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Old Pattern Control 20 Gauge Wads

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Low Budget Shooter, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Low Budget Shooter

    Low Budget Shooter New Member

    Jan 2, 2003
    Dear Shotshell Reloaders,

    A good friend who got a great deal on a bunch of reloading components tossed me the 20 gauge hulls and wads, because he doesn't shoot 20 gauge. The wads are Pattern Control 20 gauge, they are yellow, they have two posts (is that the right term for those little thingies in the middle of the wad?), and by the look of the bags, they are pretty old. I looked online, at the present line-up of PC 20-gauge wads, and none of the pictures matched what I have here. The bag does not give a code, abbreviation, etc., but says "for 7/8 oz target loads."

    I tried to look up loads for this, but haven't seen this wad listed.

    Anybody know where I can find recipes for this wad?


  2. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears

    Is this the wad you are referring to?
    I'm old and refer to these as Versalite

    I would contact the folks at the link I provided.
    While this is a replacement wad, it never hurts to double check for safety reasons.

    I snagged from 1984 The Handbook of Shotshell Reloading, Kenneth W. Cougar, Author, Richard Henderson, Editor.

    In checking the color pictures of wads, I do not see any Pacific Versalite for anything other than 12 and 10 bore, and consequently any recipes for anything but these two bores.

    (I paid $14.98 for this reloading manual in 1984, when I snagged some 452AA powder.
    Dang, where did the years go?)
  3. rg1

    rg1 Participating Member

    May 26, 2006
    Lyman Shotshell Manual 4th Edition lists the PC Pattern Control yellow 20ga. target wad. Not many loads using the PC 20 wad were listed.
    --Federal Plastic hunting cases paper basewad
    Unique powder 14.0 grains----Win209 primer--7/8oz----1200fps--7600lup
    --Remington Unibody SP plastic cases
    Unique--14.0gr--Rem 209P primer--7/8oz--1139fps--11100psi (not lup)
    Remington Unibody SP case
    Blue Dot--23 gr.---Rem 209P---7/8---1223fps-10800psi
    Winchester Compression formed Plastic cases
    INTERNATIONAL Clays----13.0 gr.-- Win 209 primer--7/8 oz--1183--9500lup
    Unique--15.0gr---Win 209-----7/8 oz--1144fps--9400lup
    Winchester Super Field WSF--15 gr--Win209-1154fps-7/8oz--8300lup
    WSF---16.0 gr.---CCI209 primer--7/8oz--1190fps--8000lup
    And that's about it for Lyman's 4th Edition using the Pattern Control yellow 20 ga. wad. The Lyman 4th was printed in 1995 so the wads aren't that old. Just make sure they are still pliable and flexible and won't tear if you pull on the shot cups. The PC wads in the Lyman 4th does show 2 "legs". Sun and high heat can deteriorate plastic. Use the exact recipe and don't switch components.
    SM I know what you're talking about as to what happened to the years!!!
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2009
  4. wild willy

    wild willy Member

    Aug 19, 2008
    Isn't the data on the back of the bag. what hulls and powder do you have I have a bag with the data on. the hulls listed are "AA", Rem RXP, Federal, and Active. powders Unique, Green dot , and 473AA if it will help let me know and I'll send you the data the ones I have are close to 20 years old if not more
  5. Low Budget Shooter

    Low Budget Shooter New Member

    Jan 2, 2003

    No, that's not it. Mine just have two big legs/posts instead of four little ones.


    Thanks for the data.


    No, there is no data on the front or back of the bag. I don't think I have any powder suitable for 20 gauge, and so am thinking of buying some Unique. Most of the hulls say "Winchester Western" and some "Federal Target."

    Thank you very much, friends.


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