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Online Gun Stores

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by MightyP, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. MightyP

    MightyP New Member

    What online gun shops do you guys like/trust? I've never ordered a gun online and I'm not too sure who's legit. I've seen AIM Surplus mentioned a few times, who else is good?

  2. gotarheels03

    gotarheels03 New Member

    I've never ordered a gun online, but I've ordered ammo from sportsmansguide and the-armory. I've heard nothing but good things about AIM, and they have some pretty good deals on Sig P225's and C&R guns right now. I hope they still have some CZ-82's in stock 6+ months from now.

    I've heard from quite a few people that Ordnance Outsellers and Rainier Arms were great online dealers as well.
  3. heypete

    heypete New Member

    TopGlock.com and it's affiliated sites (it's run by TSGCOM) has always treated me well.

    The prices for their pistols are pretty good, espescially when I have a local dealer who'll do transfers for $20-$25 depending on if people have their CCW permits or not (discounts for CCW holders, simply to encourage more people to get them). He's a Class II manufacturer, doesn't have any Title I gun inventory, and doesn't care if you order stuff.

    MidwayUSA tends to have cheaper prices on parts and accessories, particularly with a dealer discount (they accept C&R FFLs for the discount -- best $30 you'd ever spend, as you'll save that much on the first order). I buy magazines and stuff from Midway, ammo and other stuff from a variety of stores (includind Midway and Natchez), but really have only bought guns from TSGCOM. I have no experience with other online gun vendors.

    Just be sure you're buying from a vendor that's out of state -- you'll pay about $20 for shipping, but you'll save gobs of money by not paying taxes. :D
  4. RNB65

    RNB65 New Member

    Bud's Gun Shop
  5. Bruce333

    Bruce333 New Member

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