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Opinel's, What's not to love!?

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by gotboostvr, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. gotboostvr

    gotboostvr Well-Known Member

    I don't typically visit this particular sub forum often but mentioned in another thread that I carried a few Opinel's from time to time and someone threw some love my way for it. Obviously he gets it, so I figured I'd try and spread the word a bit more with what you can do with these great knives from France.

    I'll leave this here for a decent quick write up on them in factory form. But they're flat ground Scandinavian Carbon or stainless steel knives that weight nothing, look great and cost 10 bucks.

    This is a No.8 and a No.6 that I've made a bit more "my own"

    The No.8 on top I made last night I cut the blade into a Sheep's foot instead of the standard clip point. Below that is a No.6 that I chipped the tip off of so I cut it into a steep drop point, that's not a false edge, but I don't keep it real sharp.

    I love these knives and occasionally run into people that recognize them (somehow!) and get all giddy. A few friends and people I work with have gone out and got their own even.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
  2. olderguns

    olderguns Well-Known Member

    I bought my first one about 6 months ago and Love them, still carry other knifes mostly but out in the yard and around the house it,s one of these,
  3. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    I own AT LEAST 200 knives and the Opinel brand is one of my favorites.
    I carry a #12 for my daily chores, a #10 for a smaller knife carry and I like the curved version for gardening tasks. Easy to sharpen, good edge holding ability AND the price is un-beatable especially if purchased on-line!
  4. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    A quick search on Opis here will show a lot of love for them.

    As a folder they're about the best bang for the buck out there.
  5. JR47

    JR47 Well-Known Member

    When I was stationed in Vietnam, Opinel knives were available cheaply. What I discovered was that many of the ones of that day (1966-69) would absorb water during the rainy season, and you couldn't get them open, or locked, because of the swollen wood.

    They usually came coated in a shellac that wore off with use. I own a couple of Opinels today, and a Cold Steel spin-off with a Zytel frame. They are used as collectibles, though, not as EDC.:)
  6. Sam Cade

    Sam Cade Member

    The Twistmaster.

    I loved those. :(
  7. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    The "swollen wood" tendency is still present in today's Opinels but I've adressed the problem by giving the joint/hinge a liberal dose of WD-40 from tme to time. I favor the Carbon steel versions and I usually Patina a shiney new one with French's yellow mustard.
  8. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Well-Known Member

    Love them.
  9. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    Don't own one and have no intention of buying one. They simply aren't my cup of tea and can not understand all the love other than they are cheap.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2014
  10. EmGeeGeorge

    EmGeeGeorge Well-Known Member

  11. twofifty

    twofifty Well-Known Member

    22-rimfire, here's why:
    I can easily gut a deer, then skin it, and the carbon steel blade is still sharp enough to help with the butchering a few days later. That's good performance for a cheap knife.

    If the ergonomics or the lines of the knife don't please your hand and eye then I understand you not liking them. However, you're missing out on some great reliable performance in a nice light compact no-gimmick package.
  12. Zeke/PA

    Zeke/PA Well-Known Member

    I mostly carry a #10 in a flashlight holder and the knife is always shaving sharp.
    However a mere "touch up" on a leather/cardboard strop occurs after a day of use.
  13. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    I don't deny that they do what you say. The crucial word in your statements is "cheap", but being cheap is not a bad thing. I guess I find them a little gimmicky even though they have been made for a long time. I don't find them particularly pleasing to my eye. Feel is not a big issue; they are mostly just "there". So, if you like them or even prefer them over other knives, I find that great.

    I like SAKs an awful lot and some people find them gimmicky. So, it is mostly a matter of personal taste and preference. I find myself gravitating away from modern knives to more traditional designs in the last couple of years. I really don't feel a need for a fast opening knife although being able to open a knife one handed is useful at times.
  14. GLOOB

    GLOOB Well-Known Member

    I carry a #8 on occasion. There's plenty to not like, if you want to be honest. But variety is good, and Opinels are different and inexpensive. I have too many knives to NOT have one of these.
  15. DNS

    DNS Well-Known Member

    My 12 has been terrific and I've got a 3 on order.
  16. Phaedrus/69

    Phaedrus/69 Well-Known Member

    The No.8 is probably my favorite. I have probably ten Opinels and they're great knives. Yeah, they can swell up when they get wet. The carbon ones are the best IMO. I haven't had much luck getting the kind of edge I like on any of their Inox models.
  17. Carl Levitian

    Carl Levitian member

    Opinel's are wonderful knives, and they cut just as well if not better than some real high dollar knives. Yes, the swelling when wet is a minor irritant, but c an be great reduced by just lubing the joint with something that will soak into the wood. I've got Opinels to stand up to being totally submerged in a glass of water for the better part of an hour. I used to sand off the finish and do the wood with Helmsman spar urethane. Then greased the joint with gasoline jelly. Wipe out the excess with a folded up paper towel. Now I just take the knife and soak the hinge area with food grade mineral oil. Once the wood gets pretty saturated with the mineral oil, water can't swell it that much. It may get a little more snug when soaked in water, but not that bad. When it dries out its back to normal.

    I can't think of many pocket knives that offer the light weight of the Opinel, the quality of blade with the full convex grind, and outstanding cutting ability of the Opinel. Throw in the very low cost, and it's a win-win for the buyer. Opinel saws are good too!
  18. Liberty1776

    Liberty1776 Well-Known Member

    and they're sharp as hell. Tell you what, every chef in France worth his salt carries one all the time...(have to test stuff at the market that day, you know...)
  19. twofifty

    twofifty Well-Known Member

    I like SAKs too.

    22-rimfire, have you looked at the Victorinox "SwissTool" pliers? They're a bit heavy but if a guy's going to carry a leatherman type tool, the Victorinox model is an excellent choice.
  20. twofifty

    twofifty Well-Known Member

    Carl Levitian, I'd never heard or seen that Opinel folder saw. It's perfect!
    I want one for my big game gutting kit.

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