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Old ammo question

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by TheDutchman, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. TheDutchman

    TheDutchman Well-Known Member

    I was given some old ammo by my dad and was just wondering is it worth anything ?
    Lake City Ordnance 1962 M72 173gr. 30 06
    Winchester Western Super X 12 Ga 2 3/4 #6 shot paper cases
    Winchester Super Speed 12Ga 2 3/4 #7 1/2 shot paper case
    Federal Nyclad .357 Mag 158 Gr semi wadcutter hollow point
    Should I shoot this ammo or does it have a monetary or collectors value.
  2. nitesite

    nitesite Well-Known Member

    The Lake City .30-06 is better ammunition than most of the surplus ammo available from foreign countries, no matter its age. I'd shoot it. Not of much collector value.

    The Federal Nyclad .357 SWCHP is some pretty cool personal protection ammunition, and might be worth keeping. Keep in mind, though, that there are still better-designed rounds for personal defense. But it would certainly be worth taking to a gun show just to see what it might be worth, especially if in intact and full boxes.

    The paper cartridges for the shotgun are definitely "don't shoot" items, not because of any danger, but because they are by far the rarest of the cartridges you mention. Hang on to 'em for another 10 years and you'll be amazed what thay might bring; again more priceless of in whole/intact boxes.

  3. TheDutchman

    TheDutchman Well-Known Member

    Yep all the boxes are intact

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