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One disaster after another - need your input

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by romulus, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    The help and advice I get from this board are usually great consolation after the havoc I manage to wreak every now and then. I need help from you all more than ever after a recent spate of disasters in my my gun maintenance and "improvement" projects. I need help with one project in particular - the other failures pale in comparison.

    I recently detail stripped the receiver of my beloved, minty Ithaca 87 M&P. I cleaned all the parts lovingly, pre-lubed them, and for some idiotic motive I set the parts aside for assembly "the next day" which ended up being the next month. All my receiver internals are lost now, gone God knows where - house cleaning may be the reason.

    The only option I have is to order the parts from Ithaca. I understand the parts are fully interchangeable. Do parts like trigger group and bolt have matching numbers to the receivers on this gun? How much "collector value" (assuming the model 87 has some in M&P configuration) is lost if I replace these parts with current production parts? Are the new parts all steel like the old ones? Will they have to be fitted to the receiver?

    Please aid this wretched soul agonizing over his mistakes and failure to recognize his limitations with helpful advice...
  2. DeBee

    DeBee Well-Known Member

    It is my pet peeve to lose parts... Parts of anything! And I take everything apart- especially a gun- immediately after purchase, it is just my nature...

    Years ago, I got a small rubberized magnetic mat- about the size of a sheet of paper- even ball bearings and springs stick to it- maybe you should get one too. I also keep some ziplock bags handy for the parts- I even label the ziplocks sometimes...

    I would drink a big cup of coffee and conduct a housewide search for the parts- how far could they have gotten? Interrogate everyone without mercy. My worst fear would be they fell in the trash. I once polished a mauser trigger, sprayed it with lube and wadded it in some paper towels so it wouldn't rust- never saw that bugger again!

    Might be time to clean shop. I am forever sweeping under my bench with a magnet to get washers and springs and pins- only after that, do I run the shopvac.
  3. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member


    House search conducted and fruitless...I've resigned myself to the parts being gone...I just want to get this shotgun working again. I haven't heard from Ithaca yet, and the tech guru for Numrich is out of town till the 13th. Meanwhile, I'm looking for peace of mind. Is there a way to get this shottie working again?Any suggestions?

  4. griz

    griz Well-Known Member

    When you say "all" the internals are gone, do you mean the bolt, trigger group, springs, and more?

    If so I think buying another shotgun would be the best route to shooting again.:( Repeat after me, house cleaning has hidden dangers!
  5. Badger Arms

    Badger Arms Well-Known Member

    The collector value on the Model 87 is likely nil. It was a stupid move to rename the gun in the first place. As for your internals, you can often find those internals online as 'parts kits' which are essentially police confiscated guns which have been destroyed by having the receiver cut into pieces after all of the parts have been stripped. It's possible. I have found such kits on www.auctionarms.com and www.gunbroker.com

    You could also track down a beat-up gun and strip it of its internals. In the long run, this might be the cheaper route. You'd end up with an extra barrel, stocks, etc. to boot!
  6. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    Thank you guys...
    Griz, yep, everything gone except for the receiver itself...trigger group, bolt, bolt carrier, shell latches, etc are probably somewhere in the town dump :banghead:
    I'm currently waiting on quotes from Ithaca. I've seen Mod 87s go for more than 37s, they seem to have some sort of following given the short lifespan of Ithaca Acquisition. It isn't critical since you are right it will never be a true collector item. I plan on bequeathing it to my son, so shootability is what counts.

    I'll check the online auctions for the kits, thank for the suggestion, Badger (PS noticed you moved further up the coast, hope Alaska is treating you well)
  7. Jim K

    Jim K Well-Known Member

    I have never lost a part, at least not more than one every few minutes. But not even I have ever lost ALL the parts of a gun. If my own experience is anything to go by, the parts are probably all together, in a box, put away someplace you were absolutely sure you would be able to find them. So look there.

  8. Dogsoldier

    Dogsoldier Well-Known Member

    Like Jim, I too have never lost a part. The parts have ran away, been eaten by a mountain lion or slipped through the Trans Dimensional Nexus Gateway that leads to the Nexus of Missing Parts. :what:

    What I have found to be really helpful is the use of a cup cake tin. These are easily found in junk shops or liberated from the Mrs. when she isn't looking. You put the parts into each of the cups as the come out of the firearm. Then when you return to assemble the gun after a short six month break, you just reverse the sequence when putting everything back in. If you have to set them aside, wrap the tray in Saran Wrap, it will keep everything in it's own cup.
  9. Badger Arms

    Badger Arms Well-Known Member


    Actually, I'm moving BACK to Alaska. The Air Force sent me down to Seattle for a 3 year sentence. I'm temporarily training in Texas, Seattle, and Portland for a few more months till I go back. At least it gets me away from the winter.
  10. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    Thanks all...Ithaca has sent me info on replacement parts, now I need to get xcel to open the parts list...Jim I hope you're right, I'm still hunting for these brand new parts, I can almost sense their presence...I guess the choices are quite cut and dry. I'm thinking of just buying a new Ithaca and letting my poor mod 87 just wait to do its duty as parts gun
  11. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    Jim, your words were registered in heaven...I found said box with all the parts...I almost broke down...
  12. Badger Arms

    Badger Arms Well-Known Member

    Here's a tissue. I'm cheering for you over here. I know what it means to lose parts of a loved one.
  13. romulus

    romulus Well-Known Member

    Thanks, BA

    And thank you all. Tomorrow I'm e-mailing Ithaca to thank them as well, they've been pretty supportive, offered to work with me on the price of replacement parts, advice on fitting, etc...
    I've just given everything a bath in Ed's red to remove the cosmoline. Tomorrow a nice blast of brake cleaner, reassembly courtesy of Harley Nolden's schematics, new lube, and off to the Wisconsin countryside for some long overdue patterning.

    Thanks again
  14. coonan357

    coonan357 Well-Known Member

    just finished reading this one , been there done that , Now I use the cigar box meathod , get an stoogie box ( the bulk type with lid , place part in there till job is done , never lost , also lock on gun room / shop keps critters $ legged and 2 legged out of ther and me too when I misplace the keys .. :D

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