell him that you want his kids to have have good Christmas.

    Put some 100 dollar bills on the counter...6 of them. Then start with $20s. At $700 pick it up and walk out saying "Merry Christmas".
  12. Thaddeus Jones

    Thaddeus Jones New Member

    OK deal on a superb revolver. When you consider the asking price for current production, lesser revolvers, you did well.

    I have a 6 inch 14-5. I won't part with it. They are a bit hard to come by. I would call them rare these days.

    Even rarer is my PC 1 of 131 4 inch 14-6. With the full lug it looks like a very svelt 4 inch 586 and shoots like a laser.

    Enjoy your new 14-5!! :)
  13. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Active Member

    Concerning the model 14-5:

    The high value will drop if you use it as a regular shooter, which doesn't mean you shouldn't shoot it but should consider the reduction in value before you buy it - if you do.

    The next question is, how important is the heavy underlug to you in the context of it being a shooter? If you don't see it as a considerable factor then paying a high price over a regular model 14 seems questionable.

    The whole perspective changes if you plan to keep as a safe queen, but I don't think that's your intention.
  14. Shear_stress

    Shear_stress New Member

    Long story short, no way would I buy that 14-5.

    To me, there are rare guns and there are guns they didn't make many of.

    My personal definition of a "rare" gun has two parts. First, they obviously didn't make too many of them. But, second, the gun has to have some characteristic, apart from just being uncommon, that makes it desirable. This characteristic doesn't need to be purely functional, it can be historical or aesthetic--whatever. However, both of these factors need to be there before I will pay a premium for a gun.

    Forget how many full lug 14-5s they made. Instead, ask yourself if just having that full lug is worth the substantial price difference between this gun and other Model 14s. If it is to you, then I can't argue with your opinion. However, mine is that $740 is too much for a Model 14, nice guns though they are.

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