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OOOPS, I did it again or Maybe I should change my name

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by calaverasslim, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. calaverasslim

    calaverasslim Well-Known Member

    For years, I wanted as S&W M25-5, 4", 45 Colt. Several years ago, I had a chance to swap and get one. It was all I could ever want.

    A couple weeks later, another appeared and I grabbed it. I was in heaven.

    2 weeks ago, I was fortunate enought to pick up a Taurus M441, 4", 44 special, which is my favorite caliber. I really enjoy this gun

    2 days ago, another made itself availabe to me. OOOOPS, I did it again.

    This is a 3", stainles and I think I have hit an all time high.

    Don't need drugs, just go out and shoot these beauties. One in each hand.

    Just like Roy used to do..... :D:D:D

    Maybe I should change my name to Roy, Gene or Lone
  2. OldCavSoldier

    OldCavSoldier Well-Known Member

    I have two 3-inch S&W M686P wheelguns, and have done the two-gun pete thing several times to show off for my kids.....fun, yes, but, wow, doin' that burns thru a lot of ammo very quickly! I think in a real show-down, I'd prefer the second to be my New York Reload.......
  3. calaverasslim

    calaverasslim Well-Known Member

    your right, do burn up a chunk of ammo. But since I cast my own and reload, that sure cuts down on the overhead.
  4. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    I have been outbid on a couple of 441's, but do have a 25-5. Great guns, as you know. Congrats on both.

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